Bad and Good inn Life 2017-63

Bad and Good in Life 2017-63

Bad things happen in life to us, or to others, that are beyond the normal.  Also, good things happen to us that are beyond belief at times, and are truly great when they do occur.

Is it incorrect to BLAME God when the bad things occur—- such as death from an auto accident, hurricane or tornado for instance? Or just something in life that takes one away from us.

Then, is it the correct thing to do by giving God all the CREDIT when the good things happens, such as the birth of a baby, a lifesaving result in the hospital, or any nice, good thing that we experience?

We, most of us, DO want to blame God or on the other side, give Him credit!  Human nature, maybe. Or, at least some are tempted to do so.

BUT, is God thinking otherwise, saying, “I did NOT do that bad thing and I am not the one that made the good thing to be in our mind and life.”

I believe that God is blamed more than given credit for at times, depending on the circumstances in life for each of us.

We as God’s children, have a responsibility for what happens to us in our lives, for what happens most of the time; bad and good.

Hurricanes are normal!  If there are many deaths that are the result, maybe the blame is, or could be, put on the people that built the houses, where they did and lived in the path of the destruction. Same as for those living in tornado alley, where they are a common occurrence.

The cute baby that is born is part of God’s plan of procreation and is normal!  I think God enjoys another child being born and is there when it is going on, at the delivery.

When I state God is alive, I mean it!   When I say He is active, I also mean it! When I aver that God is aware, this is a fact!  Because, He is ALWAYS present, regardless.  Regardless of the bad and the good things that are part of our existence here on earth.

God is with the people that die during the hurricane, with the mother when the little baby arrives!

AND, most of all is Present with all of us-  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!!!!!!


Den Betts                  

Birthday Times 2017-62

Birthday Times   2017-62

Birthday’s come but once a year, then they are over to await next year where once, again, they are celebrated. Quite a bit might have happened in the past year and much to anticipate in the next.

Some of the past memories we may want to forget, yet the future experiences, we look forward to with anticipation. I would imagine the far majority of the days in between the birthdays are or could be just Ho Hum, with nothing to remember or write about.

We just celebrated Christmas. We got revved up about the 25th of December with the anticipation of its coming, we experienced the actual day

THEN —-   BOOM!!!!! It was over!!!!!

Is it, the day after, on the 26th  ,a letdown, basically???? I used to feel it was somewhat of a letdown with the absence of Christmas music, the shopping for things, the get togethers of family, etc. I even had or still do, in the attic, a mirror with Scrooge on it and the words Bah Humbug…

I stopped, or quit, feeling this way, when I started to realize the significance of the event we were celebrating. It was when I realized that Christmas was NOT about our gifts to each other, but instead, it was about what the birth of Jesus was, as a gift, to all of us.

The eventual gift of salvation, because of the birth of Jesus Christ, but in the final reality of the death and resurrection, that gives all of us the eternal gift of salvation and continued life.

WOW, what a gift!!!!!!!!!

What a birthday to celebrate!!!

What a promise of eternal life beyond birthdays of once a year!!!!

Den Betts                                  

I write this on the day of MY birthday anniversary, Dec 29th.

Love n Hate 2017-61

                                                            Love n Hate  2017-61

Love is just a word!

BUT, it is a word with meaning, with feeling, and is, of course, involving emotion. Love could be expressed as the opposite of hate, but is love related to this differing word.

If one has a hate feeling, is that an absence of love and does the love feeling  show the absence of hate?

Can there be a love-hate relationship that embodies both feelings? Or is it like spring water and mineral oil that do not mix, but instead, separate?

Can I love God and hate the devil, yet in this love of God, do I still allow the devil to intrude and tempt? Or most of all succeed????

If so, WHY?

A paradox of thought, loving one and allowing the other at the same time to interfere!

Why can’t I love God, SO MUCH, that I will surrender or submit myself totally without the pressure of the devil to be included?

Of course, I know the answer, but do I NOT want to state it or even admit it as so???????

BUT, the great thing is, God still loves me, forgives me and with that I know I am saved. Or hope so!!!!!!

Den Betts                                  

I do NOT believe in God anymore 2017-60

I do NOT believe in God anymore   2017-60

NO!  Do NOT!  To believe in God is to feel a kindred spirit, an acknowledgement that your belief is true, and you do not doubt. SO, do I believe or not believe; that is the question? If I believe, then I MIGHT have, at one time, NOT believed; but now do so.

What would make me believe, where I did not before? Would it take someone to convince me to continue?  Would I have read something (like the Bible?) to change my mind?

Perhaps, an event occurred that was so overwhelming, and I HAD no other choice but to believe? Did I hear something, and also was there some strange thing to make me go beyond just believing?


I do NOT (JUST) believe in the one God of the Universe, maker of heaven and Earth!        

I do NOT (JUST) believe in the God child Jesus Christ, THE savior of all mankind!

I do NOT (JUST) believe in the Holy Spirit, whose presence is around and within me!

NO, it is not (JUST) a belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Is a FACT. I know there is a God.  He is real.   He is alive.   He is active. He is present with me    ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

God loves me, He loves you, He loves all his children even those that doubt his existence. The story of the Son of God, named Jesus Christ is a fact, true, and accurate, and his “being”, is one of hope of our salvation.


OH, BTW, in the title of this post between the words “NOT “and “believe”, I  might have forgotten to insert the word JUST and threw in the word “anymore” for the heck of it!!!




Den Betts                                  

Complacency 2017-59

                                                    Complacency 2017-59

The feeling of being smug or having an uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one’s achievements when accompanied by unawareness of deficiencies. There is goodness and badness in almost everything in life and being complacent is one of those. The word, complacent doesn’t tell all though.

We can be complacent in life and NOT be in a negative mode. We are so, as an example, when we feel complacent where the government does something that will affect us; or when a child accepts the parent’s decision on something that does affect them.

We as humans, become complacent by NOT doing something about an issue and just accept what is thrown our way. A moment of complacency is suddenly stopped when the cold reality of life jumps into our lives. If we are mostly successful in life, we could become complacent and then find that a failure in an action is a wakeup call.

Looking back at my life, I was becoming complacent in the subject of my belief in God. I was saying the Lord’s Prayer by rote, without thinking of the words, just mumbling them when prodded by whomever was in charge.  I would celebrate Christmas with no thought of what it really was all about for me.  I thought I was “doing good” by going to church; period. I did not realize that I was just going through the motions of being a Christian, and as they say, just talking the talk, but not walking the walk. I wonder who said that!?

I guess what I said in my blog, “Rite of Passage”, where I stated “The change from one aspect of life to another, can take a meaning in so many ways of life. For me, it is one, which I have been blessed or made more whole, but most definitely it changed me in many ways. Years now since it began, the Rite slowly evolved, adapted, tweaked, and became what it is today.  A journey of life everlasting. One that is mine to own, accept, attest to, take credit for, in its endeavors.”

We, are complacent if we allow ourselves to be. Sometimes we are so, without knowing, but most often, if we are aware of self, we can see ourselves in another light. I had someone ask me, “Why are you the way you are now?” I could have said, “Because I am no longer complacent in life”, but instead, looked him in the eye and told him, “Because God and I have found each other”, which maybe meant the first thing too.


Den Betts                                  

Coming out of the closet!! 2017-58

Coming out of the closet 2017-58


There are MANY closets to come out of, in life.  Each of us, all of us, have something we hold dear to only ourselves, and do NOT share with any others.  When, and if we do, then we take the chance that we will be highly criticized, held in contempt, or other negative thoughts or actions by those others. It is also, a chance for our being able to finally release ourselves of hidden angst, or a release to freedom of expression.

My very best and dear friend, whom I love so very much, came out of the closet, when he let my wife and I know he was gay.  Actually, we sort of knew, just did not have any confirmation by him.  My son is one of the good people in life, and he and his male spouse are examples of how to be and act in life with others on this planet Earth. To any religious leaders, followers of any religion, good ol boys in life or any of that ilk, you can go F— yourselves IF, you have any prejudicial thoughts regarding this subject. I maintain that Jesus Christ, my ultimate teacher in life, loves my son as he is and, also, any others like him. 

Another closet that some live in and deal with in life are those that keep themselves in denial until they admit their problem.

I know someone who I admire, love and respect, who finally came out and made decisions about being an alcoholic.  He joined the AA group and adheres to the 12-step program of living life.  His wife, at that time, did not do so and had drug addiction issues. He is now remarried to a wonderful lady and enjoying life.  He is a distant blood cousin and I look at him as one of the great people that I am fortunate to know.

Another closet dweller that I know is one that might have been a binge eater, but now is an avid exercise person who changed her life style. She is really looking great and is encouraging others to revamp their lifestyles also. She has a wonderful outgoing personality that is so great.

OK, Now Me!!!    First off, I am not gay, not an alcoholic, maybe a little overweight, but not a binge eater in life.  I say, if you know of someone that is one of these, that you give support to them, accept them as they are, and most of all love them; you do not have to understand the situation.  That could be a tall order to do, I realize.

I am 76 years old and for the past and last 1/3 of my life, I have lived with a situation of life. My dear wife and close family, some of my closest friends and a few others know of what I have lived with in my later years of life.

On April 18, 1991, my life was changed forever. Thirty-five feet from my driveway, I ran over a manhole in the street that collapsed from the weight of the van I was driving. The van went up, I went up, the van came down and I was still going up.   I then,ended up in the hospital with a TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. I was in the hospital and rehabilitation unit for 8 weeks or so; a long time. I will NOT — now make this a diatribe of this episode of life, but will state this:

I still have problems of dealing with the ramifications of having a TBI.  The “IT” of so, now long ago, affects me in certain ways even now.  I do not try to “hide” in a closet and deny how I feel, how the TBI affects me, somewhat “rules me” in life, etc.

When I say or my wife states, “He is not feeling well” it most likely means I am not up to par in doing something or anything.  That is the way it is; period!!!!!!!!!

While I have not tried to hide in my closet with my disability, I have tried to do what I can on a daily existence, and believe this is being honest with others. I will now tell any, that I feel like crap, if I do, and hope they will believe me, and understand. If not, tough crap on them.  I have NEVER, and NEVER will, use my disability as an excuse on purpose to get out of doing something, or in any way take advantage of a situation because of my TBI.  Also, if I say, “I do not remember”, I mean it; period!!!!

I guess this post is somewhat of a “get it off my chest” type thing, but I hope it is not a “in your face” statement, but it might appear so.

I also say this.  If you see someone with ANY disability, either physical or mental, try to have some compassion for them, try to have some empathy, and realize how much or how fortunate you are not walking in their shoes of life.  Closets come in all shapes, styles and configurations; we all have them to a degree, big or small, and sometimes it is better to let it go, and get a release from them.


Den Betts                  

Completeness 2017-57

I do NOT expect others to read and understand my thoughts shown below, but instead try to, and in the trying, you will perhaps, understand the processes of the mind of mine. When I first wrote this, my mind was fine, but, my brain was somewhat scrambled, and this is evident in the writing of this blog, now published. There are unspoken or unwritten meanings to this, and it is sort of unique to read those thoughts of now, long ago, and remember WHY I wrote the things I did then. Going round and around, and returning, to realize we are complete in the process is everlasting.

                                                 Completeness 2017-57 

                                    Completeness, emulating from within 

                                    Realized by and from the solitude of thought           

                                    A self-assurance of the whole 

                                    Mind and body melded into one lot.


                                    Not vain, nor smug, but instead a feeling of reality 

                                    Knowing things are because — just because! 

                                    No self-doubt or second thoughts of surrealism 

                                    Instead a euphoria of positive alpha waves 


                                    At last, peace within oneself, at last, at last, 

                                    The limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses 

                                    All known, acknowledged, confronted head on 

                                    Turmoil gone, nothing reigning except completeness 


                                    A dream, a wish, or an actual way of life 

                                    Everyday living a constant battle to conquer

                                    The thought process known, or not comprehended 

                                    Time, the constant, will tell, will concur, will be!!! 


                                    Den Betts                   

We deserve what we got 2017-56

We deserve what we got   2017-56

This is not a positive statement of how we have things and others do not in the world.

America is in turmoil and the world is wondering how we got there and where we are and still continue to become what we are now.

We have leadership in the United States, that calls our news outlets as being false newscasting like a dictator trying to control the news by trying to persuade the populace in their way of thinking by denying the facts in a convoluted way.

We are taunting some other world leaders having nuclear capabilities and toward what end is unknown. Many citizens do NOT approve of our leaders, but we have them as they are, and now we have to live with these disgusting people on a daily basis.

The problem, overall, is NOT the leadership, it is the people that believe what the leadership is, and how they are performing, acting and dictating. Some people, did not vote for this leadership, BUT more importantly, they did not vote period. This is truly a sad state of affairs. By NOT voting, this gave the existing leadership a way to become in charge.

People in some countries that have leaders and laws that are geared toward anarchy, would LOVE to be able to vote those leaders out or never allow them to lead in the first place.

When a populace allows an inept, unqualified and doctorial leader to be elected, the people, as a whole suffer. This includes the leaders so called followers that helped elect hem in the first place.

Only time will tell as to how far this is allowed to continue. In the meantime, we deserve what we got, good, bad or indifferent.  So be it.

Den Betts                                  



What is the purpose of our existence on Earth? What are we supposed to do (or are we required to do) while living our lives in this wonderful place called home? Do YOU think we should be active about living out our lives in a way that precludes going forward to another level of existence? I guess these are idle thoughts that came to mind, so will pass them on……

Could it be that we are given the chance to expose ourselves as we are today that will foretell if we have an extended tomorrow, therefore making our today a preamble of life with, again, a purpose?

As a U.S. Marine, I went through basic recruit boot camp training, and learned many things that trained me for my existence in the Corps for four years. There were rules and regulations to follow, guidelines to adhere to, and disciplines dictated that made us tow the line while in uniform.

Is our life on Earth as a child of God similar?

As a Christian, we had a teacher that showed us the way in life. Before Him, long ago, Commandants set the standard as to how to behave, how to act, and not act, and overall, how to be the child of God in everyday life.

Jesus, the teacher, the Christ or Messiah, had a short time to give us the many instructions on what it takes to be called a child of God for eternal life.

Therefore, we are on a daily regimen of how to present ourselves and how to live up to expectations of how God dictates this life. Call it a “boot camp” of life for a future life of living.

This is NOT an easy take for granted experience. We WILL make mistakes!  We Will fall down, we WILL stumble again and again, BUT we are to know that here on Earth, is where we are to make the earthly dumb mistakes, over and over and over. When we graduate from the trail of life here, we get the graduation  to eternal life as a reward.

Our lives NOW, are a precursor to the future. The purpose of living now, is to prepare ourselves to living for eternity in a way that is acceptable to where we will be going.

Are we up to this?  Time will tell!!!


Den Betts                                                                            bettsden@GMAIL.COM

DEATH – A Continuation of the Journey of Life 2017-54

DEATH – A Continuation of the Journey of Life 2017-54

When it happens, I believe it is just another facet of living. The trip of life will be changed, but in the change, it will be exciting. No longer is the mind concerned about worldly problems, local factions or personal needs.  A change that will be profound.

The imperfections that were being carried during the old journey will be gone. The aches, the pains, the torments of the mind will have flown the coop, fading into oblivion. Earthly needs will be non-existent and will be thrown by the wayside- discarded like old socks past their prime.

No looking back now!  Those left behind will catch up with us soon enough, and not that long in the scope of time tables of life. A new adventure of living now not to be afraid of, but instead, a glorious awakening of existence. New contacts to be introduced too and also the re-acquaintances of those in the past to greet us, and bring us up to date of factual things unknown before.

Old stories of living life to be checked out, to ascertain their correctness and to realize if they were true or not. The opportunity, at last, to meet with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in person. Wow, how awe inspiring of a thought. Questions to ask that were always in the background, but now answered, now known.

No more wondering, no more confusion, no more strife and despair, now peace. The feeling of contentment, of satisfaction and of completeness, which will now be the norm in a way of life. The final journey with all the promises, wished for, now a reality.

The soul of being, encapsulated in an essence of life in the hereafter, spending time with others of the same ilk in the new life, the new journey. No regrets, just a feeling of being where we were meant to be, how we are, as we are, in a total forever.

Death is NOT a terrible or horrible thing for those in the second journey, the continuation of life. It is one of joy and not of tribulations of despair. Perhaps for those left behind, for a while, until being reunited with those that took the step to a journey of life everlasting. This is what I believe!!!!!


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