Without a Home 2016- 58

I came up with this after watching a story on TV about a former homeless man that struggles to hand out clothing, food and bedding to the homeless ones living where he used to exist. He somehow got a job, had a place to live and now was paying back to the many that he knew when he was on the skids. People like him are one of the many heroes that are out there that do things without any wants of recognition.

Without a Home 2016- 58

Not really wanted by a society of today.

Not cared for – in any respectful or loving way

Forgotten at times, by kin of yesteryear,

Out of touch with all that held them close and near.


Dirty, hungry, cold and such,

Not asking for very much.

But, helped by those, that help those

that need it here and now,


Never enough to go around

but always looking for how.

An unseen populace that’s really

there in many of the street


Ignored by the upper class

so proper, clean and neat.

They hope someone will do something

very good and sweet,


To keep these unsightly ones

away from their eyes and feet.

The homeless, a fact of life,

not creatures to forget.


People, humans, ones once loved,

now part of the nation’s debt



Den Betts

Manhood 2016-57

A news story on the TV about an incident spurred me on to write this about the happening which occurred. A gang member was proving his manhood to his peers and in the process became a statistic of being. No longer a free man, but a common convicted criminal waiting for a possible date with an executioner. Senseless, yes, but so common now it seems. Sad? Definitely!


Manhood 2016-57


An ancient man stalked a lion

in the Serengeti, proving

what is a fact

Another man, further north,

thrust a lance in a

hairy mammoth

To the west a slight lad

put down a cloaked

bison in an ageless ritual


Much, very much later, a drive-by

shooting proclaims the loss

of innocence

Elsewhere a father proclaims

his macho capabilities

but denies the obligation

While further still another

commits an act of violence

on a dare


Old verses new in the trial to


With the older based on

superstition and ignorance

The newer steeped in

cowardice and stupidity.


Den Betts

Reflections on Blame 2016-56

Sometimes I think “THEY” should do something, whereas, when I think about it, they don’t care, and it comes down to my then saying “Why don’t I do something about it.” I think I should STOP blaming THEM and start criticizing myself.


Reflections on Blame 2016-56


Who is to blame for some of the woes of the land?

The reason for strife and sadness out of hand.

Perhaps the ones that should share in the cause,

Have but to look at a mirrors reflection and pause.


An ironworker who fought for the many “rights”

Many so bad, he now sits at home, day and night,

The nonvoter who, so many times, also sits at home

While the politician ignores them, as they moan.


The power of the foreign countries that you see,

Who sold us their products with glee, to thee.

The supply of the evil drugs by those who sell,

Are only given by the demand of those in private hell.


The newspaper reader who only shakes his head,

But does nothing to cause a change instead

A power person who could make a change for the better

Does nothing as it were, because it’s easier.


Many people that are, in fact, reasons for the woes,

So individual as one, but collectively it shows

Perhaps again, when you look in that mirror,

Say, “They is me, and me is the key”



Den Betts

Rage of a Man 2016-55

This is about a real life event shown on TV about a man convicted of killing of his family after a too long period of time of abuse. The story came out as a member of the wife’s immediate family told of the man’s terrible actions during the lifetime of the woman he killed. He tried to use the insane plea, but it did not work and he was put away for the rest of his life. Not enough…..


Rage of a Man 2016-55


Amongst the stillness, a whimpering sound,

Over in the corner a child lay, almost still

Huddled with legs drawn up to chin

Sobbing, a bruised body racked with pain

Tear streaked eyes, mucous flowing from nose

No attempt to dry or wipe away

Livid red welts on buttocks and back

Testimonial to a savage, unexpected beating

A man, his father now gone away for a while

That earlier before strolled together through the zoo

One drop, then two, some more blood, finally stopped

A wound from the buckle on belt so wide and hard

Seven years old and not knowing why

His love still there, somehow, – but why?

A fit of rage, a scream of hate, the belt,

For dropping a cookie on the floor?

His mother, standing by powerless to act,

Flinching as each slash came down on her son

This man, her husband, the same one married with love

So long ago, a different time, less strife

No excuses, for actions so horrible to all

No reason, no justification for this trial; why?

Only sorrow, sadness and despair for now

As she stares in the telltale mirror

Looking at a face grown old by each passing day

A returned image of blackened eyes and cut lips

WHY – the most unanswered question at times

By those that so much need and deserve one


Den Betts

What Has Happened? 2016-54

What Has Happened? 2016-54

What will it take to have people look at others without feelings of prejudice, hatred, of despisement, fear, scorn, loathing, contempt, distaste, contempt, distain, abhorrence, and all the other words that almost mean the same thing?

What happened to the feeling of love, respect, reverence, admiration, affection, togetherness, understanding, devotion, trust, and even the belief in God?

Or is my mind in a cloud of non-understanding and one of unreality?

Who makes the first move of changing? Who are the ones that ferment the bad vibes of the world, and why? Another thing, why do people use religion as reasons for hateful actions or thoughts? I think of the places like the Westboro Baptist Church in some cases

Is God wondering if it is time for a change and does He believe His plan, if any, is not going well? Of course, if you do not believe in God this does not matter. And if you say you believe and do nothing to show your belief, it does not matter either.

I am not judging, but feel that saying you are a Christian or devout Jew or practicing Muslim and not do your part in getting closer to your God, you are not fooling God, but yourself. I believe too many people, including myself, say we believe, and do not do the things to prove it. We can do the proverbial talk the talk and not do the walk the walk type of thing….

As a self-proclaimed Christian, I feel it is about time I start to be committed to being a Christian. It is too easy to make a claim of being one, but to actually do the things that Jesus Christ would want me to do is another matter. I must read the Bible more, to see what He would expect from me. It is all there; just have to read up on it.

Anyone can do what they want to do or not do and that is up to them. We all have to look in the mirror and try to see the other Self we all have inside us. The one that lurks within us and does not come to the surface and hides the real us.

I say it is time for me to be a Christian and do Christian things; starting with the simple thing of loving my fellow Earthlings. All of them, not just the ones I feel good about. All of them that include those of other races, religions, creeds, ethnics, countries, neighbors, communities, and the list goes on and on.

That is not an easy task, but to be a Christ following Christian and surrendering myself to Jesus Christ means I have to learn new skills and do the things that MUST be done.

I welcome anyone I know to follow Jesus Christ with me. Get back to me personally and share your thoughts of doing so; it can help me in my quest of getting closer to the Lord…………………………………..

Den Betts

What is Real 2016-53

I wish I knew where I come up with some of the things I write, and this is ONE of them. I DO understand what I have written, but sometimes believe others wonder where MY mind was when I did write it. Anyhow, random thoughts on a quiet summer day with just my mind going on with a tangent of thinking….

What is Real 2016-53

What is real in ones tormented mind,

Trying to find the truth in its existence


How can one separate the thoughts, troubled

As believed, from those perceived


A spongy mass of insensitive matter,

Capable of holding so many feelings


Vying for attention in everyday life

Coming to mind in an unorthodox manner


Does it twist to suit its fancy

A devious thing beyond belief


Can it, in fact, fool its owner

In believing in things that are not


Or is it instead an unopened door,

With the unknown lurking behind


Waiting to spring on its hapless host,

The reality of life as it is.


I feel like a freaking hypocrite at times; most times

Not being the real “who” to others


Bout time the real me stands up to be counted

And let others know just who I really am


Den Betts