Mirror, Mirror On the Wall 2015-156

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall 2015-156

Look into a mirror at yourself and what do you see? Touch your right ear!!! In the mirror it appears as if touching your left ear, whereas, it is actually your right ear, of course….

That is what a mirror does, is it not? It makes things appear different. It does not tell us the truth of what it shows; it lies, or does it ????!!!!!

We sometimes do that to ourselves or about ourselves at times. We become like the mirror— lying to ourselves. It is human nature to a degree. We want our best side, our good thoughts, and the personification of ourselves to others the way we want it to be.

How much we want the mirror like shown in the Disney movie “Snow White” and ask, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.” Or something like that was said. It is very much too easy to allow the mirror to lie to us also.  The mirror does not really care and only tells or shows us reality. It is not being judgmental –  only factual. It is up to us to throw the spin of what the mirror is plainly showing.

The same goes for the perception we have of ourselves and how others see or perceive us. We think of ourselves as being one way and at times, others think the opposite. We want others to see us as we do and when we find that is not the case, we might be dejected or worse.

Don’t blame the mirror (messenger) for telling us why it or they say, or perceive for they are only being what they are, when doing so.

It is also our fault for allowing others to plainly lie to us when they state something or look us in the eye and want us to believe in what they did or are doing. Again, let the mirror of life decree what is really there or is happening.

I had a Facebook friend post pictures, statements and articles on FB that were debunked years ago and proven to be wrong/incorrect. The statement this person made was, “I just post them, I don’t check them”. I told this person that many of the posts they made were incorrect and untrue. They were originally made to incite, distort and deceive whoever got them. They continued on and on, and I decided to unfriend this person only because of what they were doing, which I differed with as an untruth happening. I still like this friend, just not what is posted by this person.

The mirror DOES lie at times, but many other times just distorts for many reasons. If the mirror lies enough, it can become, to be thought of, as a truth and maybe that is why we have to be careful, with what we hear or see……

I watched the TV in December of 2015 and a politician stated that he saw people dancing in the street in New York right after 911 occurred. He claimed he was in New Jersey at the time, I think. Either he had wonderful 20/20 vision and a telescopic one at that, or perhaps he was referring to a TV he was watching. The mirror of his mind was making this up or he was the only one watching TV at that moment.   I can state that I DID see some people elsewhere doing so, but that was not in America, but instead overseas in a Middle East country.

The mind benders of life change things for many reasons. We, as society as a whole, have to be extra vigilant not to be caught up in their passion of control over us. Sometimes it only takes a little change of the truth to make us (in the mirror), believe in what they want us to believe.

The year 2016 will soon be here and with its coming; more claims on TV about this and that will be thrown at us. I say, “Be aware, be on guard, and consider what you hear and who is saying it and what they are saying for what reason.” This goes for people and the media in general. Do NOT be comforted by the mirror of life, but instead be thoughtful and let your good judgement be the mainstay of life………


Den Betts

Fear Frenzy 2015-155

                                                    Fear Frenzy 2015-155

The quality of fear is unknown; it drops from the Internet like a fire tornado in full fiery force. It is many faceted, and convoluted in its makeup. The Media feeds off this feeling and spreads the tentacles far and wide for their own reasons….

Why do we feed on this occurrence? Why do we listen to the “loop” of news casts over and over of the same things that they present to us?

So, what is fear? When we fear something or someone, we have an emotion. We see a threat, usually by living beings or things. When this threat happens, things happen.  Our feeble brains change and our organs, some of them, change in their makeup.

What do we do? We have a change in behavior and we do something or do NOT do something to hide or get away from the thing or event that makes us fearful. We “perceive” this as a risk to our health or lives and see danger to our status of living, to our security, our wealth, or anything of value.

This is a normal reaction. We do have reactions to normal perceptions, which can even cause paralysis and maybe this fear is judged as rational that is thought of as an appropriate thing or irrational which is inappropriate and therefore becomes a phobia.

The constant news on CNN or network TV stations on a continual basis about ISIS threats is an example of a phobia.

Does anyone really think a battalion of ISIS terrorists are going to storm the nearby mall and shoot it up? Hey, it COULD happen, and so can a fiery fire tornado occur too.

TWO civilian people, residents of California, plotted, planned and initiated a provoked attack on a nearby business and killed and wounded many people. They were of the Muslim religion and now everyone is concerned about the influx of ANY Muslim into the country. I will not pick on Mr. Trump alone, but will include him into the mix of those advocating a law that would prohibit Muslims from immigrating into the U.S.A. temporarily.

This is insane!! Yes, it IS, and I repeat IS, possible that some bad, misguided Muslims could come into the country and do harm, but that is true for anyone coming into the country, not just Muslims.

We have enough home grown jackasses that have ideas that are not good and they call themselves by many names and believe many things. The low life guy that killed the 9 people in the church in Charleston S.C., is an example of this. That was about race, not about religion.

FDR, or Franklin D. Roosevelt, stated in his inaugural address in 1933, “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself”, and that is the whole of it. I think people running for office or any party could remember the below quote by FDR (with the underlining by myself):

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.”

So, I say to those politicians of today, read the above and become leaders of men, instead of creators of chaos and fear. I say, quit trying to get votes by making paranoia a way of life. I could say to the TV companies, to quit this mindless continued portrayal of fear mongering that you harbor in the quest for ratings.


Den Betts

Begin the Ending 2015-154

Confusion reigns in the minds of people that are not capable of comprehending their existence. Where to start the understanding process and when to stop, creates a confusion of existence to some. What is written may not be rational to those that have never experienced the complexities of life in a convoluted way of being.


Begin the Ending     2015-154


When is the beginning or the end?

How does the mind comprehend

what is right and what is wrong or incorrect

The ending does not justify the whole

or the beginning.


The continuation does not seem important

when the ending is known beforehand

The absence of valor is not cowardice

in the mind of the one afraid.


Infinity is never ending, no beginning

and no stopping

The absence of living is forevermore,

ever ongoing without ending.


Pain is an expression of living,

knowing of one’s existence.

A lack of feeling is non-living

and a total void of existence


I hear the voice of reason, but

the words are meaningless.

The sound of my internal thoughts

cry out for recognition, but are garbled

in the process of understanding.


What was once known is now confusion,

my mind is capable, but cannot comprehend

what is and what should be

I think, but do not care or

feel confident of rationality.


Den Betts

President’s Message 2015-153

I decided to post something that I wrote this week for the Church Council of the church where I belong, and where I am the presiding President. I did so, because it is about a time whereas many celebrate this time of year in their own way. I cannot deny that I am religious, but I look at myself in a more spiritual way. Regardless of your beliefs or nature, you hopefully will get something out of this post in my perspective.

President’s Message 2015-153

It is THAT time of year again!  What time!???  The time that we all celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ if we belong to a Christian faith.  How wonderful and the word wonderful is just not enough.

Yes; we are involved in the merriment of the moment and yes we are doing the things we do now.   And yes, things are different now than when they were in the past, or at least I think so….

But, it would be easy to forget just why we look at this time of year the way we do. The things that have happened in the world and in the U.S. can be unnerving, but we must NOT let those things control our emotions or control us.

The Father, the son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are STILL with us. Their Presence is always with us; always.

I went to the bank to make a deposit to next year’s Christmas club and on the way out toward the door, I looked back at the two tellers and said, “Oh, by the way, Happy Holidays!” Then I stopped and restated, “NO, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!” They both looked surprised, smiled and said, “You too, Mr. Betts.”  (It was a slow day and we were the only ones in this small bank in Newbury)

The only thing I have against the Christmas time period occurs on Dec 26. It is like a veil is dropped and we are back to the grind of daily living, looking forward to the New Year and what it brings.  I do not celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, and on the 26th things change. All the Christmas music is off the air it seems; all the advertisements and deals are over, and we have plenty of time to play with our toys and look at what we got the day before, or consider returning or exchanging the gifts we received. But, Christmas has come and gone and that is sort of sad in a way.

I had a mirror (probably still do somewhere) showing Scrooge and written on it is “Bah Humbug” It was put out by my children years ago because I had, more than likely, an attitude that was not the best. We have not displayed this for quite a while now and I am happy about that fact. I look at my blessings of life and my feelings are now different. I get, I receive, I am blessed with a gift from God each and every day.

These gifts are reinforced each Sunday I go to church. Each sunrise allows me to sense the gifts from God that He presents to me. Every day, I am reminded that Jesus Christ’s time on the cross, allows me the chance to have eternal life with Him and my departed loved ones. Wow, what a gift Jesus gave us, that started on the day He was born and continues each and every day for us.

I do not have to return it or exchange it but I do cherish it and it is not just mine, but ours to know and enjoy. What a time of year it is; one to remember and continue with, always….. It is wonderful!!!!!!!


Den Betts

Car Ride 2015-152

To daydream and wonder what others are doing and thinking is a rare luxury of doing nothing except thinking.  I can remember my wife’s driving the car at the time and I was in the passenger seat looking out – thinking.

I was not in control of the driving as she was at the time, and I had to relinquish the driving to her, due to an automobile accident.  I hated not being able to drive and being dependent on others. This poem came to mind as I sat there, helping her put on the brake, accelerate and make the turns—–without effect.

Car Ride 2015-152

Staring out the car window,

I day dream as the world goes by.

Looking at the trees, the people,

And many other things.

Everyone doing their own thing,

In their own way.

Thinking private thoughts,

In their minds, just as I.

High-tension wire towers,

And sentinels of light poles,

Watching over as testimony to our

Style of high-speed life.

The wispy clouds in the misty sky

Between the stands of pine,

All there, all watching,

Staring at me as I go by.

The luxury of just thinking and no

Actions required, just thoughts

A peaceful refrain of life

Without consequences or worry

Den Betts



God and Allah Questions 2015-151

God and Allah Questions   2015-151


I have written before about God and the relationship with the Islam god named Allah. I have honestly stated I have a hard time equating the Jewish/Christian God with the Islam Allah for various reasons. That being said, I still have questions about the two gods.

Well, actually, not with the Hebrew/Christian God, but the mingling of the two, by Islam followers, namely the Muslim religious.

The Jews and Christians are named as “People of the Book” in the Islam religious Holy Scripture, the Koran. Mohammad in 600 + A.D. stated that the Archangel Gabriel relayed things to him regarding people of the Jewish faith and also about Jesus.  Jesus is mentioned in the Koran as a prophet and messenger, but not acknowledged as the Son of God.  That statement or part of the Koran can be analyzed or discussed, but I hesitate to do so at this time. That is a separate issue as far as I am concerned for now.

But, the two faiths, Jewish and Christian are mentioned a number of times. The Jewish history goes back to Abraham beginning with the time spent in Ur and his travels when God told him to go and find another land, etc.

The Islam faith mentions Abraham’s sons especially Ishmael and his mother Hagar and when they were sent out of camp into the desert. It is said that he formed the tribes that became Arabs and that led to the formation of Islam by Mohammad.  This is a VERY short description of that occurrence, which again, I will not go into detail now.

That being said, it implies that Islam, Hebrew and Christian histories are related through Abraham, this being a common bond.

Allah is an Arabic word for God. This would be the same God that the Jews worship and the Christian worship and that is why the two other faiths are listed as the People of the Book. The history of the Jews, as recorded by the prophet Moses (per the Islam Koran) and the Jewish book, “The Torah” and the Christian book, “The Bible” are sharing the same God.  I don’t believe the Jews and Christians have a problem sharing God. The Jews just do NOT believe that Jesus is the Son of God either, and I can live with that belief of theirs, just don’t agree with them. The Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God, and was just a prophet, like they call Moses. OK, so what, I do not care if they do not believe in Jesus as the Son of God!

I do wish I knew some Muslims, especially some with knowledge of the Islam faith. It would be interesting to converse with them, discuss differences, likenesses, and so much more. That is one of the problems with society today; we do not talk with each other at times, about such subjects.  There is just so much info one can get from the Internet. A discussion of this and that is missing, whereas people could get a different perspective on a subject, especially of faiths.

I had an experience in the past to discuss the Christian faith in general with someone who was a doubter of God and Jesus Christ. I have mentioned this before, where we emailed back and forth about Christianity. The problem was, I would suggest 5-6 items and he would respond about only one. It was difficult to have a good dialogue in this way. A phone discussion would have been better, but we did not do so.

Questions like: God of all, (God and Allah) does not mean just Muslims; it includes Jews and Christians as His children. Why so much disparity between the three religions?  Why do I read about some of the Muslims wanting ALL people to convert to Islam if they are not already of that faith? It would be better to just accept others with the faiths they believe in and would be so much more peaceful if those people of Islam that want the conversions  to be more tolerant. Jews and Christians do not expect other people to convert to their religion with penalties if they do not do so.

Why do some of the Muslims think God wants death to all Jews and Christians—– they are HIS people, what goes on??? I believe those that think this way are reading or being taught this is the way God thinks today, whereas this is not the case; simple as that. So, I blame some of the religious leaders for the mayhem that occurs today.

I have NEVER  seen or heard of a meeting with top ranked leaders of the three faiths being discussed, having a sit down discussion about things that could be talked about in detail. WHY NOT????  There are sound bites on TV, or newscast reports saying this and that about a leader of Muslims (such as Iran), and what they call those of the U.S. or Israel, but not one meeting with anyone to discuss differences.

Perhaps, all three religious leaders would have a problem with a discussion of their respective faiths and not want to do so. It would make a neat TV documentary to hear this conversation. I would hope there would not be any yelling or over talk by each of them trying to outdo or speak their thoughts.

I think God and Allah is the same God, regardless of what is thought by each faith today. There is only ONE God of the Universe and to debate whose is better, or any other thought process would be ludicrous to say the least. Of course you could include an atheist to make it additionally interesting, but that may make it a stretch to some; don’t know. I think I may be so bloody naïve that what I state and think is not realistic; which is sad in a way……..

Peace be with you

Den Betts