Completeness 2017-57

I do NOT expect others to read and understand my thoughts shown below, but instead try to, and in the trying, you will perhaps, understand the processes of the mind of mine. When I first wrote this, my mind was fine, but, my brain was somewhat scrambled, and this is evident in the writing of this blog, now published. There are unspoken or unwritten meanings to this, and it is sort of unique to read those thoughts of now, long ago, and remember WHY I wrote the things I did then. Going round and around, and returning, to realize we are complete in the process is everlasting.

                                                 Completeness 2017-57 

                                    Completeness, emulating from within 

                                    Realized by and from the solitude of thought           

                                    A self-assurance of the whole 

                                    Mind and body melded into one lot.


                                    Not vain, nor smug, but instead a feeling of reality 

                                    Knowing things are because — just because! 

                                    No self-doubt or second thoughts of surrealism 

                                    Instead a euphoria of positive alpha waves 


                                    At last, peace within oneself, at last, at last, 

                                    The limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses 

                                    All known, acknowledged, confronted head on 

                                    Turmoil gone, nothing reigning except completeness 


                                    A dream, a wish, or an actual way of life 

                                    Everyday living a constant battle to conquer

                                    The thought process known, or not comprehended 

                                    Time, the constant, will tell, will concur, will be!!! 


                                    Den Betts                   

We deserve what we got 2017-56

We deserve what we got   2017-56

This is not a positive statement of how we have things and others do not in the world.

America is in turmoil and the world is wondering how we got there and where we are and still continue to become what we are now.

We have leadership in the United States, that calls our news outlets as being false newscasting like a dictator trying to control the news by trying to persuade the populace in their way of thinking by denying the facts in a convoluted way.

We are taunting some other world leaders having nuclear capabilities and toward what end is unknown. Many citizens do NOT approve of our leaders, but we have them as they are, and now we have to live with these disgusting people on a daily basis.

The problem, overall, is NOT the leadership, it is the people that believe what the leadership is, and how they are performing, acting and dictating. Some people, did not vote for this leadership, BUT more importantly, they did not vote period. This is truly a sad state of affairs. By NOT voting, this gave the existing leadership a way to become in charge.

People in some countries that have leaders and laws that are geared toward anarchy, would LOVE to be able to vote those leaders out or never allow them to lead in the first place.

When a populace allows an inept, unqualified and doctorial leader to be elected, the people, as a whole suffer. This includes the leaders so called followers that helped elect hem in the first place.

Only time will tell as to how far this is allowed to continue. In the meantime, we deserve what we got, good, bad or indifferent.  So be it.

Den Betts                                  



What is the purpose of our existence on Earth? What are we supposed to do (or are we required to do) while living our lives in this wonderful place called home? Do YOU think we should be active about living out our lives in a way that precludes going forward to another level of existence? I guess these are idle thoughts that came to mind, so will pass them on……

Could it be that we are given the chance to expose ourselves as we are today that will foretell if we have an extended tomorrow, therefore making our today a preamble of life with, again, a purpose?

As a U.S. Marine, I went through basic recruit boot camp training, and learned many things that trained me for my existence in the Corps for four years. There were rules and regulations to follow, guidelines to adhere to, and disciplines dictated that made us tow the line while in uniform.

Is our life on Earth as a child of God similar?

As a Christian, we had a teacher that showed us the way in life. Before Him, long ago, Commandants set the standard as to how to behave, how to act, and not act, and overall, how to be the child of God in everyday life.

Jesus, the teacher, the Christ or Messiah, had a short time to give us the many instructions on what it takes to be called a child of God for eternal life.

Therefore, we are on a daily regimen of how to present ourselves and how to live up to expectations of how God dictates this life. Call it a “boot camp” of life for a future life of living.

This is NOT an easy take for granted experience. We WILL make mistakes!  We Will fall down, we WILL stumble again and again, BUT we are to know that here on Earth, is where we are to make the earthly dumb mistakes, over and over and over. When we graduate from the trail of life here, we get the graduation  to eternal life as a reward.

Our lives NOW, are a precursor to the future. The purpose of living now, is to prepare ourselves to living for eternity in a way that is acceptable to where we will be going.

Are we up to this?  Time will tell!!!


Den Betts                                                                            bettsden@GMAIL.COM