Hi Cousin 2017-24

  Hi Cousin  2017-24

If you are reading this I state:    “I     AM    your cousin!”

I look at the guy across the street and see him as my cousin!  I don’t know the man well, but know he is a far distant relation, as you are too. I see YOU as my cousin!! 

The Italian butcher at the store is also my kindred. He has the same DNA as I do, and we both came from the same grandparents long ago. Perhaps, VERY long ago….

I do not know when the black lady that makes such good cookies at the store became my blood relative, but I know we are from the same one, going back in time.

The interesting man I saw today who calls Allah, his god, shares the same blood as I, from the warrior who fought with Genghis Khan on the steppes of Asia and had a wife from a raid in Persia..

I say hello to a neighbor Mr. Yamato, who does not realize our common ancestor who was a product of a relationship of a Japanese woman, who met a Presbyterian minister who was a missionary, after Japan was found by world travelers.

We are ALL cousins!

Throw a dart at a world map and you will hit a spot where someone you know today has common descendants of both you, that person and, or close to it.

It does NOT matter what race, what heritage, religion or ethnic background we have; our neighbor has part of the same DNA as each of us. That is why, when you disparage someone of another ilk, you are doing the same to yourself. It is time WE, as a whole, start looking at one another with love, instead of hate.

I am related to you!  You are my cousin and it matters not what your name is, or where you came from in the past.

Hello cousin; glad to know you,

Peace be with you,

Den Betts

Broken World!?!- Then and Now? 2017-17

Broken World!?!-  Then and Now? 2017-17

I have heard the words “Broken World” in relation to our existing Earthly existence several times lately. It has to do with world events, the way we look at things, sometimes regarding religion, but is not a Wikipedia source to examine.

I can handle the ways it is used to describe how things are now.  We have many instances to use as a reason to call our world broken today. 

I think of just the past one hundred years leading up to today that can be used as examples. The WWI, the WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, the Iraq/Afghan War, the various mini skirmishes all over the world that have been highlighted, all are part of man’s actions that have put us at jeopardy in living a decent life.  This week we had an escalation in Syria with the air attack in Syria due to chemical bombs by the Assad regime against civilians.  

Those are wars/incidents involving man against man, nation against nation, and show us just how uncivilized we are to one another. Granted, many were started by an individual that created a reason to begin fighting one another.  They gave us justification to begin the art of war towards others.  Pearl Harbor is an example, of a nation starting something they could not finish, due to many reasons.

Little things like the drug war (?) being waged against the opiate epidemic, street crime, gang warfare in the cities, show just how we fight, fight, fight one another. I am not claiming we should NOT act toward “the others” that do things badly, just stating that we indeed, live in a broken world. 

This is NOT new. Go back through time and it is obvious that the world has been broken for a long time. I think of this current “Lenten season” where we take pause and recap what happened to a man/God named Jesus Christ.  He lived in a broken world of His time.  Rome had taken over the Jerusalem area and were in control. Thousands of Jews were killed on crosses and left there as a reminder of just who oversaw the area; the Romans.  Zealot Jews were fighting against the Romans. It was probably not a good time to live in this area of discord. 

I thought about this and realize that things are what they are and don’t change, even when a Messiah is claimed by those that followed Him.  We still have a broken world of people that have FREE WILL to do or not to do something.  The promise of Jesus was salvation. That means not about today, but about later when we can look forward with eternal life with God. 

If this is not appealing to some, so be it.  We still must suffer the consequences of life today, while living on Earth! If the hereafter is not something we care about, we will find out if we should have considered it now. 

I am not looking forward to dying, but when I do die, I hope and pray that I am selected to live with God forever, afterwards.  It will be neat to talk to those preceding me and to find out some genealogical facts of life, they experienced.

A broken world must be lived in. We do NOT have much of a choice right now.


Den Betts

Role Model 2017-01

I thought of this poem when contemplating the many turmoil episodes of the period since election in the U.S.A. of last fall.  We ALL are responsible to those that look at us for guidance and inspiration.  When we do NOT do things that make an example to those that look, we are the ones that can be blamed. The same goes for those leaders that show just how shallow they are in life and we are stuck with the consequences.  Nuff said….  

                                                     Role Model   2017 – 01


                        A child learning of life

                        From the day it’s born.

                        Skills to be used

                        Through daily strife

                        Taught by the ones

                        That are figure heads;

                        Good, bad or indifferent

                        It learns from their stead


                        Macho, cool, in and such

                        Words not important

                        But many times said.

                        Honesty, ethics, rising

                        Above; some things other

                        Than the things they love.

                        Taking after the leader

                        And teacher, not becoming

                        A peer pressure seeker.


                        Looking beyond today for tomorrow

                        When the quality of life

                        Will be of joy, not sorrow

                        The responsibility is there-

                        Not for another, but to the role model

                        Sister or brother.

                        To instill a feeling of self

                        Respect, is a chore for all

                        To want and should expect.


                        Den Betts

Statement of an Activist 2016-65

Statement of an Activist  2016-65

To become or NOT to become one

THAT is the question!

For every action

There is a reaction

THAT is a fact!

To forget is hard

To remember is even harder.

And, at times, to become one

Is NOT a choice, but a life mandate

To give in and accept the person I detest, as the leader, MY leader, of this great nation is a difficult thing to do and still remain a decent citizen and follow the laws of this United States in the process, IS, and I repeat, IS a daunting task…..  To be quiet, not stir up discord or remain docile is not my nature, BUT I realize there are consequences if action is taken that is contrary to the norm….

I feel that to get involved is a MUST, a duty, a requirement, as a concerned citizen. No longer can I remain a member of this great United States as an onlooker only, a follower of the masses and do NOTHING, a creature of apathy, again, a do-nothing person, and just exist as a complainer only.

I therefore commit to action. Action of something more than nothing. I will NOT accept this so called leader to get by with immoral, decadent, illegal, or any other action that goes against the Constitution of the U.S.A., without voicing my displeasure.

He has NOT become a better person just because he is elected POTUS! Just like a leopard cannot change its “spots” or a zebra its “stripes” he is not mysteriously a “nice” person, full of wisdom and great things, all of a sudden… He is still has ALL the baggage he had before being elected.

Worse yet, he is appointing people that have the same thought patterns as he has, therefore, making the rest of the leadership in the White House having the same horrible mentality. We cannot change what has occurred with the election, but we can hold him and those that he appoints accountable.  We must NOT accept those things that are WRONG, that affect us or others in a negative way; we must NOT.

Therefore, I will become an activist and, as such, my life will change, and I will hopefully change the lives of others in the process….   Time will tell, on the results of my efforts…..

Above all, I will use the teachings of the biggest rabble rouser of all times, the one man who changed the world for all times, the one that I will use as a guide for my endeavors in the future and who will show me the way –Jesus Christ, the son of God…….   Amen

Dennis Betts—  Activist and Disciple

Politicians 2016-63

I wrote this before at one of the past elections and it STILL applies. Politicians are necessary to run various governments, but they do have their issues. This year of 2016 has its own unimaginable events with Da Trump and Mrs. Clinton running for POTUS. I have refrained from commenting on this blog what I think but may share my thoughts in the future.

Politicians 2016-63

A politician, at times, is a crafty old soul,

So it was written or maybe I was told.

It seems he or she is elected for life.

With elections being little more than mile strife.

They have to spend money to stay in office,

And then spend OUR dollars in ways that are offensive.

They can also be bought by a P.A.C. member,

And feel free as a bird from Jan to December.

Why do we elect these Congressmen and Senators,

We must not mind being taken to the cleaners.

We deserve what we get, to good and the bad,

But really, when you think, it’s terribly sad.

With this nation so great, with so many problems,

We have to many poor leaders, many are robbers.

If I sound down, on our esteemed leadership,

Its due to the feeling we’re sinking like a ship.

So, if I can end this with a thought kept in mind,

Do what you can, but watch your behind…..

Dennis Betts

Rage of a Man 2016-55

This is about a real life event shown on TV about a man convicted of killing of his family after a too long period of time of abuse. The story came out as a member of the wife’s immediate family told of the man’s terrible actions during the lifetime of the woman he killed. He tried to use the insane plea, but it did not work and he was put away for the rest of his life. Not enough…..


Rage of a Man 2016-55


Amongst the stillness, a whimpering sound,

Over in the corner a child lay, almost still

Huddled with legs drawn up to chin

Sobbing, a bruised body racked with pain

Tear streaked eyes, mucous flowing from nose

No attempt to dry or wipe away

Livid red welts on buttocks and back

Testimonial to a savage, unexpected beating

A man, his father now gone away for a while

That earlier before strolled together through the zoo

One drop, then two, some more blood, finally stopped

A wound from the buckle on belt so wide and hard

Seven years old and not knowing why

His love still there, somehow, – but why?

A fit of rage, a scream of hate, the belt,

For dropping a cookie on the floor?

His mother, standing by powerless to act,

Flinching as each slash came down on her son

This man, her husband, the same one married with love

So long ago, a different time, less strife

No excuses, for actions so horrible to all

No reason, no justification for this trial; why?

Only sorrow, sadness and despair for now

As she stares in the telltale mirror

Looking at a face grown old by each passing day

A returned image of blackened eyes and cut lips

WHY – the most unanswered question at times

By those that so much need and deserve one


Den Betts

Thoughts of Today’s Life 2016-52

Thoughts of Today’s Life 2016-52

The world will survive even though the occupants may not. We are our worst enemies. We, as a whole, treat others like Aliens and not brothers and sisters in life. We have leaders that somehow got in or do get in, and control plus do things that are contrary to common sense and decency. Minions support them and benefit from the leaders handouts and they, in turn, give platitudes to the leaders to curry favor. Instead of working together for a common goal, individual objectives are sought instead of the “good for all”.

To think of others rather than selves is, at times, a negative thought process and frowned upon or considered too liberal. Who are conservatives and who are these liberals that make up the masses? What is WRONG with being either if we work together as a combined group for a common objective to make things better?  When did it really start to be “Them against us” or “Our way or no way” type attitudes that appear to be prevalent? Why is name calling, in a horrible way, an acceptable thing to hear from our leaders? When did compromise become an archaic way of life experience?

We, the people, deserve what we get because we allow these things to occur. We cannot blame “them” for the actions of today, but instead could fault ourselves for not doing the right things or doing nothing instead. We accept things because we are only one person of ourselves, instead of collectively doing or saying what has to be brought forth for all to know.

Our complacency allows incompetency to occur; then we look around for the culprit that is really the one looking back at us in the mirror. We want “George to do it” and he is damned tired and thinks we ALL should do the things that need to be done or said.

The anti-establishment crowd is looking for a savior to make changes that we must collectively work to have done and not expect a miracle from speakeasy type people or old school politicians that promise the same old, same old rhetoric.

Den Betts