Political Intrigue 2016-10

                                                                Political Intrigue 2016-10

I start this piece with a question. What kind of President do we want to have in January of 2017, when the new one takes over? (Well it is a matter of intrigue, in January of 2016). I ask this the day before the Iowa Caucasus.

I want a President that is knowledgeable of world events, aware of domestic problems and with the ability to lead the country with the help of Congress. Wow, what a chore I have thought of for this President to be able to do or at least he SHOULD be able to do.

Our Congress is in political turmoil right now. The members are divided by party lines to the degree that compromise is an antiquated word and not used in the halls of Congress. We need a leader that will bring together the two factions and have them decide to work toward the common goal of the betterment of the country and not their own agendas.

If the health care law in effect now, Obamacare, is not a good law, then I want a President and members of Congress to not shelve it, but improve it and make it a better law. Politics is, or it should not be, a dirty word. This can be accomplished if those in power, including the President, can decide to do something good for the country and not take sides and help destroy it.

We have had a tax system that is beyond belief. It has to be fixed and changed and made to work for the common man and not the rich and well do in the land. This can be accomplished, if the ruling parties can work together. It is time for all the politicians to put aside their differences and work out a plan of action to make this archaic system work. Yeh, right!!!!!

Of the millions of Muslims in America, between 5-12 Million, they have a voice and the politicians need to listen to their voices too. We should not, as a country, stop Muslims from entering our shores, and to do so is not the American way. I cringe at the statements being made by people that state we should do so. It only takes the opening of a history book to remember seeing the Japanese being held in USA internment camps during WWII and the pictures of the Jews in Germany in killing camps,  to realize that history SHOULD NOT repeat itself today.  Immigration laws on the books should be reviewed and changed, if need be, and new laws made to insure a just resettlement of those that want to live in the best country on Earth.

I started this post with a question of what kind of President do we want to elect in 2016? I ask again this question and wonder what your answer will be to yourself. I want one that will, above all else, want the best things to happen for ALL the people of the United States. Big order, but, it is a big job. Not realistic thoughts, but ones I would like to happen………….

Den Betts

Girl and Child 2016-09

I came up with this after watching an article on TV that described how mothers with addiction have babies that are born addicted to the drugs their mother was using. It was horrible to watch as the child lay there wracked with spasms. Other people were also shown and, they too had problems that affected them.

What will it actually take to eradicate the use of drugs, or the NEED of using drugs? A “war on drugs” failed when it was playing out.  Drug usage and crimes that involve those using drugs is rampant and part of life today. So sad!!!


Girl and Child 2016-09

Her mother was a prostitute also,

The father an unknown man,

       The pain was more than discomfort

        The itching almost insane.


She had no skills to offer except herself,

Quitting school early, she could not read.

       His lungs cried out in agony,

        The breath in and out, dry and parched.


The hope she had as a little girl,

Was lost in reality at thirteen.

         The twitching of the body increasing,

          But his mind had no control.


A number amongst a pile of statistics,

Stacked on a desk of a human service worker.

         Life tubes, wires, monitors and tape,

          Telling the caregiver of continued life.


What chance or choice does she really have,

With the uncaring majority of others?

               The “crack baby” struggles for living,

               An addict with a bleak dim future.

The mother, the son, both victims,

Of the way of life in this modern world.


Den Betts

ISIS AND Others that Hate the World 2016-08

ISIS AND Others that Hate the World 2016-08

I do know any ISIS fighters “over there” in the areas racked by turmoil, killings, and such. I do not know the why, the reasons, of their hatred of the world’s populace and the rationale of their thinking. Nor do I understand the reasons for those in control in the Middle East that support terrorism.

I have feelings though. I have thoughts that they, whoever they are, do hate others for some reasons. I do not think it is actually a religious reason, and there has to be a cause that makes more sense. To follow a god and do the things they do is not normal. It is contrary to what a god would want to be done. If they are following a god it is NOT my God.  Of course, I also believe there is only ONE God, so in my mind it is an invalid reasoning…..

What I do know is that ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS for short. It is a spinoff from the terrorist group Al-Qaeda and is also known as ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Levant is an area of the eastern Mediterranean. It gets a little confusing from this point and I do not want to dwell on the particulars. There are many people with Arabic sounding names and like many groups the founders of the various groups come from different backgrounds and mergers.

Many Muslim leaders have denounced and condemned this ISIS group and their ideology and actions and state they, ISIS,  has strayed from the path of true Islam; nor do they reflect the religion’s true teachings or virtues that it has in place. The group has named a Caliph or religious leader that claims religious, political and military authority over ALL Muslims worldwide.  This was self-imposed and not recognized by many or most  Muslim leaders of the world.

ISIS is a Wahhabi/Sunni religious group that also hates other Muslim groups such as the Shiite Muslims, which is a belief that goes back to the time right after their founder Mohammad died. To study Islam and its history is interesting but still a hard read.  There is much that has happened to bring the religion to where it is today. The ancient beliefs of their founder, Mohammad were what they were due to the time period and those beliefs are archaic. Just like the Bible stories of before Jesus where the God of then is not the God of now. Did God change and does He think different now than before?

The religious leader of Iran, called the Supreme Leader, named Ali Khamenei, is someone who I do NOT respect or like. He is a dictatorial leader, who controls many of those that adhere to his way of beliefs. He and the IRGC or Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps have somewhat total control of the Iranian country. The IRGC has large business interests and are somewhat also controlling large parts of their economy. Imam Khamenei’s control of the business empire in Iran, has over 95 BILLION in assets and between the two, are able to pay for many of their dangerous terrorist activities.

Our President Obama with Secretary of State Kerry’s work has given whole hearted support to the continuation of what I call evil things they do, namely the so called Nuclear Treaty. WHY!!!?????? To appease those that hate you is really stupid and we the people are more stupid for allowing them to do it. The Iranians got a Treaty and time will tell as to how they adhere to it regulations.

If and a big IF, Iran comes out with a nuclear weapon eventually, we can only blame ourselves for anything horrible or bad that occurs, or the hold they will have on the world at that time. I shudder to think of how things will be if this happens.

What CAN we as a country do? I have copied an excerpt from a Congressional Testimony by a Mr. Mark Dubowitz regarding “Iran Financing and the Tax Code below:

  1. Designate the IRGC for terrorism;
  2. Designate additional IRGC entities and individuals and foreign companies that do business with the IRGC;
  3. Sanction the Supreme Leader’s financial empire for its use of funds from corruption to support terrorism;
  4. Prevent tax breaks for companies doing business in Iran;
  5. Prevent the re-opening of the U.S. parent-foreign subsidiary loophole;
  6. Develop a rehabilitation program for designated Iranian banks that relies on a change in illicit financial conduct. I left one item out due to not understanding it.

These are NOT the only recourse to combat terrorism, but it is a start. We need to do something other than carpet bomb the hell out of Syria, and other areas of the Mideast.

The recent terrorist killings in Paris, the bomb put in the Russian airplane and other atrocities do not give me or anyone much hope of a near peaceful world to be. The group, named ISIS, is beyond being a terrorist religious group, and is now a horror group that has no normalcy in the world today. Innocent people are being affected daily because of their actions.

These include many in the area of Syria, Iran, Iraq and other areas with Muslim people living with this horror. Some of our leadership wantabe’s, in the U.S. have resorted to suggesting things that sound like the Hitler days of the 1930’s, which is stupid in my mind.  I also think, President Obama is not very effective as a leader today and as an outgoing President he is not making leadership decisions that are rationale.

We live in a world today that is interesting. The ISIS followers are making it more so, and in ways that may just have far reaching results.

I pray to God, the only God of the Universe, that we survive this.

Den Betts

Dream Gone? 2016-07

I think this is somewhat of an unfair poem I wrote, but feel I must post it today on Martin Luther King Remembrance Day. It is about a man that I DO respect, and a cause that was great, but because of a misguided individual, the dream was interrupted. Is the dream actually gone or just not a reality today; don’t know.


Dream Gone? 2016-07

He had a dream so long ago,

One that inspired others; young and old.

Giving hope to those oppressed,

“Keep the faith” he said and overcome

all, he stressed.


So long ago, is not now,

things have changed, since then,

The standard has fallen and with it the dream

Nay, not it, but its hope and reality.

Overcome by other things, overshadowing all.


A revival once a year, more to honor,

Soon forgotten afterwards, the essence of his doing.

A crime of remembrance, without the action.

Lip service by many of power and fame

Looking for recognition for a day.


Pride in self and others no longer there

Easier to wail and wallow in white dust of death.

Excuses thrown out for fellow man to hear

To recognize as a reflection of themselves

In a mirror of their dismal lives; so sad.


So hard to crawl out of the troughs of despair

To fight the injustices of those against you.

To say no to temptation from peer groups around,

And stand up with pride of the right kind.

Straight, mighty, with both feet on ground.


The wind carries an echo of “I have a dream”

A haunting reminder of a better life ahead.

A hope, with faith of final success,

Equality for all with peace earned

for those deserving, working for that dream


Den Betts

Insane World 2016-02

The horrible things that are happening here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world by people doing crazy things, for whatever reasons, brought me to the point of asking a child’s question of WHY!!!!


Insane World 2016-02

What is the reason for the insanity today,

the genocide of people

against their own?


Does it go back to a clannish or tribal

day of time and life

The mystic mood, decreeing

action, distant drum telling

the way, but not the why.


More than macho, more than religion

more than a full moon, it has to be!

Why  is for children to ask, in their

innocence of life.


Nations, cities, groups, and

such, all bent on self-destruction

of one another to each other

A pity, a waste, a total

Inexcusable happening, but

is life, as we know it.


I ask WHY, like an innocent child

of the world? Can you

help me with an answer

that makes sense?

Den Betts

Earth Brother-Sister 2016-05

I think of all the conflict, hatred, bad blood, and religious turmoil on Earth that we see on the news regularly. Do not people of all faiths, heritage, race and ethnicity realize that we are ALL brothers on this planet? We do not HAVE to exist in perfect harmony, but there is NO reason for the horrible relationships that occur on a daily basis.

I don’t care what God, or even if people believe in God, but, common sense should rule. Each of us has to share what we have and exist together, in a better way than what we do. The God I believe in said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34). And that should NOT be that difficult. It takes an effort, leadership, desire, etc., but it should NOT be that hard of a thing to do.


Earth Brother-Sister   2016-05


Be my brother/sister


ye of another race


Hold my hand


as we both say grace.


Be my brother/sister


ye of another faith


Let us both believe and live


in eternity, when we leave.


Be my brother/sister


ye of another heritage,


Down  through time


may be greet as friends.


Be my brother/sister,


ye of this planet Earth


Not of blood,


but one of worth.


Den Betts

Grateful 2016-04

How many things can you think of in the sense of being grateful for having them or experiencing them? How many things do we take for granted and should not have done so? Being grateful is, to a degree, being thankful also, at the same time. To live life at its fullest, and appreciate it at the same time can be hard to express, but I look in the mirror and I am Grateful for so many, many, many things…………

Grateful  2016-04

To be able to smell the flowers

see the trees, watch the birds fly,

and hear the honey bees buzz by

To attain the age of seventy, whereas

others dear have not; still be able

to walk and not have gone to pot

To have gone white water rafting

seen the Mammoth Cave, have fun at

Disneyworld and go to the Grand Canyon

and just stand and rave

To be called an ex-jarhead vet

and to have been an auxi-cop too,

and President of ASHRAE, plus have

sat on church council as President too,

plus have owned a thing called a ferret as a pet

To believe in  the God. as one to follow

and a family I’m proud of – a gem;

To be grateful for the things I have

and thankful that I have them.

Den Betts

Guns 2016-03

I watched TV today, and listened to the President who, with tears running down his cheek, spoke about what he will do to help, in a small way, to lessen the killings that occur in our country today.          His plan will NOT stop the insane killings, but may help to save lives, in a way. The politicians who decry his efforts are owned by those that are against any common sense answer, and that is more than a shame.

          Guns 2016-03

How many times must we hear the words,

“Its not guns that kill, killers kill!”

How many times on the TV news,

Must we see the tears on a mothers cheek.

A child gunned down on a residential street,

Or a massacre in a family restaurant.

Do the lawmakers need additional vile lessons,

Of man’s inhumanity toward each other?

Or do the PAC’s or the NRA or others,

Control them that much, to stay in office.

The killing semi-automatics are not needed

By any populace of this country today.

While the gun powers outgun the police,

As the apathetic  citizens read or watch.

“Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns”

Is hype that is compared to only one thing, bull

“A rigid enforced law that guarantees prison, forever,

With no parole, if a weapon is used, might work.

But a bleeding heart society might feel sorry for him,

And his “time” will be lessened for more killing.

What is the answer; whatever it may be

Is much better than the way it is today.

Den Betts

Interview with God 2016-01

OK, I did NOT talk with God and get the results shown below! That being said, I have talked with God and our discussion will remain mine; for me to know, and for you, to sometime, find out. I had the below words come to mind, probably after seeing or hearing something that upset me in life, on TV, in person or when or whatever, so I am not that weird, just a little………..

Interview with God 2016-01

I asked Him, “What is life all about?”

He told me all that I had to know.

I talked about the world and its problems today,

He listened and didn’t respond right away.


I told him I wanted to know what I could do in giving

He stated “ I should follow the way!”

I inquired as to what the way really is

He answered with a parable of life and living.


I heard and grew afraid of what I heard,

He softly talked and I started to feel good, but then

I asked about his grand plan regarding Earth,

He spoke and said, “I had one, but it’s not working!”

Den Betts