I am 76 and retired and enjoying life as such.  I really believe that with age, sometimes comes wisdom, but that is debatable. There are plenty of older people I know, that don’t have the brains they were born with and it is evident in what they do and say.

  Past Posts

I started this blog in December of 2014. As of January 4, 2018, I have over 300 posts, over 2500 views to date,  plus followers from thirty some different countries, of which 6 are people I know personally. I am amazed of the different bloggers that have followed me and I don’t want to guess why they did so.  If you do follow me, I think you get an email of any blogs that I post…..


The posts I will be making will be done on a regular basis but not every day or in bunches.  I will, again, post what I call poems, with an introductory message about the poem. Some posts will be about current events which I did not do much before my hiatus.    A new type post will be considered and these will be “Quotes” as a category with well-known quotes by famous people being offered on a regular basis, and a short comment by myself to go along with the quote and how it relates to me. I have to continue with these quotes as some are inspirational.


I consider myself a Spiritual person; therefore will have some religious oriented posts that you might find interesting. I have to admit that I could also be called religious, but not in the way some people identify others of that ilk.  . Read some of the posts I have on subjects and you can make up your own mind, just how I think.

I am a Christian and will not argue religion or Christianity with anyone, because either people believe or they do not and how they practice their faith or how they believe, is up to them. I do probably have questions about other faiths and actions by those people and may comment on this subject and welcome any comments if I do so.

Nuff for now

I welcome you to my blog. I ask that if you particularly like one, let me know and just “like” it; no comments needed or expected. If comments are made I WILL read them and will probably reply in some way. Actually, I think that I am open to comments to discuss what I write and in the discussion, I may change my opinion of what I have written; will see.

Den Betts

Comments gladly accepted here

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