Statement of an Activist 2016-65

Statement of an Activist  2016-65

To become or NOT to become one

THAT is the question!

For every action

There is a reaction

THAT is a fact!

To forget is hard

To remember is even harder.

And, at times, to become one

Is NOT a choice, but a life mandate

To give in and accept the person I detest, as the leader, MY leader, of this great nation is a difficult thing to do and still remain a decent citizen and follow the laws of this United States in the process, IS, and I repeat, IS a daunting task…..  To be quiet, not stir up discord or remain docile is not my nature, BUT I realize there are consequences if action is taken that is contrary to the norm….

I feel that to get involved is a MUST, a duty, a requirement, as a concerned citizen. No longer can I remain a member of this great United States as an onlooker only, a follower of the masses and do NOTHING, a creature of apathy, again, a do-nothing person, and just exist as a complainer only.

I therefore commit to action. Action of something more than nothing. I will NOT accept this so called leader to get by with immoral, decadent, illegal, or any other action that goes against the Constitution of the U.S.A., without voicing my displeasure.

He has NOT become a better person just because he is elected POTUS! Just like a leopard cannot change its “spots” or a zebra its “stripes” he is not mysteriously a “nice” person, full of wisdom and great things, all of a sudden… He is still has ALL the baggage he had before being elected.

Worse yet, he is appointing people that have the same thought patterns as he has, therefore, making the rest of the leadership in the White House having the same horrible mentality. We cannot change what has occurred with the election, but we can hold him and those that he appoints accountable.  We must NOT accept those things that are WRONG, that affect us or others in a negative way; we must NOT.

Therefore, I will become an activist and, as such, my life will change, and I will hopefully change the lives of others in the process….   Time will tell, on the results of my efforts…..

Above all, I will use the teachings of the biggest rabble rouser of all times, the one man who changed the world for all times, the one that I will use as a guide for my endeavors in the future and who will show me the way –Jesus Christ, the son of God…….   Amen

Dennis Betts—  Activist and Disciple