The Cost of a Laugh and Smile 2018-67

                        The Cost of a Laugh and Smile   2018-67

Beware, be warned!  You could pay a price for that smile or moment of laughter you make!!!

For you to expose your inner most feeling of joy at something, to someone, you may make yourself vulnerable to many things you do not want or expect. No longer looked at as a person having no interest, no light side, and having a dull existence.

Instead, seen as a normal humanoid, with emotions, allowing a laugh to escape the confines of the brain, released by the gatekeeper mind, that controls what passes from the lips of the body.

Muscles of the face now contracted into a grimace of pleasure and not despair. The voice box making a sound, not of speech, but of an unnatural, for you, guttural noise.

I dare say, BUT, at what cost?

To be considered now, as one with joy, one with a light heart and not a heavy one? To be seen like a Shakespearian actor, stating “if you tickle me do I not laugh”, knowing also, that if they prick you, do you not bleed?

A different you now, that cannot be taken back, never to be seen as the old Self – Now the New!!

No longer reserved with introspective thoughts. Now exposed for those to see, the REAL you.

Pay the Price!  Do NOT be bashful, let it all hang out! Let those that look, actually see, really hear what and how you are now.

Don’t hide behind dignity, skirting reality!! Be your REAL Self –  enjoy and be thankful, —–for the cost of living – ACTUALLY living —–is a Life of Joy.



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Creature Walks 2015-139

How many of us have become afraid of the dark, the unknown, or the unexpected that awaits us as we travel in life or just live where we do? Do we imagine the creatures that ARE out there, waiting, stalking, and preying on those that are not aware of their existence? I wrote this with those thoughts in mind and offer this to contemplate……..

Creature Walks 2015-139

The creature shuffled stealthily along,

Dragging its left foot behind him.

His cloths were torn, ragged and dirty,

With a musty smell lingering in his wake.

The flopping shoes were moldy, oozing with mud,

Slime clinging from a field far behind.

Ah, a light up ahead, beckoning him onward,

Like a moth towards a foretold fate.

Stumbling past a nearby darkened car window,

A heinous, disfigured face returned his gaze.

A smile deep inside swept over him finally,

As he stalked the promise of reward.

Closer to the source, his heartbeat quickened;

Ahead was a porch light, showing his prey.

Standing alone by the door outside.

A young woman, back turned, not aware.

Silently, so quiet, he approached, so near.

Slowly now, no noise, he made.

Suddenly, she turned around and screeched,

A frozen look upon her face, with fear.

As little Tommy dressed up so great, yelled,

“Trick or treat, Mrs. Bier”.

Den Betts

Ortz Bug 2015-74

In my feeble mind lurk things that I am glad stay there, at times,  and not present their selves in reality!  Why such a creature like an Ortz Bug would inhabit my mind and come to the forefront is beyond me. It came out and, once seen (?) it is now a part of my vocabulary and without any hesitancy, here it is———–



Ortz Bug       2015-74


The tiny Ortz bug is a thing of beauty,


It runs, it flies, it swims, – its pretty.


It’s colored red, yellow, and green too,


It even has a head that’s light, light blue!


Its 23 feet make it go as fast as it can go,


But in a race, it won’t beat a centipede tho.


Its huge big wings are meant for flying,


But, a jet plane its not – no lying!


It even has paddles, for pushing in the water,


But, if you expect fast, don’t bother


So as you can see, it is a weird, weird bug,


I ought to know, there’s one in my jug..



Den Betts

Huh???? 2015-38

                   Huh????     2015-38

When does YES become MAYBE and NO become PERHAPS?

Does SORTOF turn into SOMEWHAT when you least expect it

Why does SURE morph into a definite NEGATIVE answer?

Yet allow the I THINK take over the conversation!

Will EXACTLY be mistaken for a SO-SO type acclamation?

And allow Question words to rule the atmosphere,

Saying  Who, What, When, Where and Why????

CONTROL is in the mind with PERCEPTION

Knowing what is THOUGHT and what is MEANT!

This SOMEHOW  may make certain readers understand

But in most cases the thought is Huh!!???!!

Den Betts

Bosh the Bobbin 2015-31

Let me be honest with you.  I do NOT know when I wrote this poem or why at the time. I do NOT know what it means now! I MAY have known right after writing it, but that was probably long ago. So, I challenge any that dare to consider what I might have been getting at then, what in the world was I thinking, and does it make sense to you? If you do know, perhaps there is a problem with you too – LOL!

Bosh the bobbin? What in the world does that mean? What possessed me to write such a thing? Was I high or was I low, so low perhaps I know not know? Tis for you to think of what I meant, because I cannot, for I am spent! My cousin commented and said I was sometimes weird, and so I am proving what he actually sent.       1-26-2015

Bosh the Bobbin   2015-31

Bosh the bobbin

High in the air

Hair of the pelt

To nowhere, nowhere

Nigh on Noon,

The cry of the loon

Be gone by night

To exit the light

Say farewell to an

Expressionist dream

Carry forward the

Exorbitant team

So whether the Bobbin

The loon or the dream

In the end it’s all

That it will mean

Den Betts   = Weird??

Conquest of Earth 2015-14

How scary to think of aliens coming down to earth and taking over.  I think of any “being” conquering earth and its inhabitants is beyond imagination and belongs in a movie. Movies like “War of the Worlds” from H.G.Wells or “Independence Day” of not so long ago. So, sometimes I am not so truthful, as you will see………

Conquest of Earth      2015-14

The airwaves crackled with dire warnings

While the Earthlings scattered to and fro

“It” descended down from the heavens

Looking, aiming for a point on Earth

It was the first, with many to follow,

And, it was proud to be the very first

They would envelop the land below them,

Letting nothing escape their grasp

It hovered in an airpocket, then went down,

Looking, aiming for a place to claim

Ah, ahead, and Earthboy, five or six,

Standing innocently, looking up

Does he know, was he told, forewarned,

Of the conquest to occur this day

A spiral, then an uprise for just a moment,

To align its sights and head below

Now, Yes, NOW, make the move

While the childs eyes are elsewhere

With points read to impale, to entangle,

To snarl and to catch and hold

“Follow me!” it said, to the millions of others,

As the first snowflake landed on the woolen cap

Den Betts

TUIT 2014-29

TUIT         2014-29

What is a TUIT and what does it do, you say,

How does it work and/or is it for play

Many a person has wished for one, to have or to hold,

But, wishing does not work, if I may be so bold

Having one saves time, depending on some facts,

Also, it can get you, what now you surely lack

A TUIT is valuable, depending on its shape and size

A square one is not good, a triangle so bad, you realize

I think I will show you one before you say I blew it,

Now if only I could take the time or GET AROUND TUIT.


Ode to a Toe 2014-28

This is a silly poem, about a toe!!!!! Years ago, I sat on my couch in my bare feet and was trying to wiggle the big toe of my left foot. Before my auto accident, I could make my left big toe “click” by manipulating it, sort of, like “cracking” a knuckle. After my accident the nerve connections from my brain to the toe sort of got jumbled up and I found it impossible (and still do) to do what I could do before., So, as I said, I am sitting there and this silly poem came to mind, and I wrote it down., right then and there. Sort of weird, but true.

Ode to a Toe    2014-28

You count all of them,

And find that there are five

“It” is huge as can be,

Compared to the other four

A monster it is, right beside,

Its neighbor and also the other three

What it does as it wiggles around,

Makes you wonder a thing or two

Of the reason for its existence,

Since it’s the biggest one

But, ask anyone and they will know

Because?!, its just “Zee BIG FAT TOE!”


Woe of a Dog 2014-3

Woe of a Dog                                                                                                 2014-3

We had two dogs while living in Euclid, Oh, and both were, att one time or another, invested with those critters called fleas. The dogs would go outside in the yard and collect them and then bring them inside, of course.

It never became a BIG problem, but did involve “dusting” of the dogs!! It helped, but during the summer the fleas were a constant annoyance for both the dogs and us humans that took care of them.

To see a dog, cat or pet of any kind with fleas, sitting and scratching and knowing what is causing the discomfort, makes one feel for the animals.

Woe of a Dog

What is the answer for the life of a flea

Why does he have to pester me?

When will he finish and go away

So I can get up and go out to play?

With all this itching and scratching I do

My time for fun will soon be through.

Why did I snuggle with that infested collie?

I now regret that short lived folly.

OH, for the life of a flea I see,

His only thoughts are to chew on me.