Bah Hum Bug 2016-70

Bah Hum Bug 2016-70

Bah Hum Bug

The season of Christmas is here.

To practicing Christians, this is a time of significance where the birth of the world’s savior is celebrated. For many, this is a time of (hopefully), good feelings, good times and a period of giving and receiving.

Overall, I feel both groups with their thoughts of why to observe Christmas have merit and it is good in my mind. There are so many traditions, acts of joy, ceremonies, and parties, other get together times and good will occasions it makes for a wondrous time of year.

Some thoughts of this Christmas period:

I will say “Merry Christmas” to anyone and not “Happy Holidays”. If they celebrate a different holiday time and respond with their holiday wishes, I will wish them well.

I feel Christmas has become very much commercialized with gifts to one another the main focus and NOT the real reason of WHY we are celebrating. .

When I was a child in the forties and fifties, I had NO idea why we were exchanging gifts or what Christmas was all about, so in some ways, nothing has changed for some of us. It would be great if something was discussed about the reason we celebrate Christmas, at least on Christmas day.

I know of someone who does NOT celebrate Christmas because he states, correctly, that  Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25th, but what he ignores is the fact that Dec 25th,is the day we celebrate his birthday anyhow. He also wants me to know that this date originated from a Roman festival of the god’s Mithra and Saturn which was adapted to the birth of Jesus.  HE adheres to a cultish type religion that has many strange beliefs, but claims to be a Christian.

One thing about the Christmas season is where I see all the good feelings of Christmas fall off the cliff and disappear on December 26t;; it is then, back to the normal way of existence. That is sad,  in a way.

I used to have (actually still do in a box somewhere) a mirror with a picture superimposed on it of Scrooge and the words “Bah, Hum Bug” on it. This was brought out each Christmas and was mine to look at and express my feelings of Christmas. I don’t do that anymore, but instead, try to live my part as a Christian and remembering why Jesus Christ died for my sins.  I then think about the next religious holiday Easter and what that means to me too.   Maybe we all should do that.

Den Betts

Breath of God 2016-69

The Breath of God  2016-69

God breathed on me and touched me in the process. I don’t think this was/is a normal everyday occurrence and is NOT an easy thing to contemplate.

Actually,  it was a somewhat scary thing to occur, which I called “The Happening” at the time. I since then thought “Why doesn’t He do this more often and to more people? I would guess He does, but it goes unnoticed by us mortals, at the time, or ignored.

What was days, weeks, months and a year, is now years ago, when this happened. I am still wondering “why me?” Why in the world me? Was it to give me an affirmation of belief in God? I have to say “Of course.”  Was it a gift? Without a doubt!

There were no directions or any explanations that came with this “touch” and I realize I am on my own to find out why, at this time, as I was when it happened.

Was I changed? Absolutely!!!!! Did I change others in some way? Don’t know!!!!

Have I accepted all this?  I think so, but still have questions, but am dealing with them…

It makes me believe that GOD   is   Alive, He    is  Active in our lives,  He  is   Aware, and His  Presence  is with us always……

I feel I am ONE of the most fortunate people alive and feel so, so, so blessed.

Thanks be to God.


Dennis Betts

Viewers to Blog

Viewers to Blog 2016-68

THANKS to all the followers and other viewers of my blog!!! My blog went over 2000 views on the blog this month. There were 1115 visitors that viewed some of my 267 posts. The best day was when 49 views were recorded. Some of the viewer followers are from Facebook (91) and 60 are from WordPress (WP) itself. Of the WP people, they are from 37 countries overall.

These numbers are NOT that large overall, compared to other bloggers, but I consider them outstanding!!!! Again, THANK YOU.

Dennis Betts 

Silent Song 2016-66

My life has changed, no longer what it was, but now is… What occurred in the past is gone, only to be remembered. Episodes of life to be thought of with joy and some with negative connotations.  I am still me, but in a different way. This is not uncommon, but the realization of Self as it is, is unique to me, and very interesting.  I wrote the below, to express the rambling internal thinking of my life, not to be understood by others, but to reinforce my own understanding of my existence………………


                                               Silent Song 2016-66 

                                    Mindless melodies contorted with rhyme, 

                                    Playing parodies in the present time 

                                    Lingering lyrics float in the air, 

                                    Stating sentences of a care, a dare 

                                    Fractural fibers leap in sine 

                                    Creating chaos in the mind of mine 

                                    Wandering wisps of static substance 

                                    Forever lost, but not forgotten

                                   Dennis Betts