I do NOT believe in God anymore 2017-60

I do NOT believe in God anymore   2017-60

NO!  Do NOT!  To believe in God is to feel a kindred spirit, an acknowledgement that your belief is true, and you do not doubt. SO, do I believe or not believe; that is the question? If I believe, then I MIGHT have, at one time, NOT believed; but now do so.

What would make me believe, where I did not before? Would it take someone to convince me to continue?  Would I have read something (like the Bible?) to change my mind?

Perhaps, an event occurred that was so overwhelming, and I HAD no other choice but to believe? Did I hear something, and also was there some strange thing to make me go beyond just believing?


I do NOT (JUST) believe in the one God of the Universe, maker of heaven and Earth!        

I do NOT (JUST) believe in the God child Jesus Christ, THE savior of all mankind!

I do NOT (JUST) believe in the Holy Spirit, whose presence is around and within me!

NO, it is not (JUST) a belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Is a FACT. I know there is a God.  He is real.   He is alive.   He is active. He is present with me    ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

God loves me, He loves you, He loves all his children even those that doubt his existence. The story of the Son of God, named Jesus Christ is a fact, true, and accurate, and his “being”, is one of hope of our salvation.


OH, BTW, in the title of this post between the words “NOT “and “believe”, I  might have forgotten to insert the word JUST and threw in the word “anymore” for the heck of it!!!




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