Completeness 2017-57

I do NOT expect others to read and understand my thoughts shown below, but instead try to, and in the trying, you will perhaps, understand the processes of the mind of mine. When I first wrote this, my mind was fine, but, my brain was somewhat scrambled, and this is evident in the writing of this blog, now published. There are unspoken or unwritten meanings to this, and it is sort of unique to read those thoughts of now, long ago, and remember WHY I wrote the things I did then. Going round and around, and returning, to realize we are complete in the process is everlasting.

                                                 Completeness 2017-57 

                                    Completeness, emulating from within 

                                    Realized by and from the solitude of thought           

                                    A self-assurance of the whole 

                                    Mind and body melded into one lot.


                                    Not vain, nor smug, but instead a feeling of reality 

                                    Knowing things are because — just because! 

                                    No self-doubt or second thoughts of surrealism 

                                    Instead a euphoria of positive alpha waves 


                                    At last, peace within oneself, at last, at last, 

                                    The limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses 

                                    All known, acknowledged, confronted head on 

                                    Turmoil gone, nothing reigning except completeness 


                                    A dream, a wish, or an actual way of life 

                                    Everyday living a constant battle to conquer

                                    The thought process known, or not comprehended 

                                    Time, the constant, will tell, will concur, will be!!! 


                                    Den Betts                   

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