If God Is Dead… 2016-37

I copied this from the Internet and am posting it today, 4-27-16. I liken this post to be like the canary in the coal mine, a means of knowing how things may or may not be. This is from, of all people, Pat Buchanan, who I thought was dead, but is very much alive. What he states is “possible” of the way religion is today and Christianity in particular. If so, we as a civilization should listen to the canary and see if it is still alive or dying and perhaps do something about it.

We, all of us, can look around and see how things are going. Look at our family, our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens and how we have strayed from belief in God to believing God is dead and why bother to practice any faith based on an unknown deity or a 2000 year old story of one man, so very long ago. Why bother; enjoy life for today and the hell with tomorrow. On the other hand, also look at our existence of what we do and do not do and contemplate our survival as a species without God..

I welcome you to critique Buchanan’s article and let it be known where he is not correct in his thinking. He is not offering solutions, I admit, but trying to show a trend and causes.

If God Is Dead…   2016-37

Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.”

In a recent column Dennis Prager made an acute observation.

“The vast majority of leading conservative writers … have a secular outlook on life. … They are unaware of the disaster that godlessness in the West has led to.”

These secular conservatives may think that “America can survive the death of God and religion,” writes Prager, but they are wrong.

And, indeed, the last half-century seems to bear him out.

A people’s religion, their faith, creates their culture, and their culture creates their civilization. And when faith dies, the culture dies, the civilization dies, and the people begin to die.

Is this not the recent history of the West?

Today, no great Western nation has a birthrate that will prevent the extinction of its native-born. By century’s end, other peoples and other cultures will have largely repopulated the Old Continent.

European Man seems destined to end like the 10 lost tribes of Israel — overrun, assimilated and disappeared.

And while the European peoples — Russians, Germans, Brits, Balts — shrink in number, the U.N. estimates that the population of Africa will double in 34 years to well over 2 billion people.

What happened to the West?

As G. K. Chesterton wrote, when men cease to believe in God, they do not then believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

As European elites ceased to believe in Christianity, they began to convert to ideologies, to what Dr. Russell Kirk called “secular religions.”

For a time, these secular religions — Marxism-Leninism, fascism, Nazism — captured the hearts and minds of millions. But almost all were among the gods that failed in the 20th century.

Now Western Man embraces the newer religions: egalitarianism (is a trend of thought that favors equality for all people) , democratism (a project to make the priorities of the people the priorities of society, through a new political process), capitalism, feminism, One Worldism, environmentalism. (my bold print)

These, too, give meaning to the lives of millions, but these, too, are inadequate substitutes for the faith that created the West.

For they lack what Christianity gave man — a cause not only to live for, and die for, but a moral code to live by, with the promise that, at the end a life so lived, would come eternal life. Islam, too, holds out that promise.

Secularism, however, has nothing on offer to match that hope.

Looking back over the centuries, we see what faith has meant.

When, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the West embraced Christianity as a faith superior to all others, as its founder was the Son of God, the West went on to create modern civilization, and then went out and conquered most of the known world.

The truths America has taught the world, of an inherent human dignity and worth, and inviolable human rights, are traceable to a Christianity that teaches that every person is a child of God.

Today, however, with Christianity virtually dead in Europe and slowly dying in America, Western culture grows debased and decadent, and Western civilization is in visible decline.

Rudyard Kipling prophesied all this in “Recessional”:

“Far-called our navies melt away; On dune and headland sinks the fire: Lo, all our pomp of yesterday/Is one with Nineveh and Tyre!”

All the Western empires are gone, and the children of once-subject peoples cross the Mediterranean to repopulate the mother countries, whose native-born have begun to age, shrink and die.

Since 1975, only two European nations, Muslim Albania and Iceland have maintained a birthrate sufficient to keep their peoples alive.

Given the shrinking populations inside Europe and the waves of immigrants rolling in from Africa and the Middle and Near East, an Islamic Europe seems to be in the cards before the end of the century.

Vladimir Putin, who witnessed the death of Marxism-Leninism up close, appears to understand the crucially of Christianity to Mother Russia, and seeks to revive the Orthodox Church and write its moral code back into Russian law.

And what of America, “God’s country”?

With Christianity excommunicated from her schools and public life for two generations, and Old and New Testament teachings rejected as a basis of law, we have witnessed a startlingly steep social decline.

Since the 1960s, America has set new records for abortions, violent crimes, incarcerations, drug consumption. While HIV/AIDS did not appear until the 1980s, hundreds of thousands have perished from it, and millions now suffer from it and related diseases.(Numbers are not shown – my insert)

Forty percent of U.S. births are out of wedlock. For Hispanics, the illegitimacy rate is over 50 percent; for African-Americans, it’s over 70 percent. (This is reported by CNS News, a conservative American News website founded by L. Brent Bozell in 1998 –my insert)

Test scores of U.S. high school students fall annually and approach parity with Third World countries.

Suicide is a rising cause of death for middle-aged whites. (teen suicides are too ? my insert)

Secularism seems to have no answer to the question, “Why not?”

“How small, of all that human hearts endure, That part which laws or kings can cause or cure,” wrote Samuel Johnson.

Secular conservatives may have remedies for some of America’s maladies. But, as Johnson observed, no secular politics can cure the sickness of the soul of the West — a lost faith that appears irretrievable.

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Source URL: http://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/patrick-j-buchanan/if-god-dead

Like many online services, I DO question the accuracy of the news and the people that write and present the information. I have always had a feeling of dislike for Mr. Buchanan, but thought I would present his thoughts about this subject of God. So, consider the source of who is saying the above and what is being said…………. Just a disclaimer, so go from there………

Hypocrites in Life 2016-36

                                                Hypocrites in Life 2016-36

I AM a hypocrite!!!! That being said, let me define what that means. Per my trusty friend Danny Webster, 1.A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.2.    A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

OK, maybe I am one, or maybe this is not so. This is up to others to decide.

The thing is, it is probably true that we ALL are hypocrites in some way or at some time in our lives. IF we are so, I doubt if we will acknowledge the fact, but instead, rationalize our thinking to prove our not being so. I would think this is normal and if we are ourselves normal, then we go on with our lives living a lie, to a degree.

Then I also ask, “What is normal.” I would think that means we are free from any mental disorders or in any manipulative ways of expression. We could be described as average in any psychological traits, such as intelligence, personalities or emotional involvements. We would probably conform to the standards of what everyone else (?) is like, not unusual, and definitely not abnormal, but instead regular or natural in our thinking.

So, in a way, being a hypocrite is somewhat normal, if my thoughts that most if not all people are in fact hypocrites or act like Pharisee’s. Ha!!!

I went to a tavern not long ago and involved myself in what was called “Pub Theology”, where we discussed various aspects of religious philosophy. Actually, we just kicked around some opinions of different things regarding our two religions. I really was interested in what was being said and learned about the other religion of those attending.

One of the subjects discussed was where a church says, “ALL are welcome!” Does “ALL” really mean all or something different. Or, do we mean, all are welcome if you fit the criteria that I have made in MY thinking about various things in life. It created some good dialogue anyhow and I believe I will go back for another session of discussion.

I think of other areas in my life where I do have my beliefs on a subject and what I state is maybe different than my internal beliefs. Sometimes, keeping to myself what I really believe is better in the long run than stating or blurting out something else. In a way, this is common sense and prudent, plus is compassionate at times.

Therefore, in a way, being a hypocrite, sometimes, could be looked at is a good thing. Well, sort of anyhow!!!

The main thing is, if we KNOW we are hypocrites, then we can do something about it; or can we? I would imagine that if we are self-righteous, or sanctimonious it would be difficult to change and not be so. Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY wants to admit certain things and being a hypocrite could be one of them.

I really enjoy looking at myself in a critical way at times and it is revealing to say the least. The guy in the mirror is not exactly like the guy looking in the mirror. IF we are honest with ourselves we will probably see things that could be changed.

This year, an election year, is a hypocritical one. The politicians are rife with hypocritical sayings on a regular basis. This is the nature of the beast and I really chuckle when a statement is made and something like “Fact Check” proves them as being outright liars or at least believing in the opposite of what they stated. It doesn’t appear to change the opinions of the people that believe in them though, which is sometimes a sad commentary of life.

IF you claim to be always truthful and NOT hypocritical, I really think looking into the mirror of life and examining oneself for what and how you might be in reality. If the look comes back and you are not, really NOT hypocritical in some way, God bless you.


Den Betts

Infernal Internal 2016-35

I wrote this when thinking of the mind and how it works and sometimes does not work correctly. Re-reading it, I can see where some would not be able, perhaps, to understand just what I was thinking when the words flowed out and were put on paper, even though I still do comprehend the meaning today…………………

Infernal Internal 2016-35

Likened to a line of super Cray’s

in parallel for a mile

A microprocessor of renown

with extraordinary know how


The capability of doing much

in unknown ways and time

Its limits of intellect

not found; stay sublime


What key, what shibboleth

is required, for the one outside

to release the master of within

and show itself with pride


To give full gifted power

and management of life,

and dominate the existence

of man’s everyday strife?


The mind, part of the creation of God’s

exquisite form of being; the human,

the hierarchy of the animal kingdom,

Long may it rule, last and continue!

Den Betts

Responsibility of Life 2016-34

The subject of abortion came up with a  politician saying the woman should be punished for having an abortion; then retracted the statement, knowing that was not politically correct. It made me think of the woman who makes the decision of life of another life.

It is NOT an easy decision, but one that has to or should be weighed with much thought. Religion comes up regarding this, at times, and judgements are made, but I feel let God make his own judgements, if any, and humans should leave women alone….

Responsibility of Life 2016-34

A right to life with

responsibility of its living.

Decisions by the one with

the living inside.

To bear and to have born life or

make a choice to end forevermore

Right or wrong – no true issue,

instead, consciousness of responsibility

Either the end or taking care of in future times

– but always, living with the conclusion.

Tis easy for a man to say what a woman should

or should not do, he is the third party

But it is NOT easy for the woman

who has to decide on the life within her

There are many options to consider

But so, so many, feelings that are involved

Den Betts

Who Am I and Who Are You? 2016-33

The following is a question, I ask of me, but perhaps thee should also ask of thyself. Once more, who am I, but also who are you in reality? We think we know ourselves as being who and what we are as we exist, once more, as we are, but I continue to ask……………………


          Who Am I and Who Are You?  2016-33

A question asked with an answer hopefully given, but sometimes NOT!!!

I look into a mirror and what or who do I see? The person looking back is me, or is it another person other than I, the real me?

Am I the person I think I am or another person other than what I think? I want me to be me, the way I am or what I want to be, but am I?

My ego kicks in and states to me, I really am who I think I am, but then, my alter ego comes out and contradicts my Self, and says NOT SO, NOT SO!!!!!!

Are we all deceived and in reality just going through life in a melancholy way? Or can we, be honest with ourselves and admit we are not so sure?

Questions upon questions get in the way of coming to terms with life’s fact check of who and how we actually are to each other, and to our own selves!

Dang!!! I wish I did not ask the question! Now, I have to contemplate my existence in living with myself in a different way. What about you, too?

Den Betts


Promises 2016-32

How many times have we promised something to someone? How many times have we done so, with the knowledge we will not fulfill the promise? This is a common trait in life and one thing that is usually forgiven if we do not keep the promise; or is it forgiven? It depends on the promise and the person we made the promise to, I would guess……


I think of the times I promised my God that I would do this or that if He would do something in particular, but did I do what I promised Him eventually?; don’t know or will not say…


Promises 2016-32


A politician saying what he will,


Again, again and once more again,


A bride and groom at the alter,


Making a forever wish


The soldier going off to a war,


With words of the expectation of return


A rainbow in the mist and sun,


Saying no more floods.


A promise made with deceit, love


hope and faith.


Den Betts


Hope? 2016-31

I think of this question as a child asking “Why?”, where there is NO answer at times when the word is asked. I am aware of how life happens and what we CAN hope for, yet fully understand that, at times,  the reality will probably not occur. I understand this, but “I still hope!…….

                    Hope?   2016-31

Is there hope – that the world will wake up

To a common goal of the survival of mankind?

That future generations will be able to breath,

To eat, to drink of natures plentiful bounty?


Is there hope- that the inhabitants of the world

Will lean to live in peace with one another?

Co-existing with mutual respect of each other

Realizing each has rights to separate individuality?


Is there hope- that the hunger, the health, the overall

Needs of those of the world will be acknowledged?

To have action instead of promises, to have results

Instead of delays, to give hope instead of despair?


Hope is just a word, for some to just think,

But it is a feeling of something to hold on to,

To give us some peace in our mindset of life,

And make us believe in other than strife……..

Den Betts

Completeness 2016-30

Heavy thoughts from the nimble mind of mine. I wrote this when my brain was not complete, but working on being so. I now look back and realize where I was and feel good on where I am today. To feel complete, yet knowing where one has been, is a great feeling of worth, and, in the knowing, is a joy of life………………….

Completeness 2016-30

Completeness, emulating from within

Realized by and from the solitude of thought

A self assurance of the whole

Mind and body melded into one lot.


Not vain, nor smug, but instead a feeling of reality

Knowing things are because, just because!

No self doubt or second thoughts of scurrility

Instead an euphoria of positive alpha waves


At last, peace within oneself, at last, at last,

The limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses

All known, acknowledged, confronted head on

Turmoil gone, nothing reigning except completeness


A dream, a wish, or an actual way of life

Everyday living a constant battle to conquer

The thought process known, or not comprehended

Time, the constant, will tell, will concur, will be!!!

Den Betts