Heaven- Where, What, When, Why 2018-77

Heaven – Where, What, When, Why        2018-77

What is Heaven!?  Then I ask, where is it and what can we expect if we get there?

Questions without any definitive answers that are exact. I also ask; are we going to like it, if, and when we get there? In reality, there are too many questions about Heaven that cannot be answered.

Scripture does mention Heaven many times (80) in both the Old and New Testaments but does not give information about the four W’s as listed in the title of this post.

Eternity is a VERY long time and will we be satisfied with the time we spend there; perhaps doing the same thing, over and over again. Will we be spoiled by the diversity we had living on Earth during the short journey of living there?  Or, will Heaven be a blessed escape from the reality of what we have now on Earth?

The man-made notion, of sitting on a cloud playing a harp does not entice me, as something to look forward to, and for one thing, I cannot play a harp or any other musical instrument.

How will I communicate with the multitude of people or their spirit type minds that I will meet, or they with mine? Will WE be in a “spirit form” with our souls just like a “Being” without having a human like structure as we have now? Is there an angelic form with wings for some reason?

I do not envision sitting around singing “Kumbaya” as a norm of existence as I am not a great singer. I believe I do have some ideas of what I would like to experience, and they are not very demanding in nature. I do NOT expect to stand around doing nothing, but don’t want to sing songs forever and ever.

Another thing, is TIME in Heaven the same time frame here on Earth? The whole concept of eternity could have a different new meaning whereas a day in Heaven is like a minute on Earth or something along those lines of thought.

Will there be “classes” to study history of mankind or some other subject to keep us occupied? Will we be able to meet with God or Jesus Christ when there, at the onset, and at various other times?

Then, there is the matter of where is Heaven?  Anyone can take a guess, as to the place Heaven is located and most likely, be wrong. Heaven is where it is and where it is, is where it should be; where God has decreed. That is the way it is, and we will find out eventually.

 The mysteries of life are what they are in life, a bunch of those things that are a mystery of life; simple as that. Some things are not for us to know while existing here on Earth as children of God.

For those that believe they know all, they actually know nothing about the mysteries in life, but they can state their thoughts or suppositions regarding different subjects, but it STILL will remain an unknown mystery.

I believe I have an idea of where Heaven is, what it is like, our interactions with others and with God, how we get there, who ends up there, and all those things unknown. Will I share; MAYBE sometime!

For now, I just say, wonder and, somewhat, look forward to it, sometime, but not soon. LOL……..

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Hanging in There 2018-76

Hanging in There  2018-76

A simple expression that means so much to some people, but nothing to others. It tells us something, but, in reality, says nothing about us to anybody.

I learned to say this as a means of defense, or at least, a way of not having to explain how I actually was feeling at the time of saying it.

A neighbor, now long ago it seems, always was telling me, “You look great, how’s it going?” This was after my accident in my car, and after spending 7 weeks in the hospital and rehab, and experiencing a year in outpatient rehab at Lake West Hospital in Willoughby, OH.

I knew he was trying to make me feel good, but I finally said to him one day after his question, “Vic, I feel like shit, actually!”  The point is, I realized somewhat then, that I had to come up with a different response, therefore, “I’m hanging in there” became a common refrain to anyone asking or commenting on my condition, at that time period.

So, this has carried over to today and I still use it, when I have episodes that are a carryover from my time of over 25 years ago.  Still have them, will have them, life goes on regardless.

I am not being a smartass or vague or deceitful, but perhaps just somewhat honest. If that bothers any, well that is too bad and tuff; just deal with it. I do a decent job of surviving and interacting with others and try very hard to not be a whining, a feel sorry for self, person about a time in  my life, that changed my life forever.

My “Hanging in There” is the only concession I will allow myself to express how I feel. Therefore, I respectfully say again, deal with it.


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Long Trip 2018-75

Long Trip 2018-75


It starts sometime, but is different to all of us. At times, it is planned, but in most cases, it begins all on its own.

There is nobody taking any tickets or checking us in against a list of people that are authorized to go. Also, don’t look for a flight attendant, or conductor, or any official person to guide or direct us.

Once started, our trip is that of many bumps and knocks, mixed with smooth and luxurious times. Every time a dip tells us to be careful a rise welcomes us to a time of pleasure. There are a lot of dips and rises, but we sort of expected that to happen or should have if we gave it any thought.

Occasionally we, can stop and take in the sights and even smell the flowers, along the way, which is always enjoyable.

Any travelling companions we encounter are also experiencing their sights and sounds; similar, but still different than ours. Some don’t finish the trip as we do, but instead have a different journey, so we bid them farewell along the way. And, we wish them all, to have a great time in their own way, as we forge onward to our destination.

How many of us, once we knew where we were going, prepared for it beforehand, and finally knew that we had, or could have, done a better job of doing so? Maybe, when we put our feet on the ground, it will not be too late, not for me to say, but for all of us to find out.

There is a beginning and there is an end and in between, an experience to have to remember. What we do in the in between will determine the end and beyond the end. Our actions, our reactions, and the decisions with our lives, have a bearing, somewhat, on the outcome for eternal life.

Do we take for granted that things will be fine, will be better than the now, and hope for the best? Some can do that, but not knowing the final solution, who would want to take a chance. Again, some will just do what they want to do and with optimism bear with whatever happens.

BUT, to go through the journey with the thought of the future and not care of the consequences, is a foolhardy trip.  It is (hopefully) a long trip, but when the thought of “forever” is in the works, then the little journey we make now is pretty little, but the continuation is really a long trip to have and enjoy.

So, do what you want, I don’t care, because it is YOUR trip and we all have to live with the costs or payment of the experiences we each have in life.

If you believe in a God, if you believe in the hereafter, if you believe in eternity, then consider your actions of today while on the little trip of life.  The long trip includes the little one, and we will see.


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Waterfall 2018-74

I remember writing this when we visited Brandywine Falls, in Cuyahoga National Park, near Cleveland, OH, and it was written to enable someone to “see” the falls through my eyes at the time.  It was a lovely day, the walkway to the falls down below, gave a serene pleasant atmosphere to life then.  If ever, get a chance, go see and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!!!!

Waterfall  2018-74

The wandering cool stream gently sped

Moving toward the precipice close ahead

Funnels of rock squeeze the flowing water

Pushing it toward the outcrop faster

Emerald greed moss nurtured by its flow

Mingle with the ferns above and below

Molecules of wetness leap in the air

In bursting spray without a care

Once blue-brown now white, so white,

Plunging down with all its might

A constant thunder and roar make a bellow

And becomes louder as it races below

The cascading cataract frozen in flight

Smashes on the boulders with all its might

Reaching for the sky it falls, near the shore

Then continues flowing gently as ever before

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