Birthday Times 2017-62

Birthday Times   2017-62

Birthday’s come but once a year, then they are over to await next year where once, again, they are celebrated. Quite a bit might have happened in the past year and much to anticipate in the next.

Some of the past memories we may want to forget, yet the future experiences, we look forward to with anticipation. I would imagine the far majority of the days in between the birthdays are or could be just Ho Hum, with nothing to remember or write about.

We just celebrated Christmas. We got revved up about the 25th of December with the anticipation of its coming, we experienced the actual day

THEN —-   BOOM!!!!! It was over!!!!!

Is it, the day after, on the 26th  ,a letdown, basically???? I used to feel it was somewhat of a letdown with the absence of Christmas music, the shopping for things, the get togethers of family, etc. I even had or still do, in the attic, a mirror with Scrooge on it and the words Bah Humbug…

I stopped, or quit, feeling this way, when I started to realize the significance of the event we were celebrating. It was when I realized that Christmas was NOT about our gifts to each other, but instead, it was about what the birth of Jesus was, as a gift, to all of us.

The eventual gift of salvation, because of the birth of Jesus Christ, but in the final reality of the death and resurrection, that gives all of us the eternal gift of salvation and continued life.

WOW, what a gift!!!!!!!!!

What a birthday to celebrate!!!

What a promise of eternal life beyond birthdays of once a year!!!!

Den Betts                                  

I write this on the day of MY birthday anniversary, Dec 29th.


Bah Hum Bug 2016-70

Bah Hum Bug 2016-70

Bah Hum Bug

The season of Christmas is here.

To practicing Christians, this is a time of significance where the birth of the world’s savior is celebrated. For many, this is a time of (hopefully), good feelings, good times and a period of giving and receiving.

Overall, I feel both groups with their thoughts of why to observe Christmas have merit and it is good in my mind. There are so many traditions, acts of joy, ceremonies, and parties, other get together times and good will occasions it makes for a wondrous time of year.

Some thoughts of this Christmas period:

I will say “Merry Christmas” to anyone and not “Happy Holidays”. If they celebrate a different holiday time and respond with their holiday wishes, I will wish them well.

I feel Christmas has become very much commercialized with gifts to one another the main focus and NOT the real reason of WHY we are celebrating. .

When I was a child in the forties and fifties, I had NO idea why we were exchanging gifts or what Christmas was all about, so in some ways, nothing has changed for some of us. It would be great if something was discussed about the reason we celebrate Christmas, at least on Christmas day.

I know of someone who does NOT celebrate Christmas because he states, correctly, that  Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25th, but what he ignores is the fact that Dec 25th,is the day we celebrate his birthday anyhow. He also wants me to know that this date originated from a Roman festival of the god’s Mithra and Saturn which was adapted to the birth of Jesus.  HE adheres to a cultish type religion that has many strange beliefs, but claims to be a Christian.

One thing about the Christmas season is where I see all the good feelings of Christmas fall off the cliff and disappear on December 26t;; it is then, back to the normal way of existence. That is sad,  in a way.

I used to have (actually still do in a box somewhere) a mirror with a picture superimposed on it of Scrooge and the words “Bah, Hum Bug” on it. This was brought out each Christmas and was mine to look at and express my feelings of Christmas. I don’t do that anymore, but instead, try to live my part as a Christian and remembering why Jesus Christ died for my sins.  I then think about the next religious holiday Easter and what that means to me too.   Maybe we all should do that.

Den Betts

President’s Message 2015-153

I decided to post something that I wrote this week for the Church Council of the church where I belong, and where I am the presiding President. I did so, because it is about a time whereas many celebrate this time of year in their own way. I cannot deny that I am religious, but I look at myself in a more spiritual way. Regardless of your beliefs or nature, you hopefully will get something out of this post in my perspective.

President’s Message 2015-153

It is THAT time of year again!  What time!???  The time that we all celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ if we belong to a Christian faith.  How wonderful and the word wonderful is just not enough.

Yes; we are involved in the merriment of the moment and yes we are doing the things we do now.   And yes, things are different now than when they were in the past, or at least I think so….

But, it would be easy to forget just why we look at this time of year the way we do. The things that have happened in the world and in the U.S. can be unnerving, but we must NOT let those things control our emotions or control us.

The Father, the son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are STILL with us. Their Presence is always with us; always.

I went to the bank to make a deposit to next year’s Christmas club and on the way out toward the door, I looked back at the two tellers and said, “Oh, by the way, Happy Holidays!” Then I stopped and restated, “NO, Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.!” They both looked surprised, smiled and said, “You too, Mr. Betts.”  (It was a slow day and we were the only ones in this small bank in Newbury)

The only thing I have against the Christmas time period occurs on Dec 26. It is like a veil is dropped and we are back to the grind of daily living, looking forward to the New Year and what it brings.  I do not celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, and on the 26th things change. All the Christmas music is off the air it seems; all the advertisements and deals are over, and we have plenty of time to play with our toys and look at what we got the day before, or consider returning or exchanging the gifts we received. But, Christmas has come and gone and that is sort of sad in a way.

I had a mirror (probably still do somewhere) showing Scrooge and written on it is “Bah Humbug” It was put out by my children years ago because I had, more than likely, an attitude that was not the best. We have not displayed this for quite a while now and I am happy about that fact. I look at my blessings of life and my feelings are now different. I get, I receive, I am blessed with a gift from God each and every day.

These gifts are reinforced each Sunday I go to church. Each sunrise allows me to sense the gifts from God that He presents to me. Every day, I am reminded that Jesus Christ’s time on the cross, allows me the chance to have eternal life with Him and my departed loved ones. Wow, what a gift Jesus gave us, that started on the day He was born and continues each and every day for us.

I do not have to return it or exchange it but I do cherish it and it is not just mine, but ours to know and enjoy. What a time of year it is; one to remember and continue with, always….. It is wonderful!!!!!!!


Den Betts

Sacrifice 2015-11

I thought I better post this before it becomes February. Since we just celebrated Christmas and Easter will be upon us soon, this might be good to read now – DB


Sacrifice   2015-11

It is January,2015 as I write this about- sacrifice. The Christian world will be celebrating Easter on April 5, 2015 and, of course, Good Friday on the 3rd. The way my life is going, it will be here in no time, so I thought I would get a head start on the subject.

What is Good Friday and Easter?  When I was a kid Easter meant chocolate and yellow colored marshmallow chicks that we ate, but it meant nothing else.  Christmas was something about getting toys and having a big meal, but in both cases, nothing about church, Jesus Christ or what those days really meant. I found that was my loss and I did not know it at the time.

So, what is sacrifice? I heard something stated about Christmas in that it was the prelude to Easter! Wow, never thought about it in any way. But when you do think about it, the birth of Jesus Christ was for us  as people on Earth, and it was in the Sacrifice at Good Friday that led up to Easter that was why there are Christians today.

What is sacrifice again?    Food for thought:   Romans 3:22-25 “This righteousness from God comes through faith is Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. God presented Him as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of  His blood.”

Another verse would be from Hebrews, Chapter 10: 8-10   “ 8.First, he said, “Sacrifices and offerings, burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not desire, nor were you pleased with them”—though they were offered in accordance with the law. Then he said, “Here I am, I have come to do your will.” He sets aside the first to establish the second. 10 And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”

I believe I am adding the above two Chapters in defense of my using the word sacrifice in conjunction with speaking about Jesus Christ.  I was told, at one time, that it, the crucifixion, should not be looked at as a sacrifice by the man-God Jesus, but I really cannot remember the exact WHY I should not do so. I ignore that request anyhow, and when I pray, part of my prayers say, “and thank you Jesus for your sacrifice, so that I have the chance of eternal life”. I have been told many things during my lifetime that I take with a grain of salt and discount them for one reason or another.

I can remember recently (in the last couple of years) whereas I “projected myself, in my mind, to be at the foot of the cross and watching Jesus die, so that my sins, and all other peoples, can be forgiven, because of this selfless act. It was eerie, scary, and life like to me at the time.  You can read in the Bible the things that happened to Jesus on Good Friday, but I felt His presence, felt his pain and suffering all at the same time.

Jesus Christ SUFFERED, so that we may live again. I fear not death, because I will have the chance to be with Him in what people call Heaven or Paradise.  Those that do not believe, I can only hope the best for them and do pray they will join me through the grace of God.

So, Christmas is more than toys, and Easter is more than good things to eat. There is meaning in the holidays more than what many of us acknowledge. Nobody knows the exact day of the birth of Jesus, but we do celebrate it on Dec 25th or the Orthodox do on Jan 6th. They are joyous days for the Christian faith, and I am so glad I have seen the light, of knowing what they mean now.

Den Betts