Highs and Lows in LIfe 2018-104

The Highs and Lows in Life   2018-104

There are some people that think they are mightier than others and could be called the Highbrows in their thoughts and actions in life.

They would also, perhaps, call some other people in life, “the low life’s” and treat them as such, in some way.

Ironically, those same people in the lower life spectrum could also consider themselves as highbrow types and look down at some others as low life.

This almost sounds like a pecking order existence, and makes one wonder who the devil is actually the lowest of the lowest?

Higher education, or lack of such, very large income against a small type 1040 total, a respectful and professional employment, compared to a menial job existence and other factors create these feelings of high and low existence for others.

Some factors of many that are not in this equation has to do with things that are not easy to put a check mark for either.

Character, kindness, loving nature, self-respect, empathy toward others, and a few more are traits that cannot be measured by a high and low type existence of thought.

If one thinks they are at the top of the heap but are lacking in good and decent relations with others, they might be classified as, on that in reality, belonging in the bottom of the pit, not the top.

The soul that others might look at as being near the lowest rung on the ladder could very well deserve a top pinnacle of thought, not as a low one.

It would be too easy – NO, it IS too easy – for some to classify people based on just certain factors and not take in the other person in THE WHOLE, and not just look at a part of the other person. Looks, dress, status in life, jobs held, education itself or not, are not in the equation of determining how the status of life is seen.  It DOES, but it does NOT make it right.


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Bah Hum Bug 2018-103

  Bah Hum Bug   2018-103

The season of Christmas is almost here.

To practicing Christians, this is a time of significance where the birth of the world’s savior is celebrated. For many, this is a time of (hopefully), good feelings, good times and a period of giving and receiving. To many, regardless of faith beliefs, it is a time to celebrate, regardless.

Overall, I feel both groups with their thoughts of why to observe Christmas have merit and it is good in my mind. There are so many traditions, acts of joy, ceremonies, and parties, other get togethers and good will occasions it makes for a wondrous time of year.

Some thoughts of this Christmas period:

I will say “Merry Christmas” to anyone and not “Happy Holidays”. If they celebrate a different holiday time and respond with their holiday wishes, I will wish them well.

I feel Christmas has become very much commercialized with gifts to one another the main focus.

When I was a child in the forties and fifties, I had NO idea why we were exchanging gifts or what Christmas was all about, so in some ways, nothing has changed for some of us. It would be great if something was discussed about the reason we celebrate Christmas, at least on Christmas day.

I know of someone who does NOT celebrate Christmas because he states, correctly, that Jesus Christ was NOT born on December 25th, but what he ignores is the fact that Dec 25th,is the day we celebrate his birthday anyhow. He also wants me to know that this date originated from a Roman festival of the god’s Mithra and Saturn which was adapted to the birth of Jesus.  He adheres to a cultish type religion that has many strange beliefs but claims to be a Christian.

One thing about the Christmas season is where I see all the good feelings of Christmas fall off the cliff and disappear on December 26t;; it is then, back to the normal way of existence.

I used to have (actually still do in a box somewhere) a mirror with a picture superimposed on it of Scrooge and the words “Bah, Hum Bug” on it. This was brought out each Christmas and was mine to look at and express my feelings of Christmas.

I don’t do that anymore, but instead, try to live my part as a Christian and remembering why Jesus Christ died for my sins.  I then think about the next religious holiday Easter and what that means to me too.   Maybe we all should do that.


Den Betts

Heartbeat 2018-102

You NEVER know!!!!!  The time, the place, the occasion, or the why! But, we all have a reason to wish for continued beats, the continued noise in our chests. Not to worry, but to be reminded that we are indeed human, not an AI with no soul.  Hmmmmmm.!!!!


Heartbeat   2018-102


They say you never know

a moment in time to see

When you least expect it

it was meant to be

It takes an erratic car

an accident with a ladder

A holdup at a market place

or simply wasn’t your day

How much we take for granted

this micron time on Earth

Living for tomorrow – not today

Death is but, a heartbeat away.

That being said, it might be wise

to consider some things

Which may be important in life

Where do you want to go?

What does it mean to be internal

where the mind is there

The body is a thing of the past

and thinking rules.

Again, the heartbeat will tell,

and we will then know!!!!!



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Created Thoughts 2018-101

I think of all those times whereas I had an idea, or thought and did not allow it to express itself. How many times have we done so, and regretted it later perhaps. If we would have only let it out, nourish and expand itself.

Of the many words I have typed in posts, some make sense, so do not. Some are good, and some are really bad. BUT, I have thought, pondered and put into words those things in my mind that rose to the surface. For that I am happy and glad they have exposed themselves to the outside world. They are no longer, captive in my infernal mind, but released for all to judge. So be it…………..

Created Thoughts        2018-101

Feelings of expressions speaketh, nay, shout,

to be heard, of the solitude kept inside

yearning for release to the outside.
Thoughts, words and deeds

not yet spoken or done, pleading

for the light of day.
Ideas locked in convoluted mind

recessed deep, some forgotten,

many to be made.
Formed by desire so strong, to tell, to allow

the world outside to know, to share,

the innermost waves of creativity soon to be born.

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The Darkness of Life 2018-100

The Darkness of Life      2018-100

I recently wrote about “Jesus being the Light” in our daily lives, where I also referenced this by His being the light that keeps us from walking in the darkness.

What does that mean? If Jesus is the Light, then where or what is the darkness He was talking about?

Well, we do not want to stay in the Darkness, so what are we staying away from by following or believing in God and especially Jesus?

One source stated that it means we are, in effect, not in step with the evil one, but instead pacing ourselves with God and His Son Jesus.

Jesus stated in John 12:36, “We had Him, the Light, and not to allow the darkness to overtake us.” If we do walk in the dark, we will not know where we are going.   Makes sense! Jesus implored us to trust in the Light (Jesus), so we also can be sons of light.

Darkness is the void of light and it is necessary to accept Jesus as our savior if we want to get out of the darkness of life.

I think, there is a commitment on our part in doing so.  We MUST make a decision to accept Jesus and His words, and not reject Him. Jesus will not judge us if we do not do so, but the one God of the Universe might be the one that will hold us accountable at the last day.  If we reject Jesus, we may also be denying God Himself at the same time.

This brings us to the thought that by all this denial of both God and Jesus, we are denying the opportunity to have a life after death and for eternally.

If is not easy to accept this notion of an unseen God or even a man-God deity, from over 2000 years ago, as being a factor in our lives.  Very understandable!

I do NOT, just believe in God, and follow Jesus as a disciple today.  I know there is a God in a Triune form as a one God of the Universe. I know God is alive in my life, I know He is aware of my existence daily, He is definitely alive to all of us and it is a blessing to know His Presence is there always.  He is there to comfort me, care for me, console me and when I think of God, I am at Peace.

It is NOT easy to believe in a deity you cannot see, touch or not hear, unless you can, then that is different.

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Christmas Then and Now 2018-99

Christmas then and now  2018-99

The word Christmas has two words in it.  One “Christ” comes derived from the Greek word “Khristos” for Messiah. Therefore, Jesus Christ is Jesus the Messiah. The other part “mas” is from an old English word, the word Mass, a rite or ritual of a church service. This comes from the Latin word “Missa”, meaning dismissal, which the Priest would say at the end of a Mass “Ite Missa Est” or “Go, it is the dismissal”. Other sources show the Old English “Cristes Maesse” meaning Christ’s Mass perhaps as early as 1038 A.D, or as Cristes-messe in 1131. Early churches retained Jan 6 as the date to celebrate this holiday.   The fact remains that nobody knows the actual date of the birth of Jesus and early leaders speculated and argued about the date.  Does it matter? If an adopted person does not know the actual date of their birth and one is picked, that is the date of celebration for the birth.

 The word and celebration of Christmas was first used as a word more than 600 years ago during the Middle Ages. Christmas began as a way to further Christianity and slowly it turned into a holiday of celebration, somewhat like the Pagans’ did to have a celebration and festive times with gifts, food and drinks. They did so, to celebrate with dancing and gift giving to commemorate the survival of harsh winters.

As far as the date goes, it is recorded as being chosen as far back as 171-183 when Theophilus of Antioch first identified Dec 25 as the birth date of Christ. It was called the Feast of the Nativity then, not Christmas.

Today, we or many, have other reasons besides the survival of winter, to celebrate Christmas. With the decline of people having a religious following of any nature, it is just a good thing, and even a great thing for many.  It is good for the economy and many businesses are saved by it and sales that produce income. Bottom lines are made and enriched from the purchases made from October through December.

Churches get an uptick of attendance around Christmas if not the day itself, and a yearly budget in the positive numbers are achieved from December influxes of giving. Relationships of people are enhanced at this time and rings are sold and jewelry stores see an increase of sales.  It is a season of giving and getting and it does not matter what or why we celebrate this holiday, we enjoy the festive nature it brings us all.

As the old English word “mas” meant dismissal, many look at Christmas for the celebration and gift giving, but not the celebration of the birth of Jesus the Messiah, the Christ.  Jesus or the Messiah has been dismissed, forgotten or worse, not thought of at all.  So be it….

Jesus is the reason for the season but forgotten by the masses; dismissed as the figurehead of why we have this celebration at this time of year.  I remember, as a youth and child, that Christmas was something that meant gifts and ham dinner, for I was then a heathen, in my acts, thoughts and deeds in relation to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

God than came into my life to a degree after I got married, but more so, about 8 years ago in March of 2010. Since then I have gotten closer to Him and my relationship with Him, the One God of the Universe. I have since then, submitted myself to God, surrendered myself to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as being with me with His Presence; always.

Christmas is NOT a dismissal of the Messiah to me, but a festival of the birth of the Man God, Jesus who became the savior of all mankind.

I feel whole, complete and as one with God, our Creator.  Jesus is my teacher, Instructor, counselor and the one I give thanks to for my life as it is today. I consider myself a disciple of Jesus Christ, though not a good one, but one that is always striving to get closer and better in my ways.

I look at Christmas as the date we use to celebrate his birth. Yes, I enjoy the festive times, the gifts, the get-togethers, the music, the movies about Christmas, and all the other trappings of the holidays. But, to me they are fluff.  They mean nothing to me in the overall reason of my delights.  The promise of eternal life beyond this life on Earth, is exciting to me.

Jesus was the Word that become Flesh, the Savior of the World—his is the most significant birth ever. It is the central event in all of history. Time chronicles backward and forward from this moment. How can we fail to remember this day with great joy and reverence? How can we not celebrate Christmas?

I welcome you to celebrate Christmas with Jesus Christ in your heart and mind.

Peace be with you,

Den Betts