Bad and Good inn Life 2017-63

Bad and Good in Life 2017-63

Bad things happen in life to us, or to others, that are beyond the normal.  Also, good things happen to us that are beyond belief at times, and are truly great when they do occur.

Is it incorrect to BLAME God when the bad things occur—- such as death from an auto accident, hurricane or tornado for instance? Or just something in life that takes one away from us.

Then, is it the correct thing to do by giving God all the CREDIT when the good things happens, such as the birth of a baby, a lifesaving result in the hospital, or any nice, good thing that we experience?

We, most of us, DO want to blame God or on the other side, give Him credit!  Human nature, maybe. Or, at least some are tempted to do so.

BUT, is God thinking otherwise, saying, “I did NOT do that bad thing and I am not the one that made the good thing to be in our mind and life.”

I believe that God is blamed more than given credit for at times, depending on the circumstances in life for each of us.

We as God’s children, have a responsibility for what happens to us in our lives, for what happens most of the time; bad and good.

Hurricanes are normal!  If there are many deaths that are the result, maybe the blame is, or could be, put on the people that built the houses, where they did and lived in the path of the destruction. Same as for those living in tornado alley, where they are a common occurrence.

The cute baby that is born is part of God’s plan of procreation and is normal!  I think God enjoys another child being born and is there when it is going on, at the delivery.

When I state God is alive, I mean it!   When I say He is active, I also mean it! When I aver that God is aware, this is a fact!  Because, He is ALWAYS present, regardless.  Regardless of the bad and the good things that are part of our existence here on earth.

God is with the people that die during the hurricane, with the mother when the little baby arrives!

AND, most of all is Present with all of us-  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!!!!!!


Den Betts