Today 2017-06

                                                                Today 2017-06

Today is tomorrow’s history! What greatness can you do today that can be written about tomorrow?  Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, so think and do today!

Den Betts

Jesus Came 2017-05

                                                                                    Jesus Came 2017-05

Jesus came – NOT just to prepare us for living for eternity, but to teach us how to live daily. The early Christian church life was originally called” The Way”. The way of life that was so different than the rest of the world at that time. Jesus was a teacher; a teacher of life and He still is as such. His words from before, written in the Scriptures are His words for us today, and we have just to listen and learn. He came for those then and for us now and His words are not stale, ancient or void of meaning. The “Way” is here today for us to find redemption and understanding. Listen to the words, Listen………

Den Betts

Awakened to God 2017-04

                                                                Awakened to God  2017-04

Negative thoughts creating black shadows in my mind.

Clouds of perilous despair rage rampant in dreams of dark adventures.

A feeling of being lost amongst beings not of my elk.

“Woe to me, I say, woe to me” as I hide my head in sorrow.

A sound awakens me from my stupor, then a pinprick of light beckons me to look above.

My God, My Savior, reaches toward me, enveloping my soul, surrounding me with love,

understanding and comfort reign and I am at peace.

A simple thank you of four words are spoken— Thanks be to God” over and over again;

 “Thanks be to God.”

Den Betts

The Mystery 2017-03

The Mystery  2017-03

The melodic sounds resonate

Filling the open void with exquisite timbre

As life acquired from the sound,

Pulsated with a living, quivering pulse of being

Looking down the uniqueness observed

What was, is and will be

Seeking action, it, morphed into

 a substance, enveloping all.

Those below, tingled with the essence of creation

Acknowledged understanding, because a single thought

 of knowing the mystery, it was no longer unknown

BUT, instead, a shared and loved emotion

Finalization was apparent and welcomed

As the true being, became as one with all…………..

Den Betts

The Challenge 2017-02

                                     The Challenge  2017-02

The challenge is not in knowing the common element of being, but

The understanding of the mysteries of life is the greater quest to know.

To delve into the unknown questions given to us and realize the answers as

Realized, is an ultimate trip of life.

Not being afraid to question those unanswered thoughts and subjecting

Them to a detailed thinking process, is a goal worth trying for in life.

Not being afraid of the ultimate and final solution is an undertaking of complete confidence

By touching on the unknown abyss of thinking and arriving at the final solution.

This gives the seeker an untold advantage in life’s guidance of living the whole as one and the

 complete satisfaction is arrived at with only a complete filling of accomplishments

Den Betts

Role Model 2017-01

I thought of this poem when contemplating the many turmoil episodes of the period since election in the U.S.A. of last fall.  We ALL are responsible to those that look at us for guidance and inspiration.  When we do NOT do things that make an example to those that look, we are the ones that can be blamed. The same goes for those leaders that show just how shallow they are in life and we are stuck with the consequences.  Nuff said….  

                                                     Role Model   2017 – 01


                        A child learning of life

                        From the day it’s born.

                        Skills to be used

                        Through daily strife

                        Taught by the ones

                        That are figure heads;

                        Good, bad or indifferent

                        It learns from their stead


                        Macho, cool, in and such

                        Words not important

                        But many times said.

                        Honesty, ethics, rising

                        Above; some things other

                        Than the things they love.

                        Taking after the leader

                        And teacher, not becoming

                        A peer pressure seeker.


                        Looking beyond today for tomorrow

                        When the quality of life

                        Will be of joy, not sorrow

                        The responsibility is there-

                        Not for another, but to the role model

                        Sister or brother.

                        To instill a feeling of self

                        Respect, is a chore for all

                        To want and should expect.


                        Den Betts