Joys of Pain 2016-29

How can pain be enjoyable; that is the question. Well, I read a book one time ( it was probably a military one) and the man said “Pain lets you know you are alive.”, which was sorta dumb, but maybe true….. I am sure there are many other ways on finding out you are alive, but it sounded neat at the time. I wrote this in a somewhat different perspective and here it is for your perusal….

Joys of Pain 2016-29

Pain is not a joy of life

but instead a joy of knowing


Knowing where the hurt

is located and finding it


Realizing where the

mind needs fulfilling


Seeing where the spot

needs fixed or repaired


Feeling where the heart

needs comfort with care


But most of all, the joy of pain

Really does let us know we are living.

Den Betts


Knight Slayed 2016-28

Where did this come from; don’t know. But do realize that the hero does not ALWAYS win in life. That is the way of life itself. When we wish upon a star for those things from afar, sometimes our wishes are not met.  Yet on the other hand when we do pray for something, sometimes our prayers are answered, but not at times, the way that we want them to be.

Knight Slayed 2016-28

Upon the mighty steed he went

looking forward, toward the fight.

Dressed in shining white he traveled,

to hunt, to make the dragon bleed.

With good intentions and mind naïve

a promise to save mankind, at least.

The people cheered and rallied him on,

to stay the course toward the beast.


He told them all he would not fail,

or fall from favor to them all.

His goal was honorable, or so it seemed,

the mission not quite the Holy Grail.

Truth shall win he yelled, so let us begin,

as he charged toward the fray.

A moments respite then the battle was begun,

no fun, but fair, he thought he knew.

A parry here, a jab there, a start;

a two way beginning of a witches brew.

No magic Merlin to help his cause,

only him to combat the brute.


In a second of time, an infinity to some,

the knight lay withered on the ground.

The dragon reared upon his legs, looked down,

and sneered at the puny form of man.

“How dare you fight the master of life,

the system always wins.”

Den Betts

In the Shadow of the Cross 2016-27

In the Shadow of the Cross  2016-27

The following post is about the time of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. It is after Jesus was tried by Pontius Pilate, scourged, and taken to Golgotha, the “Place of the Skull, and put on the cross.  It is from the mindset of the man Barabbas who was set free from being crucified, when his name was offered in place of Jesus.

From the mind of Barabbas:

I was freed! I fully expected to be hanging on the cross along with these other men that I am looking at. I was freed and did not expect this to happen! I stand now in the shadow of the cross and know where I ought to  be.

It is a fact that I should be up there and fully expected it; up until yesterday. When I heard that this man Jesus was to take my place and I was going to be set free, I could not believe it. I was let go with the warning that I would be soon hanging from a tree if I did not get out of Jerusalem   right away.

I, being myself, decided that this would not be the case. But, I just had to know more about the man that took my place.  I hacked my beard off, which changed my appearance greatly. I also stole some clothes from a yard on the outskirts of the city and I look much different. Just maybe, the Roman guards would not recognize me as I now appear..

The Passover was still going on and I blended in with the multitude of people reveling in the city. There were gatherings of people everywhere and I took advantage of them by selecting choice food to eat when they were not looking. I am a thief and know how to do these things well.

I am also a rebel and do not like the occupation of the Romans and their rules of governing. I cannot remember when I was not causing trouble with them and those that put up with their dictates of life. I hate them. I and others like me, are called zealots, and our goal is to eradicate them from our life in any way we can do so.

I was caught by a group of Roman Centurions after one of our group told them of our plans and we fell into a pitched battle with 3 or 4 of them. I killed the man responsible for telling them, and that is why I was sentenced to death by crucifixion. The fact that I was a rebel was enough for a death sentence anyhow.

So, I am now watching this man Jesus slowly die on the cross meant for me. As far as I could find out, He did nothing wrong that deserved his being put to death by crucifixion. He claims to be the Son of God and the religious leaders do not like his saying this, as it is blasphemy in their eyes.

I personally am not that religious and do not follow the Hebrew ways very much. I tell others I am a Jew, but in name only. Many of my group of zealots fill the same way, but we do ALL hate the Romans. In fact, as proclaimed zealots, we feel the Hebrew way is the ONLY way, and that makes us somewhat seem like hypocrites, but that is too bad.

One of the other Jews hanging with this man Jesus does not look good at all and I doubt if he will last very long. The other man yelled out to the man Jesus, ”Aren’t you the Christ? Save yourself and us!”. But the other dying criminal rebuked him, saying   to him, “Don’t you fear God, he said, since you are under the same sentence? We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this man has done nothing wrong.” He continued, saying “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Then I heard Jesus tell this thief, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise.”

I heard all this and trembled. Who, really; is this man who took my place and is dying on this cross? Who is he, to promise this other thief on the cross that he will be with Him in paradise?  This man Jesus has a sign above him on the cross that states, “Here is the King of the Jews”. If this is so, why then, did the High Priests plot to kill him? Why did they feel they had to put this man to death in such a horrible way?

There was talk in the dungeon, that a man named Jesus was upsetting tables in the courtyard where the money changers plied their trade at the Temple. They, the money changers, are the thieves if you ask me. Yes, word filtered down to us, but we made no stock to these sayings. We were waiting for our deaths by the hands of the Centurions, and it mattered not to us, who or what this man Jesus claimed or did.

Now I wonder!  If this man Jesus did what he did and the High Priests were so concerned, did the claims have any validity? I then ponder why am I alive? I am a nobody! I have no family, few good friends, and live off the land and steal from anyone I can. I do not have an allegiance to anyone, let alone the Romans or even to those of the Temple where the High Priests reign. Yet, I am alive.

I look up at the face of this man Jesus and can see the pain of the crucifixion in his eyes. He is suffering. He thirsts. This man is dying for me. I feel for him, but dare not say anything. I am a coward in my eyes and feel so very sad. I did not get what I deserved and this man Jesus did NOTHING wrong and is dying for me.  This man, Jesus, is dying for my sins. I have sinned, I still sin and he is dying for me; for me!!! What can I do for Him? What will I become? Can I eventually die and join Him in paradise for eternal life? How do I live my life now?

Den Betts


Now that I wrote the above I wonder, how many of us would leave “the shadow of the cross” and enter into a way of “carrying the cross” for Jesus Christ our savior. Easy to think about and yet, sometimes hard to do.  We are busy with our lives and that is a fact.

We have priorities of living here on Earth, and to include “living for Jesus Christ”, is on the back burner of life of appreciating God in the essence of Jesus. This is just a fact, no more and I point NO fingers at anyone, just myself. You, and only you, can answer this question of how much you want to include our Savior into your life.

Brussels attack 2016-26

Brussels attack 2016-26

The Brussels attack by ISIS or any other Muslim terrorist group is horrible, for sure. People died that were innocent in life and those that did this act are criminals of mankind. When they yell out or think “Allah is Great“ I would agree, “God is Great” but they are not doing anything God is proud of or agrees with their doing.

The biggest problem in fighting the terrorists that proclaim their faith is the “ONLY ONE” is not in the soldier doing the act, but the leadership of the Muslim faith that preaches false or archaic teachings of Mohammad. They are the supreme guilty ones, the handlers behind the scenes, the ones that do not get their hands dirty, but dirty the minds of those that do the evil acts.

This goes from the Iman in a Mosque, to the supreme top Shia mujtahid, the Grand Aayatollah in Iran, as an example.  These religious leaders teach discord and create the feeling that permeates in the world today of hatred, and despair. They have the responsibility for the horrors of the terrorists that they applaud and encourage.

I do NOT know how to address this problem. I still think though, that the Muslims, themselves, have to police their own religious people and that is a HARD thing to do. The reformers of the Muslim religious are in the minority and do not have a say in the daily life, with places like Iran for instance. The hardliners are in control and do NOT want to relinquish any power to people with rational thoughts. Too bad!!!

I pray for those in Belgium, like I did for the people in Paris who have to life with the constant threat of humans that are horrible animals of society, such as those that belong to ISIS. It goes beyond Islam and is a cultural thing in many cases. Nuff for now……………

Den Betts

Communicating 2016-25

Communicating 2016-25

This is a much discussed subject at times. Either we do or we do NOT communicate with each other at times. My friend Dan Webster, states that communication is the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing or signs.

Of course the method of HOW we communicate is also part of the equation of communicating. We do so by using the telephone, radio, TV or even the archaic way of using the telegraph. Add to that the personal computer or call it the “smart phone” as a separate and new way, plus any other means of sending ideas, orders, etc. of an everyday life of existence.

There is a whole bunch of info on this word and I would hope you would research more by going places (like Wikipedia) that will bore you to death (like this blog??) about the subject. My intent is not to do so, but it might happen.

I want to key in on one facet of communication. The act of doing so with those we know, such as family members, those at work and especially those we live with daily.

It is SO important to interact with those we know on a regular basis. It is MORE important that we do so in a civil way and not in a way of animosity or anger that is a destroying way of expression. It is important for family members to understand communication as a trusted way which leads to a well-constructed family; simple as that or not as simple in reality.

I remember someone that HATED the word communication. I know now that I was breaking one of the rules of communication and was actually “preaching” instead of communicating. No wonder that person was so upset, nobody likes to be preached to instead of just talking to in a constructive manner.

There are so many other rules we must consider when communicating to someone. Watching out for ambiguity of words or phrases is one. Another is physical location where there is distance as something to consider. Strange or difficult words or understanding linguistic abilities is something we have to throw into the equation of talking to someone. The barriers of physiological means such as hearing loss or other disabilities are also a factor. A big one is the cultural differences of people from different parts of the country, dialects, etc. is something that has to be taken into account.

You get the idea. There are many barriers to understanding that lead to the failure to communicate to each other in a normal way. Where I try to say something and am not understood, I am partly to blame at times and for this I am sorry.  It is also a two way street and the other person could try to meet me part way to communicating in a civil, normal, understanding way to make our talk, one of understanding each other; even if we do NOT agree with what we are saying at the time. This is something to consider when discussing politics —- keep the anger out if you can………

Den Betts

Let George Do It 2016-24

                                     Let George Do It    2016-24


Involvement is a tiring thing

for the body and mind combined; as

making a stance, a decision to act

creates turmoil beyond the normal kind.


When a chore or deed has to be done

it’s sometimes hard to stay, much

easier to walk away, but at times hard to

look at self, knowing you could have helped.


Unless, of course, you have, old George

to fight the battles and do the chores,

the deeds are done, your hands are clean,

but look again, really are they?


To be just a receiver and not a doer

is not a proud thing to stand on, but

consciousness is not measured on a scale;

only in the mind of self, one on one.


George is a tired person doing everything

he needs help in the mundane tasks,

be glad your name is not George,

but if so, its sad; too bad…..


Den Betts

Chautauqua 2016-23

I remember reading James Michener’s “The Fires of Spring” when I was quite young. I wrote about this before and inserted a paragraph from the book then that stayed with me for so many decades. (See 2015-100). In the book, a young lad experienced life in Eastern Penna around the early 1900’s. In the story, a group of people came to town and “Did a Chautauqua”, which in essence was a troupe of people doing orations, minstrel acts, etc. from town to town, under a tent.  There is a place, Chautauqua. NY (corrected), that has retreats and other happenings and my friend Dorothy goes there from time to time…..

Chautauqua 2016-23

The soliloquy of a Chautauqua

so supreme, told in a manner

to enlighten those surrounding

the orator speaking loudly


Thoughts and opinions thrown

out to Americana to contemplate,

think out, and perhaps if agreed

with, then acted upon.


Listeners with cocked heads trying

to ascertain meaning from all the

spoken words, ears straining to

decipher words sometimes said



Chautauqua days gone by, supplanted

by a box blaring out words and then

later pictures that replace the minds

magic of imagination.

Den Betts


Changing Ways 2016-22

When we exist in the way we have been and do not try to change, it tells us something. For instance, if we were an unbeliever in God and became a believer we could be seen as making a positive change —perhaps. If we are the opposite in nature and become an unbeliever, then some would say we are making a negative change. Just a thought…. I still maintain that making ANY change can be life changing itself and it is up to us, individually, to decide if it is good or bad..


Changing Ways 2016-22

I have been the way I am for so long now,

Is it possible to change the way I act?


We all have life’s experiences in our head

Running in our mind like an old VCR.


Cutting the tape to insert a new way,

Is difficult to contemplate.


A new way of doing things, so much different,

When being used to repetition and habit.


Teaching an old dog new tricks is easier,

He doesn’t have a mind with great thought.


Saying “No” or agreeing with “Yes” to new ways,

Is something to get used to I’m sure.


Accepting the changes is the challenge,

And I’m not used to saying “I can’t”…..

Den Betts

Holy Spirit Mobile App 2016-21

                         Holy Spirit Mobile App 2016-21

Wouldn’t it be great if we DID have a Mobile App to call up the Holy Spirit when we needed Him? Just open your I-Pad or other phone and push an icon and Voila; there He is, just like Johnny Carson’s time—- HEERRREEEE’S JOHNNNNY!!!!! Well, Johnny is dead, but the Holy Spirit IS ALIVE and waiting for our call.

The disappointment in our lives is that we can’t do that though.  It would be neat, it would be great, it would be very unusual, and something to experience, I am sure.

Too many of us want such an App. We expect God, in the Essence of the Holy Spirit or even God the Father Himself, to come sit with us and speak or identify Himself to us when we need Him, want Him, expect Him and many other times.

Some of us say Oh My God, (OMG) , and do NOT really expect God to come, it is just an expression of unbelief of what has happened at the moment, for instance. I wrote about this action before (OMG 2015—83) and will not expound on that post now, but say that is done in a nonsense way, but God still loves us, even though I think He shakes His head in wonder at times.

So, the Holy Spirit is now an App in my scenario of life for the moment. Would the Icon look like a ghost, because the Holy Spirit used to be called Holy Ghost at one time? It sounds like a very personal and close relationship with such an App. The ability to call up our personal God and have him listen to our request or actually act on it would be fantastic.

We could say, “Hey Spirit, please do this or that for me!” Almost at once, whatever we wanted would occur; OUTSTANDING!!!!   Wow, this sounds almost like a personal Genie that we have or get, by rubbing a bottle that He is in, just waiting for our request so it can fulfill our every need.

The Holy Spirit is not like that. He is not robed in fine dress with a turban on His head and He does not appear like a Persian apparition at our beck and call. Sorry about that; NOT going to happen.

He, the Holy Spirit, the Essence of God, the third part of the Triune God IS, repeat IS, there waiting for your call. You do NOT have to rub a bottle; you do not have to have an I-Phone type thing with an icon on it to summon Him.

No—— but you do have to have faith to believe in Him, to talk to Him, to ask Him for help, for comfort, for advice and all those things you would want Him for your needs. I have found that it takes work or time or perseverance, or this same faith to HEAR Him talk to us though. It is important to know that false sayings from the Holy Spirt would not be from the Spirit, but perhaps instead from our infernal mind or even more possible coming from “The Evil One”, that lurks around, waiting to snare us into what he wants us to believe. It is a quandary; I cannot speak about with any authority herein. I have written about this before, just cannot remember when and the subject at the time.

Anyhow, a Holy Spirit App is not going to come from Apple or Android in the future, so I can only suggest we try to hear the old fashioned way, with our mind and ears, keeping them open for the words from our God in His time and His way. It may not be a voice, but an action on His part, but you will know; you will know that it is Him………………..


Den Betts

Coffee House Reflections 2016-20

A long ago visit with my son, (OK, 10 plus years, at least)  to a Cleveland Hts., Oh, coffee house and this made me think the below thoughts of the visit. This was actually before Starbucks was the norm. That statement dates me, but it was a different experience then, but one I cherish as being with and part of my son’s life then.

 Coffee House Reflections  2016-20

A melting pot of God’s creations

as Army green jacketed youth

rub elbows with English tweeded

professors at worn tables.


“I’ll walk a mile for a camel” or similar,

mingled with McBarrons Golden

Extra”, drifting upwards in an

aromatic misty cloud.


A corner with an old“Playboy” competes

with a “Wall Street Journal” as

a free “Arts and Entertainment”

struggle for survival.


Mocha Café topped with frosty

white, enticing those waiting

for a seat; a smell then taste

of salivating glory.


Politics and sports talk abound

mixed with one man’s answer to the

worlds problems with a woman’s

rebuttal in the fray.


A conservative Van Dyke peeks

over a crossword puzzle,

listening to a boisterous

pony tailed with diamond in ear.


Studs strut and belles preen

as a well-dressed lad studies

a cranberry tea, looking at a

whirlwind of his inner life.


Discussions, arguments and

such, agreements then palliation

with an orgasmic understanding

and comprehension of selves.


A melding of minds, races, ages

and dress, combining to form

a clutch of coffee

drunkards; living life.


Den Betts