Hope? 2018-63

I am NOT that naïve that I feel all is lost in the world today. I do feel that as a species, living and breathing and being the most supreme (?) being, we have the capability to make things correct. Whether or not this is true or just a pipe dream will be the final fact to be seen as true or not…..

Hope?   2018-63

Is there hope – that the world will wake up

To a common goal of the survival of mankind?

That future generations will be able to breath,

To eat, to drink of natures plentiful bounty?


Is there hope- that the inhabitants of the world

Will lean to live in peace with one another?

Co-existing with mutual respect of each other

Realizing each has rights to separate individuality?


Is there hope- that the hunger, the health, the overall

Needs of those of the world will be acknowledged?

To have action instead of promises, to have results

Instead of delays, to give hope instead of despair?


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Fire Storm of Thoughts 2018-45

Fire Storm of Thoughts    2018-45

 The inner soul that consoles, gives credence to the eternal

Spirit that resides in the mind of mine.

The holy timbre of the Godly presence speaks with

The knowledge of my thinking.

Thought overcomes spoken words that have no

Rational belief; instead have truths exposed

For myself to hear.

Honest and untethered beliefs are now

Open, as true and exact in my mind.

I am one with God; His presence is

Encompassing, welcoming, plus

Comforting to experience.

His love is overwhelming, enveloping me in a

Cocoon of feelings beyond description.

The Creator is one, one with me, one with all.

My Self, is now simple, not complex as things

Were, are now not.

Simplicity reigns, knowledge is gained,

And beliefs are confirmed again.

The inner sanctum of fears are released, and

Peace is the norm.  No longer do the

Howls of inner turmoil be held captive as the

Tinkling of quiet solutions is heard and enjoyed.

 The moment of realization that peace is

Apparent and is appreciated for what it is.

God has spoken, I have heard, seen and I know

What many do not realize, speak, admit, and believe.

God is ALIVE, He is ACTIVE, He is AWARE, He is PRESENT



Den Betts             bettsden@gmail.com

Completeness 2017-57

I do NOT expect others to read and understand my thoughts shown below, but instead try to, and in the trying, you will perhaps, understand the processes of the mind of mine. When I first wrote this, my mind was fine, but, my brain was somewhat scrambled, and this is evident in the writing of this blog, now published. There are unspoken or unwritten meanings to this, and it is sort of unique to read those thoughts of now, long ago, and remember WHY I wrote the things I did then. Going round and around, and returning, to realize we are complete in the process is everlasting.

                                                 Completeness 2017-57 

                                    Completeness, emulating from within 

                                    Realized by and from the solitude of thought           

                                    A self-assurance of the whole 

                                    Mind and body melded into one lot.


                                    Not vain, nor smug, but instead a feeling of reality 

                                    Knowing things are because — just because! 

                                    No self-doubt or second thoughts of surrealism 

                                    Instead a euphoria of positive alpha waves 


                                    At last, peace within oneself, at last, at last, 

                                    The limits, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses 

                                    All known, acknowledged, confronted head on 

                                    Turmoil gone, nothing reigning except completeness 


                                    A dream, a wish, or an actual way of life 

                                    Everyday living a constant battle to conquer

                                    The thought process known, or not comprehended 

                                    Time, the constant, will tell, will concur, will be!!! 


                                    Den Betts                     bettsden@gmail.com        

Peace 2017-41

                                                                                        Peace    2017-41

Peace is word meaning tranquility, calm, restfulness and not meaning discord and the like. It is used for greeting and sometimes in asking for quiet or order.

I use it in closing my emails and suggest that those receiving them, have periods of time that are indeed, calm and collected and tranquil in nature. It is my way of saying, take care and be restful in your life.

It would be terrific if our existence would be a long enduring form of peace without conflict, fear, or violence of any sorts, but that is usually not the case.

If we have a peace treaty, hostility sometimes stops, and this is due to some kind of compromise involving communication back and forth between the warring factions, which is usually the beginning of the end of conflict. This is the ultimate goal of those involved with the process.

Christians who believe that Jesus of Nazareth to be the Jewish Messiah called Christ (meaning Anointed One) also believed He was the messianic prophecy of Jesus, in which He is called, the “Prince of Peace”, one of many such titles that Jesus was given over the years my Christians.

Peace can be measured.  At least, it can be shown to exist by some groups using indicators of internal and external levels of peace today.  Iceland is said to be the most peaceful country in the world with Syria the least, according to the Global Peace Index produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace which evaluates peacefulness in countries, using 23 indicators of the presence/absence of violence. Wonder what it is like, living in Iceland? Other groups rank other countries either better or worse than these mentioned.

Peace on Earth, is the concept of an ideal state of happiness, freedom and peace within and among all people and nations on earth.  To achieve this stature is argued back and forth as to how to achieve this and is debatable. The basic Christian ideal specifies that peace, can only come by the Word and love of God, which is perfectly demonstrated in the life of Christ. Even this is contradicted in the Scriptures, but this is one context that I have read.

Anyhow, peace be with you. May you live in peace, be peaceful and may peace be part of your life forevermore.


Den Betts

Right – Wrong 2016-43

Listening to TV, or reading about the constant horrors of man with the daily turmoil of humans doing horrible things to humans is sickening at times. Asking WHY? does not help, for the answer will not be soon in coming. What is the answer or is there only one answer for peace to arrive for mankind?


Right – Wrong 2016-43


Who is wrong in this world  –  who is right?


Is it the Jew, the Gentile, the Black or White


Could it be the Muslim, the Hindu or maybe Shitte,


The Redman, the Yellow or it, the one with might?


We all have our differences, but do we have to fight,


With the energy spent to argue it’s all gone for spite.


Isn’t there someone with wisdom like a guiding light,


To lead us to peace from the morn to the night?


Or are we afraid that He may come — wouldn’t that be a sight?


With the predictions of 1000 years of peace without fight.


Would we miss the forever horrors of daily blight


But in reality —-that would be a delight……………


In the meantime, we go on with our lives and


Continue to do what we do – Nothing



Den Betts

Hope? 2016-31

I think of this question as a child asking “Why?”, where there is NO answer at times when the word is asked. I am aware of how life happens and what we CAN hope for, yet fully understand that, at times,  the reality will probably not occur. I understand this, but “I still hope!…….

                    Hope?   2016-31

Is there hope – that the world will wake up

To a common goal of the survival of mankind?

That future generations will be able to breath,

To eat, to drink of natures plentiful bounty?


Is there hope- that the inhabitants of the world

Will lean to live in peace with one another?

Co-existing with mutual respect of each other

Realizing each has rights to separate individuality?


Is there hope- that the hunger, the health, the overall

Needs of those of the world will be acknowledged?

To have action instead of promises, to have results

Instead of delays, to give hope instead of despair?


Hope is just a word, for some to just think,

But it is a feeling of something to hold on to,

To give us some peace in our mindset of life,

And make us believe in other than strife……..

Den Betts

Muslims and the Islam Religion 2016-12

Muslims and the Islam Religion 2016-12

I am not a Muslim, but as a Christian I still do relate to their religion in some ways. I do not believe in all the thoughts that Muslims have and in return they do not believe in many of the things I believe in with Christianity. Regardless, we can exist together, but only if we try to do so……..

That being said, let me just say I do have a feeling of tolerance with what Islam is all about. Tolerance to tolerate, or put up with, conditionally, also to suggest a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices are different from others is a definition that I read. I can live with that word and do so. I was told that I should respect instead of just tolerate Islam, but I do not think I want to do that. Respect is earned and there is nothing that has been done for me that is part of the equation regarding Islam. So I will have tolerance toward those of this faith, and I would hope Muslims can understand this thought process.

There is too much history of Christianity and Islam that I do not want to get into right now. I do feel that if I was a Muslim, I would be concerned as to how the radical, non-moderate Muslims are projecting the thoughts to others about Islam. This means the extremist Muslims that do the horrible actions they do in the name of their faith.  I also believe that Reformist Islamists are a possible way to make the world better in its thinking and actions.

If they would want me to convert to Islam, they are not doing a decent and good job of showing how the religion works. I could get into the history of the time of Mohammad, but will NOT do so now.  I believe that other Muslims have to step up and do a number of things today. And, they will still NOT convert me to Islam; period……

The leaders of Islam in the form of the Ayatollah’s, Imams, Mufti and other religious leaders of the Islam faith, have to decide what they should do to improve the negative feelings of people not of the Islam faith. This may very well be impossible to do for many reasons. Again, reform the Islamic thinking!!!

That being said, I have also read that this may be impossible with the beliefs that Muslims have overall. For instance, I had a problem with trying to understand the thinking of the radical Muslims as stated in the paragraph about radical Muslims. They may NOT look at themselves as radical, or as terrorists, but instead, as true believers that are following the dictates of the founder of their religion. Does this mean killing, kidnapping, etc.? To them, maybe that is so. If this is so, then is the religion of Islam NOT one of peace and love, but instead war and hate? I hope not….. And I still think there is hope for the future with Islam having a key role in changing the thought process of the radicals.

When President Bush declared a war on terror and against terrorism, he did so with no great plan of how we would win that war and, in reality, we are not. You cannot win a war against terrorism. We cannot win a war against the Muslim followers that believe they are right and doing godly things in the name of their god, Allah; just is not going to happen. This group may be able to be curbed to a degree, but winning against those having ideological beliefs that they hold, will be difficult to accomplish.

I have read an article from the Baramas Group that goes into much detail (too much, actually) about various countries that have certain laws on the books about the Islam religion and the state. They do not separate church (mosque) and state, but have a faith based Islamic government. This presents many problems for not only Muslims, but non-Muslims that live there. Sharia law was not a Mohammad idea, but involved later after his death and this needs reformed also.

The countries are Saudi Arabia, that does this, and many of the countries in African and the Far East are also part of this believing atmosphere. I would not want to live in these countries because of this belief system. I would not really know how to react or instead behave there. I guess my living in a country that has religious freedom is where I belong. Even here in the U.S. we have religious freedom, but there is intolerance of other religious that still has an undercurrent here in the U.S. A fact of life!

The radical Muslims that are terrorizing the world are, in a way, on a Crusade of their own. Some decry the Christians for actions taken around 1100 to 1300 AD, whereas the Christians used religion as a means to do many things “in the name of God”. So, in essence, the Muslims that terrorize, are doing so, and many yell “All ahu  Akbar,  or God is Great” , during the course of their dastardly acts. In effect, these radicals are doing the exact same thing as the Medieval Crusaders.

The Islam followers were not really called Muslims then, but instead, Saracen’s. This term was used in the medieval era and was in regard to those living in desert areas in and near the Roman province of Arabia. This word is interesting and I encourage those reading this to look the word up.

Until we as a world, not a country, decide that those that do things in the name of God, are wrong and then when and if we unite as a whole to, NOT COMBAT, but instead seek out those that do the things they do and THEN talk, discuss, rationalize and try to convince them that the old archaic ways of thought, that many of their religious leaders promote, are incorrect for today— we MIGHT make inroads to having a more peaceful co-existence. After reading this long last sentence, I have my doubts that this would work……

Den Betts