Forgiving and Forgetting 2015-150

This is a subject that comes up quite often and we tend to ignore this subject, because of varied reasons. It is hard to forgive at times, but much harder to forget. Some thoughts on this to contemplate……………..

Forgiving and Forgetting 2015-150

I was discussing this subject with a friend and decided to post it as a form of thought. We were talking  about forgiving and forgetting in the context of humans, but I believe God was brought into the equation also. So the below is taken from my email to him, which I thought I would share……….

I have been thinking about this. It is one thing to forgive someone, just as I believe God does when we pray and ask for forgiveness of our sins, such as during the Lord’s Prayer.

I think we were bringing up, does God then forget the sin that was forgiven or do we, when someone does a dastardly act to us, do we forget the act even after we say we have forgiven them for doing it.

As for God, I believe he can choose NOT to remember the sin, but he does not lose them from His memory. He would put them aside; He would ignore them and not bring them up after we have repented.  For us as humans, we could, if we love a person, for instance, choose not to act in revenge for the act done to us. If we do this, the memory itself would tend to decline, even if it is not completely forgotten.

God, even though He has not forgotten, decides to forgo prosecuting us for the sins we have done. This allows us to see the understanding of God’s expectations of us for them.  In the same respect for us humans, this would free us; free us from things like revenge against the other person. I would think that the freeing gives us a chance to discern the difference between remembering with a vengeful heart versus remembering to make life better for each of us.

It takes more love to be hurt and choose not to remember, by forgetting, than remembering over and over again what ever happened. Maybe God’s absolute love for us, really does absolutely remove our sins from his infinite mind.

Some quotes on this subject:

“To forgive takes love, to forget takes humility” per Mother Teresa

“Remember, when you forgive, you heal. And when you let go (forget) you grow.” Unknown

“The FIRST to Apologize is the bravest. The FIRST to Forgive is the strongest. The FIRST to Forget is the happiest.   Unknown

“To forgive and not forget is like burying the hatchet with the handle sticking out.” U nknown

“The Stupid neither forgive nor forget; the Naïve forgive and forget; the Wise forgive, but do not forget” Unknown      —–Two sides in everything and in all minds……..

What does your mind think?




I researched this on the Net from various sources, but do not remember which ones or where right now. Suffice to say, I am not that smart to think many things out myself so give thanks to anyone that helped me formulate my thoughts on this subject.

Dream Sequence 2015-149

I have been blessed with something that is not hard to say, but prudent to not do so today. What was then remains as is, and that is good. To some, I now speak in riddles and am not being so factual, but that is the way I feel I must. I am open with some things I state, guarded with most, but feel I am still truthful to self, without a fault……. With luck, perhaps nobody will read this—LOL……..


Dream Sequence 2015-149

I thought I had stood by a shoreline

Staring over still water toward the horizon

A white bird flew by, shrill voice screaming

Does not the gull see all, I thought, as it went on?


The sand was warm from the distant sun

Life’s peace broken only by the gentle waves

A soft caress of wind on skin

Not clothed by garments made by man.


Tranquility abided in my heart

I prayed that it remain so and did not part

Was I dreaming – had non-reality come and won

And all that seen was just imagination?


I saw a vision one time that was SO real

Then another, that was not scary, but surreal

Was I dreaming then, much like the seashore

Or was that reality, like life, a fact of being?


Den Betts

Dawn’s Awakening 2015-148

What does it take to be brutally honest and forthwith? When does one hold back, or the opposite — thrown out for all to see? Where does one go to escape the truth and be just glad to be alive? Why does one have to not be oneself and pretend to be that which others want us to be? Who is the decider of things for each of us to be – just be? The existence of a sunrise or the stillness of a rainbow – all to be appreciated to the fullest!!!!!!!  Random thoughts from a random mind – going through time.


Dawn’s Awakening 2015-148

A bane from a not so

distant past creates thoughts

lasting ever more,

The neuro people delving in

current mind; exploring

those things hard to find.

An innocence

at dawns awakening,

gives birth to thoughts untold.

Release, release of

inhibition now,

with escape of disquietude.

May the truth be told and

be so bold, of telling of

inner feeling.

Recesses explored with those truths

bared forth and desires

kept in; now sharing.

Den Betts

Black Man-Child 2015-147

I doubt if some will like this one. I think of those that like to be politically correct and not mention things that sometimes, need mentioned.  I have seen the newscasts of the celebrations of Martin Luther King and have thoughts about the man and the actions that still occur on a regular basis. When WILL a person stand up and take the place of Mr. King and help lead those that need led. There HAVE been many changes made, but there is much more to be done……..

Black Man-Child 2015-147

The eyes darting up the street,

Shifting to this and that.

Looking at all and at nothing,

Not trusting movement seen.

His feet tied to nervous legs,

Pressure one to another.

Letting anyone know with doubt,

Of how he feels the moment.

False bravado of being a member,

Of a gang in the neighborhood.

So young to be so old in living,

With a dead end future life.

The black man-child thereby stood,

Without knowing exactly why, waiting.

Martin Luther dreamed, but died,

And did, somehow, the hope went with him?

No one really followed and took up the reins,

To lead the others to his wish.

Was it meant to be – his death,

As a test of those left behind?

Maybe an unselfish man is out there,

Common, black, with a spark of faith.

Biding his time to speak aloud,

And lead his own to a better life.

When or will it happen – only God knows,

While the black man-child stands waiting.


Den Betts


I am positive that some will object to what I have written and I do not want to speculate as to who or what group would do so. There are always two or more sides to a position and I realize this fact. We as a society, have to do more to realize the differences and causes to the violence that occurs daily. It is time!!!!! Martin Luther King was a great man and it was terrible that he died, the way he did, before his dream became a


Why God!!! “Oh Why????? 2015-146

Why God!!! “Oh Why?????   2015-146

A simple question that I do not have an easy answer, but ask!

I would like to ask God, “Why do things happen the way they do?” regarding so many things that occur each day, week, month or year.

I think I know the answer, but would like a confirmation on what I think…  God is where He is right now, and in a way, I believe He is with me as I type. He, in the form of the Holy Spirit, is present with me.

I could turn around, look to my right or left, or behind me and will not see Him, but He is there and I really think He is shaking His head at me. He is accepting me the way I am, who I am, and what I am. And. in that thought. I know He is wondering why I am asking such a stupid question of Him.

He knows what I am thinking and in the knowing, is not telling me the answer to the question, “Why!?” He knows I know the answer and His silence is so quiet, so, in a way, so wonderful. He is allowing me to look into myself and see, and hear what He knows I know.

I am sure, no, I am positive that He is asked, “Why” all the time. Look at the TV, hear the radio, read the newspaper, talk to someone, listen at conversations and the question, “Why” is asked of God all the time.

“Why did Uncle Charlie die; baby Jane, or any loved one we know?” It is not that they are now in a better place; they were good where they were, around people and family they knew! So that is not a great question to find out why.

“Why do people do stupid or horrific things they do?” Why do the ISIS followers do what they do to innocent people.  Do they ever wish they had those five minutes of their lives back, to think things out better?

There are billions of why’s floating out there that people could and do ask God about!

For every question of “Why” there is also a “Why not!” question. If there was a God, it is asked, “Why not, is the question of “Why didn’t God, save, fix, or stop, or anything like that” for things that did not go so well or were not the way we want them. “Therefore, there is not a God, it is stated, or He would have helped, saved or protected, instead of doing nothing.

God cannot win at times. Either He gets the credit or the debit of life in the process.

Crap happens; it is as simple as that.  He is with us always, regardless of what is happening. He is beside us when we are dying, being born, experiencing life in the joys and sadness at times.

But guess what!? Many times it is something He knows that we should try to know. We, as His children are responsible for our actions, or someone is responsible. We can look in the mirror and see what we have done with the shell we inhabit. We, as God’s children, are in control, sort of, with ourselves in our daily living.

If we want to abuse ourselves, hey, go ahead. He can sit behind us and shake His head and wish we do not, but it is our choice. We can go on with our lives, and either live the good life or reap the rewards of the bad life. Our choice!  This has been called “Free Will” and has been debated by theologians and scholars forever.

It is so much easier to give credit to God when things go right and blame Him when the opposite happens. He can take it!!! He will understand our need to thank Him when something occurs that He did not make happen, and when crap happens, He understands our frustrations of blaming Him for something that He did not make to occur. That is life.

So, go ahead and ask God, “WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” But, understand that regardless, He is with us always, not sometimes, or on occasion, but always. Give this some thought and perhaps say “Thank you God for being with me when I needed your presence, thank you when I needed you in my time of need, thank you, when things went well and the times when they did not go well, but thank you God, regardless!”

Den Betts

Abortion Decisions 2015-145

I am NOT an anti-abortion advocate making a case here. I am simply stating some thoughts about the action. That being said, I do not believe on having abortions just for birth control. I heard about a younger adult having them over and over because that person is not thinking or not very careful with their lifestyles and that is not a reason for having them. Also, to deny a woman for making a decision is not mine to make and should not be a law of the land for all.


Abortion Decisions 2015-145     


A life that never had a chance for reasons that

are many; some sad, others necessary


Decided as a normal course

or action based on thought


Never one made by the one

so deep in a mother’s womb


Done as a method of birth control

medical necessity, or such


A woman’s right to decide a

fate of another human to be


Does a government’s have a right to

forbid this act at times


Yet, allow many executions

to occur – just a thought…


Is it wrong to decide this fate

of life of a being, or


Instead have us lob criticism

And be judgmental in or about life


Is it correct to say God is the final judge

in this, a decision of death.


This can be a complex issue, if

we allow it to be……….



Den Betts

Blackicide 2015-144

“I wrote this a while ago and it still applies today to a degree.  If not “as much” in the U.S. it is, at least, more so across the world in the land of clannish fighting such as in Sudan at Darfur, in Africa, where some tribes eradicate each other for whatever reason.


Perhaps it is due to many reasons that the killings occur.

In the U.S. it could be poverty, unemployment, social injustices, or other such things,  that causes the discord enough for one race to go against itself. I am not smart enough and doubt if others can really pinpoint the exact reason for this killing of selves”


I hear the “today” phrase in the U.S.,, “Black Lives Matter” and could not agree more, but in actuality, “All Lives Matter” is a better refrain………… I apologize to those of color that this may offend, but it is what I believe…….

Blackicide  2015-144

An eradication of an ebony race,

so many times, by the race itself.

What pride in life or in blackness is there,

when — there exists a killing action with lame excuses.


The  “colors” and “turf” and/or no reason at all

perhaps a tribal instinct of needs and beliefs.

Is the reason poverty and ignorance or genetics

or maybe the mindset of customs not understood.


A “drive by” shooting for no reason at all,

Leaving death behind as a reminder of being.

Also,  giving grief to the mother of the child killed,

A remembrance to keep in the heart forever.


The creation of death, the dark side of horror,

of man against man, affecting all genders and ages.

Do hormonal, “triggers” create the beast, or is it just

the lack of conscience without a care of consequence.


Aggressive acts of violence, an obsession to some,

to many times, a rage without reason, towards selves.

Beating disease, famine, and pestilence, the grim-reaper

reigns supreme for a race self-claimed as a proud one.


Where for,  is the pride in the blackicide?


Den Betts

I have tried to find the word “Blackacide” somewhere on the Internet, but only found one reference, by a black lady named Stella Foster, on her blog “Stella in the City”  at WordPress.. I do know that the term would be proper for the killings that occur on a regular basis by those of the same race, that happen to be black. When a white kills another white it is NOT called “Whiteacide” but instead the term homicide is used by the legal people for ALL killings of another human, including blacks against blacks

Alpha and Omega 2015-143

I guess I could cop out and say, “I just write them and do not necessarily understand them”, but that would really be lying. What concerns me at times is the fact that even though I write them, I actually do understand them, in a way, when I wrote the poems.


Alpha and Omega  2015-143

He said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega”

The beginning and the end

That which was and has become


The living was the existence

And the very soul of being

Change became the norm

With evolution, a maturity of life


A start with innocence

Experience was the outcome

And a conclusion of thought

Became a completeness of knowledge


That which was, is not anymore

Instead, an overall process of living

An involvement of simple simplicity

Of realization that what is — becomes was

Den Betts

Black and Whites 2015-142

There is so much in the news about the horrors of life with those of color and the actions that affect those living today. What was, in the past is somewhat still here today and the problems with races that do not understand each other. Take away the color element and they/we are the same — period.

There is no differences of the soul, the mind, or the body itself, we are all humans; existing in a world of turmoil that is self-taught and continued by each of us, toward each of us. I would think that other races can be included herein, but am sticking with what I got…….

Black and White   2015-142

Black and White opposites

Extremes in color

Not red, not yellow

Not in between

A degree of bright

And one of darkness

Two cultures with differences

Both with pride

Not knowing the other

Nor trusting either

So far apart

Opposites – each/some uncaring

Both so wrong

Or not knowing

Color is a covering

Not the Soul…….


Den Betts

The Light 2015-141

So many thoughts, writings, and discussions about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! So much said about what He, as part of the Triune God, is and how the light will show us the way toward having the light of life. What IS the light of life? It is something that is promised and something that can be looked at as a wonderful thing that will occur. In time, I look forward to this blessed event and happening and wish, only wish, that others can see the promise also and know that it is truly there to experience…………

The Light 2015-141


What is “The Light”?

The light is the way!

The way is of God

God is the light!


Jesus was and is

The light of the world

Whoever follows Him

Will never walk in darkness

But Will have the light of life


Look for the light

See in the dark

Know that you are not alone

Follow and have the eternal light of life…..

Den Betts (with help from the NIV- John 8:12)



John 8:12

New International Version When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”