It happened again!!!!

It Happened Again!

I gave an individual (male) one of the crosses I make, after he commented on the one, I was wearing. He told me he did not know if he could wear it ever, though he said he was a Christian. I told him the things about my doing so, wearing the cross. So I related again what I thought.

First, I explained to him that being a Christian automatically makes a person a disciple of the Savior Jesus, in my opinion. It does entail many duties and a follower of Jesus that includes the declaration they are one and encouraging others to be “fishers of men” and that is discipleship.

I also told him that I wear a cross, not to just show others that I am a disciple of Christ, but something else in the process.

In the Bible in Ephesians 6:16 it states, “In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.”  I interpret this (for me) as “wear a cross”

It is difficult for me to be a hypocrite and do or say things that contradict the teachings of Jesus Christ, and I wear the cross to fend off those acts. It is there for me to see and feel and I try to be a disciple of Jesus.

Do I always succeed?! NO, I do not, BUT the cross I wear also reminds me I am forgiven through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.

This guy looked at me, did accept the cross I had for him, put it in his pocket and said, “I will consider it.”

Thanks be to God whom I have submitted myself to and to Jesus who I have surrendered my life to his glory.

So be it!!!!!!!!!!

Tranquility Feeling

Tranquility Feeling

I now travel through life as I have stated before, on a journey that has a known and unknown aspect to it. My life is like looking through a microscope that has a telescope interchangeable lens. Weird…

The unknown at times becomes known to a degree, and the knowns have some murky attributes to them.

Many beliefs have been shattered and are feeling unsettled, while I am in awe of mysteries that have revealed themselves. I can accept those that I believed in and are now helping a fictional substance in my mind.

I feel at peace in knowing some of the items in my mind that were so foreign, now hold me in a state of bliss. Again, weird…

I meditate daily and enter a zone of Self, and contemplate my life’s existence, plus spend time communing with the one God of the Universe. Not weird………..

I believe the beauty of nature, the expressions of love to things and one another are foremost in my mind. The newsworthy happenings that occur daily are not important in reality.

We exist by what we are and become, based on how we are to others.

So be it.

Self and God

                Self and God

We have so much to learn and should not allow the rigors of gaining knowledge distract us from the process of reality.

I have found God, because I found my Self and because I found my true Self, HAVE found God.  Self is the object of its own reflective consciousness of one’s whole being in a personal spiritual identity and getting to know your Self is the beginning of wisdom and the understanding of life.

Sounds complicated but in delving into the Self, it becomes clear and not complex.

 God    IS   alive, God    IS     aware, God    IS     active and always present, 

Thanks be to God…………