I do NOT believe in God anymore 2017-60

I do NOT believe in God anymore   2017-60

NO!  Do NOT!  To believe in God is to feel a kindred spirit, an acknowledgement that your belief is true, and you do not doubt. SO, do I believe or not believe; that is the question? If I believe, then I MIGHT have, at one time, NOT believed; but now do so.

What would make me believe, where I did not before? Would it take someone to convince me to continue?  Would I have read something (like the Bible?) to change my mind?

Perhaps, an event occurred that was so overwhelming, and I HAD no other choice but to believe? Did I hear something, and also was there some strange thing to make me go beyond just believing?


I do NOT (JUST) believe in the one God of the Universe, maker of heaven and Earth!        

I do NOT (JUST) believe in the God child Jesus Christ, THE savior of all mankind!

I do NOT (JUST) believe in the Holy Spirit, whose presence is around and within me!

NO, it is not (JUST) a belief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Is a FACT. I know there is a God.  He is real.   He is alive.   He is active. He is present with me    ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!

God loves me, He loves you, He loves all his children even those that doubt his existence. The story of the Son of God, named Jesus Christ is a fact, true, and accurate, and his “being”, is one of hope of our salvation.


OH, BTW, in the title of this post between the words “NOT “and “believe”, I  might have forgotten to insert the word JUST and threw in the word “anymore” for the heck of it!!!




Den Betts                                            bettsden@gmail.com

Faith 2015-06


Faith     2015-06

A simple word about a complex subject!!  I have used this word in the context of explaining things like Spirituality and the Holy Spirit.  BUT, what is it and how easy is it to explain?

Webster defines it in many ways, but the easy one is— where there is a belief in God or in the doctrines or teachings of religion. This could be in reference to any religion of course, so I will go where he expounds on it further—- the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures by which humans are justified or saved. The second one is under the title of Christian Theology, which makes sense to state it that way.

I could stop right there and say it is that easy. I will stick with the doctrines or teachings pertaining to Christian religions for now. As a point of interest, not all religions use the concept of faith in their practices, but let me stay with Christianity for now.

Because the word itself includes Christ faith is based on His workings in His lifetime and His teachings. I would think that Christians are not distinguished by the word faith itself, but instead by what Christians look as the examples of His life as written in the scriptures. If someone does not have faith, I would think that person does not have the basic confidence as of what is written in the Bible.

That is not hard to understand. If that person of non-faith does not have the trust in believing in what is written, or thinks that the Bible is not reliable, then the faith may not be there. I wrote a history of the Bible a few years ago for Sunday school. To read the history and to know how it morphed into what is seen today is so very interesting.

I will not go into that now, but needless to say, it, the Bible, had its slow progression to what it is now. The King James Version is what most other versions take from and what was used before then was difficult to read and understand.

So, the Bible is where I said the trust begins.  I think that you would have to trust that what is written was inspired by God, even though it was not written by Him. I know some religions look at it as the absolute word of God, and they can do so, but I will use “inspired by God” instead for now.

It takes believers, scripture, traditions, personal experiences, a community foundation of belief to be assured about God and Jesus Christ. There is more written about the man names Jesus, than any other historical figure from the past. There are more manuscripts telling about His life than any other person from history, so that is part of it.

All well and good, but what is faith again? It still comes down to a feeling!!!  I wasn’t at the crucifixion, I did not see the miracles occur or hear Jesus pray and teach. So, I have to trust in the work or stimulation of the Holy Spirit where He endorses the Scripture writings, which comes about by the divine inspiration of Him. The finality of these dealings is what faith is all about.

I remember when someone I know had problems believing in God, and was basically a doubter and not really an unbeliever. I told him so, and he did not agree, saying he did not have doubts, just not enough hard facts to support his believing.  I understand that thought process. There are some things that are difficult to believe in, and without concrete, absolute, engineered, scientific evidences, it is not easy to come to terms with in life.

The Sun comes up from the East and sets in the West. The planet Earth is round, not square or flat. The word –faith comes up when the desire to substitute emotion for evidence is pronounced. If there are emotions by many people, faith cannot be rationally made into fact and friction can occur in the process.  So, faith is— believing without evidence. So, by my saying I have faith, I am saying to you, I think I know something or believe something that some may say I really do not know for sure. That is my faith, believing in the Father, the man God Jesus ,and the Holy Spirit of God, that has no physical proof laying around. Except, I know there is a God, and perhaps I will tell you why some day.


Den Betts

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Written a while ago, but true today with different faiths that believe that THEIR god is the only one around. I find it so hard to believe that humans can think that on Earth, people exist with different gods sharing Earth with its inhabitants. I believe in God, but my God is YOUR God. Maybe we had different Messiah’s or founders,  and such, that were in human form, but the main guy is still the main guy (God). How conceited we are, to think ours is the best and only one around. How horrible it is when you think of the Crusade and the Holy Jihad as reasons to  have war with blessings from God and due to a God wanting it. May we end up at the same place in eternal life!

Two Beliefs of Faith

I do not deny your God

Who may very well be mine.

What I call my God, may be

Different, but are they

Perhaps not the same?

Can you state your God

Only loves you?

Can you think I believe

Mine cares not for you,

Only me?

Can both our Gods

Make us so much

Alike, in looks, and

In ways of intelligent


Were you present

When our Gods made

The rules?  Did the scribes

Copy the teachings

As they were to be?

Belief and Faith, so

Strong a bond, with

Division of people

In society of


Finality will tell,

May we meet at the

Same door and share

The future together

As one…..