Windows of the Mind


When we see a window that opens up in our minds, is it real or imaginary?

                Could we, should we, doubt its existence, or instead, accept it for what it is?

 Does the window show us reality or just a figment of a restless mind?

                How do the mysteries of life become exposed to us, other than through

                                opportunities of exposure to our thoughts?

I have seen, I have felt, I have heard, I have been entranced by the existence

                of reality of extreme mysteries that some of us desire.

An open mind allows us to experience the realities we deny ourselves

                by bondage to self-imposed restraints.

I can only state that I accept the opportunity to explore the

                looking through the window in my mind.

                                To do anything else, is to deny my very existence.

I am blessed to have some, not many, mysteries shown to me

                and for that I do appreciate the moments

                                the window lights up and is seen.

So be it!               

A mystery does not mean it cannot be known, but many parts will always be beyond understanding


How do others see us?   Not as we see ourselves, but more differently!!!

We can wish they were more attuned to our thinking, but that is not the case. Like looking in a mirror, but sometimes the mirror lies to us.

Could we change, should we change, or are we satisfied with our self-deluded thoughts and delusions about ourselves?

An honest dialogue with others would help, but we would have to be honest, which is hard to do sometimes.

Therefore, we will continue to do as we do and say things, we think are right, but we will be wrong about our image with others.

So be it!!!!