Tranquility Feeling

Tranquility Feeling

I now travel through life as I have stated before, on a journey that has a known and unknown aspect to it. My life is like looking through a microscope that has a telescope interchangeable lens. Weird…

The unknown at times becomes known to a degree, and the knowns have some murky attributes to them.

Many beliefs have been shattered and are feeling unsettled, while I am in awe of mysteries that have revealed themselves. I can accept those that I believed in and are now helping a fictional substance in my mind.

I feel at peace in knowing some of the items in my mind that were so foreign, now hold me in a state of bliss. Again, weird…

I meditate daily and enter a zone of Self, and contemplate my life’s existence, plus spend time communing with the one God of the Universe. Not weird………..

I believe the beauty of nature, the expressions of love to things and one another are foremost in my mind. The newsworthy happenings that occur daily are not important in reality.

We exist by what we are and become, based on how we are to others.

So be it.

Rigid Thinking

Rigid Thinking

I wonder if I am too rigid, at times, in my thinking?

I don’t think so, but perhaps this is so to some people that know me.

Going outside the box, doing something unexpected,

going to a place not seen before, may be examples but not great ones.

I realize I look at some people as being ridged in their thinking also,

 but they may NOT think as such, of themselves.

Regardless, both parties are being judgmental of each other.

Just a thought…………………………………..

Positive Ways

                                Positive ways

Expose the peace you have within you

and do NOT allow your mind

to be cluttered with noise of unwanted thoughts

Drive out evil thoughts of hatred and

Banish them to the refuse where they belong.

Positive vibes create positive actions,

so be a positive thinker in a positive way,

Again, THINK POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!


Peace is a goal that sometimes is NOT met! A quest by some individuals and even mighty nations for a betterment of life.  But, at times, power and might, control, wealth are some of the hinderances to the reality of having Peace.

Where is the compassion, the common sense, the decency, and even love for others? Or does something or someone evil, make the goal unable to be accomplished?

Pawns come into play becoming victims in life.

The “Self” becomes “The other” and is vanquished by the dominant. A sadness in life for all or any of those affected.

Peace is still a goal with love thrown in, to be part of the equation.

I quote:  “In God’s will is our peace”  T. Merton

“Give Peace a chance” J. Lennon



Evil is Evil is Evil !!!!  Simple as that!!!!

Does NOT matter what your name is, your position in life,

your riches, your standing, your title, etc….

If Evil, the word evil stays with you and you are then evil to others.

NO excuses, no lies otherwise, you cannot hide your title from others

because the moniker of Evil applies to you and will remain.

Your actions will tell, will show how and what you are in life,

and you will be known for what and how you are also.

So, if you are someone like Putin the Russian President, your minions who follow you

then, you again are known for what you are

An EVIL despicable person!!      You are not liked and only loved

by your minions who support, praise and owe you in life…….

Peace to the world

D. Betts

Life Experiences

We experience life as we experience living itself……

Each of us has reality as it is, versus made up

Figments of our imagination.

What is real is exactly rhat

REAL, and not something else.

We might want something that is conjured in our mind,

But again, that is not reality.

I can wish for something to be different, but

that wishing will not make it so.

Change is the way of life and is also the constant in life.

Getting used to the changes is a slow mindset process


So be it…………………………………………….

Windows of the Mind


When we see a window that opens up in our minds, is it real or imaginary?

                Could we, should we, doubt its existence, or instead, accept it for what it is?

 Does the window show us reality or just a figment of a restless mind?

                How do the mysteries of life become exposed to us, other than through

                                opportunities of exposure to our thoughts?

I have seen, I have felt, I have heard, I have been entranced by the existence

                of reality of extreme mysteries that some of us desire.

An open mind allows us to experience the realities we deny ourselves

                by bondage to self-imposed restraints.

I can only state that I accept the opportunity to explore the

                looking through the window in my mind.

                                To do anything else, is to deny my very existence.

I am blessed to have some, not many, mysteries shown to me

                and for that I do appreciate the moments

                                the window lights up and is seen.

So be it!               

A mystery does not mean it cannot be known, but many parts will always be beyond understanding


How do others see us?   Not as we see ourselves, but more differently!!!

We can wish they were more attuned to our thinking, but that is not the case. Like looking in a mirror, but sometimes the mirror lies to us.

Could we change, should we change, or are we satisfied with our self-deluded thoughts and delusions about ourselves?

An honest dialogue with others would help, but we would have to be honest, which is hard to do sometimes.

Therefore, we will continue to do as we do and say things, we think are right, but we will be wrong about our image with others.

So be it!!!!

Isolation of Life

Isolation of Life

Isolation – the state of being separated, alone, or apart

The 2020 Pandemic Isolation is the requiring of distance from the other, no touching, and having a manufactured barrier to prevent breathing on any other.  Also, restricting numbers of people in groups of many types of affairs normally attended by the countless of beings.

All contrary to the norm, making all, not just feeling isolated but divorced from each other in so many ways.

Complaints by many of rights being infringed upon and an injustice but done so to protect the many from the few.

Some, old and young to have the final isolation by being totally alone, gasping for breath on an insensitive machine supplying oxygen till another monitor finally flat lines, signaling the end of life.

Choices to be made by the many, while the numbers keep going up and up and up.

It will take time, but that is what we have for those in the isolation of life.

Sequences in Life

                                                Sequences of Life                              

Daylight, Nightlight, on again off again, awake, asleep again and again, over and over as the sequence of life continues. Repetitive episodes of life letting us know of our existence, during this Pandemic.

For some a routine of difference, for others a boredom of sameness.

Old ways are part of the byways, gone and forgotten.

Time will tell when it is over, contained and ending then done

Meanwhile a leaking faucet of life drips continuously, allowing us to pause in life.

Spend it wisely or squander it, the time of our choices to make.

As the life periods of awake, asleep, day, night sequences continue, or lives continue in the way we dictate unknowingly.

Life goes on, and on and on, thankfully, hopefully, and eventually eternally.