Coward 2017-28

I thought of this one I wrote when I watched the Charlottesville, Va. murder by car on TV the weekend of 7-12-17. The young man that mowed down innocent people during a rally by the evil people that belong to the KKK, White Nationalists and White Supremacists groups showed how much of a coward he was by doing his thing with a car.  This is NOT what decent people do here in America or across the world.


Coward   2017-28

A person who cowers when others do their duty,

afraid with fright to continue.

One who refuses to participate in a common goal

as the whole pitches in

Who stands alone while others continue in the quest

to accomplish the stated objectives.

Those that look out for selves at all times and

forget their fellow man when needed.

Whose direction or travel is opposite to the

flow of others in an emergency.

Who hide behind a mask or darkness of night

to state their warped beliefs against fellow man.

Who feel the need to degrade with words; to slur

instead of address their own hidden fears.

An individual or group that bullies the few or one,

by intimidation or physical violence.

Whose greatest fear is the fear that they will

be found out to be cowards that they are….


Den Betts

Granting of Life 2017-27

So EASY to do, taking life for granted!!! We all expect tomorrow to arrive, life to go on, and on and on…….  I sometimes sit and contemplate life in general, my life and lives of others I know.  It is NOT a given, something that will never end, but is something to appreciate while we have it here on Earth.

Granting of Life   2017-27


Taking life for granted, at times,

is an easy thing to do.

The repetitious existence we live,

a sameness, of happenings –nothing new.


The birds flying by, making noise,

and bees buzzing – creating honey

The grass needs cut again, of course;

girls being annoyed by little boys.


All our senses gather data each day,

sometimes not as good as before,

But with a sensual diminishment,

consider if they were taken away.


Knowing what we are born with

and then learn to improve with time.

The walking, running and everything,

is now a normal expected thing.


If taken away, any will be missed,

when something was always there.

The parting is not fair, and really

should have been more appreciated


Den Betts



Enjoyment of Life 2017-26


How should we enjoy life?  Many go about their lives, living from day to day, in an existence of getting just by, from daylight to nighttime. BUT, do we enjoy our lives in the middle? Do we enjoy our reality of living life in the fullest until the end of our human span of living? I like to envision my life now, as one that has a purpose with no promise of tomorrow, but with an enjoyment of today, good, bad or indifferent; but always as full as can be…………..


Enjoyment of Life  2017-26

Death is not a stranger

but instead is one to be recognized

as being in our midst.

Not wanted or loved,

but acknowledged as being part

of our existence.

A final act in the play of life itself.

Tomorrow is not a promise,

yesterday was a gift,

Today should be enjoyed

for and how it is.

Den Betts

Expressions of Love 2017-25

I was looking for a post to make and came up with this poem I wrote a while ago and thought it would be great. Too much, I write about things that are, at times, negative in nature and this one will suffice to make up for some of them.  Love is a word, but it means so very much to many people and it sure beats hate and discord.


Expressions of Love  2017-25


The absolutes of love are real,

It various as the species abound,

Expressions of feelings take many forms,

As one, the other, or both reflect.

The frolicking young with heart so full,

And the ageless, speaking with unspoken words.

How grand, how majestic – the feeling of love,

A thing to share, without restraint of time.

A gesture here, a look across a room,

A smile, a whisper in the ear.

Sparkles or twinkling in the eye,

As a lover looks at the other.

A rose, a card, or nothing more,

Than a touch of a hand on a cheek.

Love, a word so often used,

But expressed in so many ways.

Den Betts


Hi Cousin 2017-24

  Hi Cousin  2017-24

If you are reading this I state:    “I     AM    your cousin!”

I look at the guy across the street and see him as my cousin!  I don’t know the man well, but know he is a far distant relation, as you are too. I see YOU as my cousin!! 

The Italian butcher at the store is also my kindred. He has the same DNA as I do, and we both came from the same grandparents long ago. Perhaps, VERY long ago….

I do not know when the black lady that makes such good cookies at the store became my blood relative, but I know we are from the same one, going back in time.

The interesting man I saw today who calls Allah, his god, shares the same blood as I, from the warrior who fought with Genghis Khan on the steppes of Asia and had a wife from a raid in Persia..

I say hello to a neighbor Mr. Yamato, who does not realize our common ancestor who was a product of a relationship of a Japanese woman, who met a Presbyterian minister who was a missionary, after Japan was found by world travelers.

We are ALL cousins!

Throw a dart at a world map and you will hit a spot where someone you know today has common descendants of both you, that person and, or close to it.

It does NOT matter what race, what heritage, religion or ethnic background we have; our neighbor has part of the same DNA as each of us. That is why, when you disparage someone of another ilk, you are doing the same to yourself. It is time WE, as a whole, start looking at one another with love, instead of hate.

I am related to you!  You are my cousin and it matters not what your name is, or where you came from in the past.

Hello cousin; glad to know you,

Peace be with you,

Den Betts

Apostasy 101 2017-23

Apostasy 101   2017-23

I suggest that those that may be interested in detail, about this word could look it up and find out just what it means. Wikipedia has a great description or explanation of apostasy and with more detail than I could or want to make about it.

My thoughts are more about Christianity and the ramifications of apostasy in line with this religion. Many people cannot be tainted with this word, but some would use it to explain their reasons for saying others DO deserve this word as a description of the other’s actions.

I think of other “A” words, in religion, that come to mind.  The definition of the Apostles of the time of Jesus is one, but also, Agnostics and Atheistic are others.  Affirmation, Alleluia, Almighty, All-knowing, Absolutism, Acolyte, Advent, Agape, Altar, Angel, Annunciation, Ascension, and finally, Amen are more words beginning with “A”.   Just some facts, that’s all, but I digress, so allow me to continue.

So, I will NOT keep you in suspense with what Apostasy means.  It  means the abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief.

Why discuss this? Well, I came across this word, Apostasy, and did not know exactly what it meant so researched it.

Once I knew, I started thinking about the word.  How many of us have become Apostates who are persons who were once affiliated with a faith group, but have since “fallen away” and left the group. One group’s apostate is, sometimes, another group’s convert, but not always…..

I am not going to attempt to ridicule or denounce anyone if they fit this category. In my blog, I have recently written about the subjects, Judging, Death of Religion, and Church – GoNoGo that attempted to describe the way things may be today in a religious concept. These are available at and have many other subjects to peruse if you wish.

If someone called me a “bloody apostate” it would be tempting to go ballistic with that person, if I knew what it meant.  Since I DO know now, I would argue with that person, if I did not believe the person.  Besides, who is he or she in the realm of judging me?

OK, if I left my Lutheran religion in a way that would appear to have abandoned it, or if I publicly stated that I renounced it or Christianity, maybe they would be correct.

But, if I have strayed away from the religion and got out of the habit of going to church, for instance, how does that person know that fact. There are many reasons why I may not be practicing a faith religion for instance, and others might not know the facts, simple as that.  

There are studies, I am sure, that show statistics with percentages of this group or that group who have “fallen away” from their faith.  The Barna Group publishes on a regular basis, the numbers of this or that in relation to faith issues.  If you see them, it might be appalling to some to find out just how the various ages of people have changed their affiliation with a religious group. Barna also gives the reasons per sampling surveys and it is truly interesting to read.

OK, what happens if one decides to leave their faith.  Well, NOTHING in most cases.  Basically, nobody would notice or in most cases could care less. Some, religions have edicts that say the penalty for doing so, is DEATH or imprisonment at least. That is quite a deterrent to not leaving their faith, but that is not the norm in the world.

 Basically, in America, Apostasy is not uncommon and there are not any repercussions to get away from faith groups. I have, somewhat, mentioned this in my blogs titled Death to Religion and Church- Go-No-Go, not by name, but by the actions of people that have strayed in some way.

Regardless of the reason of why someone becomes an apostate, I feel it is sad.  What happened that made the person leave their faith? Why did they do so and did they know they were leaving, or did it just happen, period!!  The author of many novels, C.S. Lewis, did so when he was a young man. He readily admitted that it was because God did not “save” his mother when he was younger, after she became ill and died. I understand that to a degree.  He did come back to religion and was, or became, a modern mystic. His nonfiction writings expound on his beliefs. I really recommend the book he wrote, “Mere Christianity” for it has a load of questions and answers about faith, belief in God and Jesus Christ.

Either we believe in God or we don’t; simple as that.  I cannot convince anyone to believe in a God that is unseeing, quiet or non-talking, mystical, or vague in the mind of those that need a concrete being that they can relate to in life.  Too bad, because God is a Deity that is there, but needs faith in Him as a requirement of belief.

I was blessed. I saw the Glory of God, I was touched by the Savior, I heard Him speak, the Holy Spirit came into my life to advise, comfort, and console me, and I experienced God firsthand in the proof, to me, that made me know that there is a God.  I know He is Alive, He is Aware, He is Active, and most of all, He is Present in my life.  And YOURS TOO!!!!!

I welcome any comments at if you wish to do so.

So be it.

Den Betts

CHURCH GoNoGO 2017-22

CHURCH – GO/NO GO  2017-22

This blog is related to my previous one where I expounded on Death of Religion.

They both touch on the same premise that whereas religion is perhaps dying, so is going to church, which goes hand in hand to a degree. If you go to church, then you may disagree, but if church is not on your list of things to do, then you might know what I mean.

I travel to church regularly, and on Sunday A.M. it appears I am the only one traveling up the road to where I attend church.  I pass two golf courses and many are busy with golfers taking advantage of the early tee time, I would presume.  Is it a typical sign of the Go/No Go People of the world; don’t know.

It is a fact that church is NOT on the list of things to do on Sunday for many people. Many people are engrossed in whatever they pursue in life, be it going to a soccer game, baseball game or other sports related endeavors.  Such is life.  OR, it may be a chance to just sleep in and enjoy a day before going back to work on Monday.

Many things about how church turns people off and that is why they stay away, has been stated as the reason for the No Church crowd. The church is too judgmental! It is hypocritical where they say one thing and do it themselves. They, being the people that go to church.

I cannot say that the church I go to is either, but perhaps I am prejudiced about the members of my church in being decent members of the community that do not do those things. I would think we DO have some that think that way, but they are not obvious if they do.  Or is it that this is an excuse to not being a part of the community of church people and they do not want to be held accountable in some way.

I would say to those that think this way, “We are ALL sinners, having foibles, and we are all imperfect and again, most of all we are ALL sinners, so join the crowd.” I would think that Jesus Christ would want us in the church, mingling, talking, questioning, asking, challenging, and finding out about Him through education of the Scriptures.

If you do go, and find it unwelcoming or unfriendly in any nature, maybe you went to the wrong church or denomination of faith.  Granted, some churches could stand to be better in inviting people to attend or to come back for a second time or so. Not ALL churches are the same, that is a fact. Some have different beliefs, different leaders, different members and I say, they do not represent the whole, just that church itself.

Someone I know stated they do NOT go to church or involve themselves in “community” like a church because they feel they do not NEED this type of activity.  I find that the church that I attend does have a feeling of “community” and we do things that are important in life, being involved!  This community activities help us and help others in many ways.  We have a lady in the church, named Dorothy that started a project called Dorothy’s Porch that GIVES away clothes and household items to those that need or wants them. We have a project each month that is a food bank giveaway, which helps those again NEED some help in daily living by getting food from the Food Bank of Cleveland, OH.  THIS IS COMMUNITY and it is a part, just a part of going to church.  We are NOT judgmental or hypocritical about what we do, we just do it.

These are just two of the areas that we have found that help the community around us and any that say this is not a good thing are wrong; period.  Being involved means getting involved, simple as that. There are other things that transpire over the year I could expound on, but you see what I mean.

I say, don’t go to church if you feel it is a wasted effort, but do come if you want to find out about Jesus Christ and what He did that means so much to any and all today.  He, God and the Holy Spirit, as the Triune God, ARE there as well as elsewhere around us, and they ARE Active, they ARE Alive, they ARE Present in our lives regardless of what some think.

Peace be with you

Den Betts