Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Written a while ago, but true today with different faiths that believe that THEIR god is the only one around. I find it so hard to believe that humans can think that on Earth, people exist with different gods sharing Earth with its inhabitants. I believe in God, but my God is YOUR God. Maybe we had different Messiah’s or founders,  and such, that were in human form, but the main guy is still the main guy (God). How conceited we are, to think ours is the best and only one around. How horrible it is when you think of the Crusade and the Holy Jihad as reasons to  have war with blessings from God and due to a God wanting it. May we end up at the same place in eternal life!

Two Beliefs of Faith

I do not deny your God

Who may very well be mine.

What I call my God, may be

Different, but are they

Perhaps not the same?

Can you state your God

Only loves you?

Can you think I believe

Mine cares not for you,

Only me?

Can both our Gods

Make us so much

Alike, in looks, and

In ways of intelligent


Were you present

When our Gods made

The rules?  Did the scribes

Copy the teachings

As they were to be?

Belief and Faith, so

Strong a bond, with

Division of people

In society of


Finality will tell,

May we meet at the

Same door and share

The future together

As one…..


Messiah 2014-35

Messiah 2014-35

I think of a promise of eternal life. So simple of an idea, but something for all of us to hold onto, to live for, to realize that we will have a continued life here after. We may never see the return of Christ in our lifetime, but regardless, the promise is there from his suffering on the cross then. With the promise, comes the realization that we do have this chance of living again, sharing and joining with past family gone before us. That being said, this poem relates mainly to the coming of Jesus and will we have learned, and the the joy of His coming and offering peace, finally on Earth.

Messiah 2014-35

A promise to return

Worldwide interest!

Will we learn from the past?

Multitudes of people

Joining arm in arm

Seeking a common goal.

He will come once again

Offering peace and understanding



Points on a Map 2014-34

Points on a Map  2014-34

“Reminds me of a Beatles/John Lennon song where he sings one of his songs that says, “any way will get you there.” If you head off in a car without knowing where you are going, you WILL get somewhere. Same thing goes with life, if you have no plans, no goals, no idea of what you want to do with yourself, you will get through life, period.

When I started my business, I made what is called a “business plan” that had detailed ideas written down of costs, direction, sales goals, etc. It was NEVER up to date, but was upgraded on a regular basis. It made me THINK of what I wanted to do to succeed in, when and how I was going to accomplish the goal.I found that from my auto accident, the unexpected can sometimes make a plan worthless.

Points on a Map  2014-34

North-East-South-West– points

On a map for people to travel.

But, if they know not where

They are going, any direction

Should do as a reference.


Daily living as well as

Travel itself, without a plan,

Is an aimless journey of time.

A walk in a mindless direction

In life assures the pitfalls,

That ensnare and entrap the

Unwary on this unsure trip.


A goal, a well thought blueprint,

An idea of where, when and what,

Are not an assurance, but, instead

Do give hope of an arrival of

A destination not unexpected.


Points on a map, there to be

Tried, in many ways with success

Or perhaps failure being the reward.


Land of the Red Man 2014-33

Land of the Red Man 2014-33

I can remember watching a TV commercial and seeing an Indian sitting on a horse and looking at a valley, down below. What I don’t remember is what he was looking at, but do recall his not saying anything, just the commentator talking about ecology or related to that subject. Then the camera zoomed in at the end when the message of how we are destroying the land and then the face of the Indian came up close. A tear was rolling down his craggy lined face and he turned the horse ands rode away. It was the telling of the story without anything being said by the Indian.

Land of the Red Man 2014-33

The red man looked down from astride a painted pinto,

Seeing the progress of the white man in his land.

His people no longer the proud, free to roam at will,

The talks of his father’s father, ringing in his ears,

Of a life so different than now.


Drum beats of the past telling of living times,

Victories of the hunt, the land open and for all.

Spoiled sky and poisoned waters now,

A legacy of the new owners conquest.

Terror, disease and horrors abound;

Self inflicted by those now in control.


They called his people the savages, needed to be conquered,

With a holocaust of his people occurring from shore to shore.

He turned his stead, his back, his pride,

And  headed to the pen they left for him.


Journey 2014-32

Journey – “This is somewhat of a “vivid” poem to be looked at and “seen” in your mind. What do I mean? Well, you have to also consider just as it states, where are they going? Have  you ever looked up at a vapor trail from an airplane in the sky and wondered where it came from and the plane’s destination? Have you wondered where you are going to for eternity if you have beliefs? Simple questions relating to a simple poem.

Journey  2014-32

The highflying plane leaving pathways in the sky,

Suggesting where it’s been and where its going.

A ship of state plowing a florescent wake,

Moving its cargo in the night.


The dusty trail across the desert sand,

Lost in the dunes over the land.

A lonely traveler with a satchel at his side,

Walking up the road looking for a ride.


The frail old man, breathing his last sighs,

Wondering where he’s going when he dies.

Where have they been?

Where are they going?


Tree of Life 2014-31

Tree of Life  2014-31

One of my first poems, so long ago. After I made a dccision on a life change with a new job, this is about when I wrote this poem. I was wondering what I was going to do with my life, overall. A goal, a plan for life, a determination to do something other than just go from day to day in an existence of living. Putting a simile to life in the form of a tree is probably not new, but with its roots entrenched in the ground, its branches going in all directions, the leaves reaching toward the sun, all play into a way of life perhaps.


I climbed the tree of life one day,

To see what I could see.

The view was wild and wonderful,

Depending on the branch I’d be.


I glanced toward the future,

Looked behind at my past.

I found that if I was going anywhere,

It had better be pretty fast.


I carved my initials in that tree,

And stated right then and there.

I’m going to do something with my life,

Regardless of the wear and tear.


And when that tree is old and grown,

I’ll climb it once again.

And hopefully, at that time in life,

I’ll consider it a friend.


Flies in the Attic 2014-30

Flies in the Attic   2014-30

Living in Johnstown, PA at our house on Beckley  Ave., in the attic, were two windows on either side of the peak of the house. As a kid, so long ago, I HATED to go up there in the summer time, due to the flies that buzzed around the windows. They never got down to the bedrooms or any living area, but were there in the attic. I always wondered, then and still now, how the  heck did they get there, what did they eat to live on, and grow up to be adult flies.


Christmas ornaments and Halloween masks,

Mothballs in the corner from last winter’s storage

Dust in the air, unsettled by footsteps, a sneeze

Disturbing the soundless darkened room


Rafters with knob and tube ceramics,

Guiding an AC charge to down below.

A window stained, grime from the years,

Cobwebs clustered here and there.


Heaped in a pile below filtered light – bodies

Of winged, black buzzers, quiet now.

How born, how fed, whence did they come?

To die trying for freedom?


TUIT 2014-29

TUIT         2014-29

What is a TUIT and what does it do, you say,

How does it work and/or is it for play

Many a person has wished for one, to have or to hold,

But, wishing does not work, if I may be so bold

Having one saves time, depending on some facts,

Also, it can get you, what now you surely lack

A TUIT is valuable, depending on its shape and size

A square one is not good, a triangle so bad, you realize

I think I will show you one before you say I blew it,

Now if only I could take the time or GET AROUND TUIT.