Body and Soul 2014-44

Body and Soul  2014-44


The very essence of the soul of man,

Resides, perhaps, in the confines of the mind.

The totality of the feelings of man,

Are, in reality, the very thoughts of the soul.

The body is but used as a convenient vessel,

For the soul’s long journey through life.

Comprised from many chemicals and minerals,

The body is a shell for the soul to inhabit.

At deaths door, the soul departs the useless body,

For a continued life far beyond imagination.

To where – is not for man to decide, only for God,

But with certainty it goes, never to return.

Gone, but with hope, never to be forgotten,

By those left behind in body and soul.

Den Betts

The Cross 2014-43

The Cross 2014-43

A symbol to some, a statement for

others, a means of expression;

a way of telling a belief of

the mind in a way using no words.


A simplistic unadorned object

from the earth, representing a

means, a way of reaching the

universe, the heavens above.


An object signifying pain

and death, of cruelty beyond

description, but promising a

life of joy beyond belief.


A sign of a son of God

of suffering for the sons

and daughters of the Father

for the promise of eternal life.

Den Betts