I am a Christian 2015-134

                                         I am a Christian 2015-134

This is inspired by the atrocity in Oregon where the individual asked people about their religion before shooting them.

I am a Christian and not ashamed to say so. I cannot say I am “proud” of saying this, but I am happy that I am one and have to be thankful for being one.

What is a Christian? Like I said, I believe I am one and try to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, so, therefore, I believe I can say I am one.

I do not care if others are or are not Christians or feel they are but are not in reality. That is not for me to judge if they are so or not.

I will continue to expound on Christianity and what it means to me. What it means to others is their thinking and not mine.

I feel that following a God-man named Jesus is what I want to do. It means much to me and I tell others what I believe so they know how I feel, that’s all.

How others lead their lives is up to them, I cannot control what others do and only have control somewhat, on what I do.

What I do is not always the Christian way of doing things and that does bother me and affects my actions to a degree.

Living a life of a Christian is complex, sort of.  It involves following the teachings of Jesus of long ago and that is sometimes that is not easy at times. Many of His teachings are shown in the New Testament in the Gospels and that is what I would like to follow.

I said like. This means I do not always do so, as I stated before.

I would think many people say they are Christian, but are not really sure what it entails; just a thought.

I am involved in a mainstream religion, a Lutheran one, and find this religion is one that I can accept, even though the modern hierarchy has put out statements and messages of their beliefs that I do not completely agree with in concept. The founder, Martin Luther, had his reasons in his day for breaking away from the Catholic church, but that is a different account I will not go into right now.

I believe most religions somewhat try to control the thinking of their believers and that affects the way things are done by those religious believers.

In the past and even now, religion has been, somewhat, blamed for many deaths and destruction in mankind, as a general statement, but that fact is not something that determines a belief or not. I do not apologize about what happened 900 years or so ago during the Crusades, for instance. I did not cause them and was not part of those terrible happenings of then. I am a Christian today, trying to live the life that Jesus Christ of then, would want me to do now, today. Simple as that………

Therefore, many blame religion or a particular religion as the reason for things they feel are responsible for something, whereas many times it is the person of that religion that is at full fault for an action. This would apply to then, whenever that was, and now, today……….

I would believe that it is hard to convince someone that there is a God or even, was a Jesus Christ, whereas that person truly believes there is not one or ever was a God human names Jesus.

I also believe that it is impossible to PROVE there is a God, just as it is impossible to prove that there is not.

I am a Christian because of Jesus Christ, who was a man of peace and love. Christianity in its absolute form, is the same way, about peace and love. It is not based on things that some other religions adhere to, which shall not be named.

If any others reading this are NOT Christians, I am fine with that. So be it. Whatever floats your boat is good and I am happy for you. We just differ in our beliefs and that is OK. Again, so be it..

May Peace be with you.

Den Betts

Religion versus Man (Humans) 2015-68

Religion versus Man (Humans)  2015-68

I guess what intrigues me when I hear people blame religion for this and that on the news is how they assail religion for doing the thing they do not like at that moment, but forget or do not mention the actual people doing the thing itself.

Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. There is history relating to religion, stories, symbols, icons, and many other things that try to explain the meaning of the origin of life, usually about a deity.

How can I blame religion or something a person does that is perhaps a part of that religion? Did the religion do the dastardly thing or the person? It was the Priest that is found to be a pedophile and not the religion. It is the evangelist that is the breaker of the rules, not the religion itself (I think of Jim Baker of years ago, the televangelist, who was involved in a sex scandal that led to his resignation from the ministry. Subsequent revelations of accounting fraud brought about his imprisonment and divorce). Was it his religion that did the acts or actually him?

Religion or People Hypocrites?

I somewhat believe that the people making the accusations against religion have a problem with religion in general and do blame religilon for actions taken by people. I know someone, named Henry, that stated “Everyone of that religion are nothing but hypocrites!”  I then asked him, “Have you ever done something that involved hypocrisy on YOUR part?” He thought and replied, “Probably”.  I therefore proved and stated to him that it was not a religious thing, but a human thing involving the part of the human mind doing something against a belief. I could have said feelings, standards, qualities, opinions, behaviors, virtues, motivations or other characteristics that one does that do not actually hold true and to give an overall blame to religion is ludicrous.

Blame Religion?

Needless to say, the news is rife with people blaming religion for actions done by people. I think if I were an unbeliever, I would blame religion for something I thought was incorrect. I know an atheist who does NOT do that, and admits that many of his ilk do so.

It is easy for a member of one religion to blame another religion for things THEY do not believe in themselves.  It is common I think, and in the thinking I am against doing so myself, or I try very hard not to do that. For instance, it is so very easy, for some people, to blame the Islam religion for actions of those that, today, pervert that religion themselves by doing atrocities where they use the religion as a reason for their actions. I could add, Catholic’s, Protestants, Hindu’s, also do this, and the list goes on and on.

In this thinking, it was not the Catholic religion that was part of the Crusades so long ago; it was the people of that time that did the acts, not the religion itself. The fact that Catholics were the mainstream Christian religion of that time, gives credence to the thought, even though it is wrong to blame that religion for the actions then. There WERE Catholics that did not agree with those stomping through Europe at the time, killing many people for an ideal?

If I took the time, and really gave it some thought, I could see the real thoughts behind the actions that are given news time on TV today.  It is TOO easy to blame religion for the modern day horrors and other things that are reported on, and not the people involved that are doing the acts. Too easy!!!!  Are we guilty of doing this?

Den Betts

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Written a while ago, but true today with different faiths that believe that THEIR god is the only one around. I find it so hard to believe that humans can think that on Earth, people exist with different gods sharing Earth with its inhabitants. I believe in God, but my God is YOUR God. Maybe we had different Messiah’s or founders,  and such, that were in human form, but the main guy is still the main guy (God). How conceited we are, to think ours is the best and only one around. How horrible it is when you think of the Crusade and the Holy Jihad as reasons to  have war with blessings from God and due to a God wanting it. May we end up at the same place in eternal life!

Two Beliefs of Faith

I do not deny your God

Who may very well be mine.

What I call my God, may be

Different, but are they

Perhaps not the same?

Can you state your God

Only loves you?

Can you think I believe

Mine cares not for you,

Only me?

Can both our Gods

Make us so much

Alike, in looks, and

In ways of intelligent


Were you present

When our Gods made

The rules?  Did the scribes

Copy the teachings

As they were to be?

Belief and Faith, so

Strong a bond, with

Division of people

In society of


Finality will tell,

May we meet at the

Same door and share

The future together

As one…..