Eye – Mind 2014-50

“Well, pretty hard to see what another person is thinking, but would it not be great if we could do as this poem suggests? The key to the writing of this poem is the fact that it is the SELF, that you can see into, if you look hard enough and are honest in what you describe seeing. I remember looking into a mirror one day, while shaving, and asked myself, just what I was capable of doing, business wise. It was a revelation that I admitted my faults of what I was NOT able to do and this, in turn, helped me to see my strengths.

There is a paragraph in a book entitled, “The Fires of Spring” by James Michener, that I keep on my computer stand. It describes the “journey that men (or women) make to find themselves.” The premise of the passage is basically that of dealing with life in a certain way and if done correctly, you will “find a mansion which yhou can inhabit with dignity, all the days of your life.” Interesting, but you have to ”look into the mirror and be  honest with yourself, first.”

Eye –  Mind        2014-50

Look into the eyes of man

and see the workings of the mind

Delve into the persons thoughts

and tap the rational of their thinking.

Experience the love, bravado, hate and fear,

and know of the emotions of  inner feeling.

Look into a mirror at self

and see the reality of same- of living.

Den Betts

Ancestral Descendent 2014-49

I wrote this poem during the process of writing a family tree genealogy book that I published. I used it to illustrate the fact that we all come from a distant line of people. This relates to early man who believed in “Mother Earth” and from them, we had people who came to the “colonies” to settle and finally to us today. I have a poem entitled “Earth Brothers” that goes more into detail on  how I feel about our being “cousins” on earth, that I will share with you sometime next year.

Ancestral  Descendent -2014-49

Down through antiquity

The line drawn nigh

Son of the mother earth,

Father in the sky

The bones of long ago,

Rest in final peace

With garlands of flowers, a tool

To travel to the beyond place

Continued seed traveled far

Down the winding trail

Meeting, joining, sailing

In a life so very frail

Todays descendent standing, amidst

The throng of life’s reach,

Brother and sister to all

Unknown, but part of each……

Den Betts