Journey 2014-32

Journey – “This is somewhat of a “vivid” poem to be looked at and “seen” in your mind. What do I mean? Well, you have to also consider just as it states, where are they going? Have  you ever looked up at a vapor trail from an airplane in the sky and wondered where it came from and the plane’s destination? Have you wondered where you are going to for eternity if you have beliefs? Simple questions relating to a simple poem.

Journey  2014-32

The highflying plane leaving pathways in the sky,

Suggesting where it’s been and where its going.

A ship of state plowing a florescent wake,

Moving its cargo in the night.


The dusty trail across the desert sand,

Lost in the dunes over the land.

A lonely traveler with a satchel at his side,

Walking up the road looking for a ride.


The frail old man, breathing his last sighs,

Wondering where he’s going when he dies.

Where have they been?

Where are they going?


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