Enjoyment of Life 2017-26


How should we enjoy life?  Many go about their lives, living from day to day, in an existence of getting just by, from daylight to nighttime. BUT, do we enjoy our lives in the middle? Do we enjoy our reality of living life in the fullest until the end of our human span of living? I like to envision my life now, as one that has a purpose with no promise of tomorrow, but with an enjoyment of today, good, bad or indifferent; but always as full as can be…………..


Enjoyment of Life  2017-26

Death is not a stranger

but instead is one to be recognized

as being in our midst.

Not wanted or loved,

but acknowledged as being part

of our existence.

A final act in the play of life itself.

Tomorrow is not a promise,

yesterday was a gift,

Today should be enjoyed

for and how it is.

Den Betts

Messiah 2014-35

Messiah 2014-35

I think of a promise of eternal life. So simple of an idea, but something for all of us to hold onto, to live for, to realize that we will have a continued life here after. We may never see the return of Christ in our lifetime, but regardless, the promise is there from his suffering on the cross then. With the promise, comes the realization that we do have this chance of living again, sharing and joining with past family gone before us. That being said, this poem relates mainly to the coming of Jesus and will we have learned, and the the joy of His coming and offering peace, finally on Earth.

Messiah 2014-35

A promise to return

Worldwide interest!

Will we learn from the past?

Multitudes of people

Joining arm in arm

Seeking a common goal.

He will come once again

Offering peace and understanding