Points on a Map 2014-34

Points on a Map  2014-34

“Reminds me of a Beatles/John Lennon song where he sings one of his songs that says, “any way will get you there.” If you head off in a car without knowing where you are going, you WILL get somewhere. Same thing goes with life, if you have no plans, no goals, no idea of what you want to do with yourself, you will get through life, period.

When I started my business, I made what is called a “business plan” that had detailed ideas written down of costs, direction, sales goals, etc. It was NEVER up to date, but was upgraded on a regular basis. It made me THINK of what I wanted to do to succeed in, when and how I was going to accomplish the goal.I found that from my auto accident, the unexpected can sometimes make a plan worthless.

Points on a Map  2014-34

North-East-South-West– points

On a map for people to travel.

But, if they know not where

They are going, any direction

Should do as a reference.


Daily living as well as

Travel itself, without a plan,

Is an aimless journey of time.

A walk in a mindless direction

In life assures the pitfalls,

That ensnare and entrap the

Unwary on this unsure trip.


A goal, a well thought blueprint,

An idea of where, when and what,

Are not an assurance, but, instead

Do give hope of an arrival of

A destination not unexpected.


Points on a map, there to be

Tried, in many ways with success

Or perhaps failure being the reward.


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