Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Two Beliefs of Faith 2014-36

Written a while ago, but true today with different faiths that believe that THEIR god is the only one around. I find it so hard to believe that humans can think that on Earth, people exist with different gods sharing Earth with its inhabitants. I believe in God, but my God is YOUR God. Maybe we had different Messiah’s or founders,  and such, that were in human form, but the main guy is still the main guy (God). How conceited we are, to think ours is the best and only one around. How horrible it is when you think of the Crusade and the Holy Jihad as reasons to  have war with blessings from God and due to a God wanting it. May we end up at the same place in eternal life!

Two Beliefs of Faith

I do not deny your God

Who may very well be mine.

What I call my God, may be

Different, but are they

Perhaps not the same?

Can you state your God

Only loves you?

Can you think I believe

Mine cares not for you,

Only me?

Can both our Gods

Make us so much

Alike, in looks, and

In ways of intelligent


Were you present

When our Gods made

The rules?  Did the scribes

Copy the teachings

As they were to be?

Belief and Faith, so

Strong a bond, with

Division of people

In society of


Finality will tell,

May we meet at the

Same door and share

The future together

As one…..


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