Easy Way 2014-46

Easy Way         2014-46

It’s easier to wallow in self-pity,

Than to change the nature of things.

It’s easier to give up,

Than to persevere.

It’s easier to do nothing,

Than to plan and then do.

It’s easier to look at darkness,

Than to look at the bright side.

It’s not easy for many things,



To Try 2012-45

To Try       2012-45

A venture not tried is but an adventure not made,

Not to make an attempt insures not defeat, but

Instead, assures no victory in life’s way of things.


To always take a middle ground, will prevent the

Sighting of a sunrise or crimson sunset of life,

And only days of dull existence will prevail.


No one should fault a person for trying for chances

Taken, for gambles made, risks beyond a safe way,

And no one should complain when the victory is won.