Leaf 2015-105

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I had to search for a “summer” poem that I have written. Well, more like a “spring” one at this junction of time in July. Anyhow, I wrote this poem about a leaf, and what part it played in the life of a tree, or a least its role in the process of life for the tree. A small part of a large part, but an extremely important part of a living tree.


NOTE: I will stop sending blog posts to/via Facebook after this poem about a Leaf. If anyone wants to follow my blogs, please do so by going to TheBettsDen.com. I do not know how long this will occur, but it is occurring now.  

                             Leaf 2015-105

The lightest and smallest part,

Of the mighty oak,

A factory turning light to life,

Helping to create growth.

So small a part yet so big a part,

For the existence of a living tree.

All working together to produce,

In concert with an overall plan.

Nutrients for the bulk, the trunk,

The roots, stretching to grasp fluid.

Till a time of rest, then discarded,

To decompose in a furtherance of life.

Den Betts


Fog 2015-84

From: TheBettsDen.com

I was looking out my bedroom window one morning and could not see the trees at the rear of our property because of the fog. I squinted and tried, but the fog was too dense. It was like I was in a cloud looking down at my patio and the bricks were vague forms, hard to see and make out. It was like, when I was driving on top of the Ligonier mountain of Pa. and my wife was looking out an open window to see where the line was at the side of the road. It was a scary trip for about two miles.

          Fog   2015-84

Suspended particles

of wetness


Clinging to all

hanging in the air


Breath leaving

to join the fray


Sight diminished

Smells enhanced


A cloud that comes to earth

to envelope all.

Den Betts


Flowers 2015-82

From: TheBettsDen.com

Spring is still here as of the end of May 2015 and things are still sprouting and flowers are popping up to show their beauty. Ideas come to mind as to what also arrives, sometimes unwittingly (WEEDS), but also part of life in its struggle of existence.

Flowers 2015-82

Bulbs send up shoots through the soil

to burst forth and bless the sky.

Hopes and aspirations that come to pass

Linger on for awhile, before they die.


Bees that fly and kiss the nectar

Make honey for continued life.

Ideas and dreams that once were so true

Never make it past the trials and strife.


As the flower blossoms and takes its shape

And becomes all as it shall may.

So goes life, with its ups and downs

To whatever existence that happens, day to day.


Flower petals fall to the ground

Blown away in the wind.

Dreams and wishes borne to the mind

Disappear as if by a whim.

Den Betts

Crows 2015-80

In the country we have crows, hawks, and buzzards living together with those of nature, but in the city, crows rule in the sky, or so it seems, along with other creatures of wildlife, of course. It was, well, somewhat unique to observe the crows when we lived in the urban jungle of the city, but again, somewhat common place here in the country……

Crows     2015-80

A “caw” then another “caw”

from above somewhere, not placed.

Peering above, I look for the source,

of the sound known from childhood.

Remembered now on a regular basis


A fleeting shadow on the ground,

signals the presence of the crow

flapping wings so laboriously

towards the tree in back of house.


The glance above in pin oak splendor

shows a sight not seen before.

A “crows nest” high in boughs

built different than the squirrels;

home for more of the black winged

ones, to continue its species.


A mate’s call further away, high in

sky, flying, dipping, trying to get

away from wrens attacking with swoops,

protecting their own kind.


The nature of things in an urban setting

so different than a cornfield far away,

A name, Charley, the crow for him and

perhaps Celeste for her,  why not, maybe so.

“C and C” easy to remember, but not tell apart.


Den Betts

Worms 2015-78

How many worms have I fed to the fish in the pond nearby? Too many, I say! We take these “creatures” for granted, but they are out there, and not menaces like some things that fly and take blood at night. My daughter used to harvest them for her garden, I think, and had bunches of them in a tray of some sorts. Not something my wife would like to know or appreciate. Perhaps there should be more things like worms instead of other things that we have around us………

Worms  2015-78

A slimy, oozy thing of nature,

Found most anywhere

It stretches and recoils

Moving in the creature’s lair.


From minute small to a

Brazilian rope of mass

It struggles for survival

Amidst a world of mud and grass.


Used as bait to catch a fish

And even eaten by some; I hear

Seen after a rain on a walk

Trying to breath the air.


Eating dirt in its journey

To go from here to there

Shunning light, coming at night

Making it seldom seen, so rare.


A benefit to man, not known by all

It helps the soil in every way

But, looked by some with distaste

As a slim, slimy thing, each day.


Its not bad and doesn’t bite,

Will not hurt a soul I daresay

As per this, perhaps we should—

Declare a National Worm Day.


Den Betts

Two Robins 2015-53

Hope springs eternal as Alexander Pope said in an “Essay on Man”, in 1732!!! I DO hope Spring itself, will be here soon and the advent of birds will show that the hope is not a foolish thought. The geese that are looking for open water are finding it scarce; just frozen tundra as their welcoming mat.  This WILL change and life will go on as it is decreed by nature. Or at least one hopes………………     

                   Two Robins  2015-53

Hooray, hooray, two robins

Sighted this very day ( lost??)

The first time this year

In the March blowing cold


A sign of Spring, so sure,

So sure; the beginning

Restart, of growth once again

About time I say, I say


Using past experiences in a

Remembrance of thought

No more grey skies and white

blanketed ground, instead


Blue skies and green

Carpeted lawn; Ah Spring

May it last forever, and may

Robins arrive each and every dawn

Den Betts

Natures Beauty 2015-52

Thoughts of nature in minor ways, but giving an idea of what is out there to consider, appreciate and wonder about as we exist in this land of nature. It is so easy to ignore what goes on around us every day and not appreciate those things that abound.  What do we miss by not looking, not seeing, and letting our everyday lives just meander by without knowing the beauty of God’s glory.

Natures Beauty    2015-52     

The wings of an eagle

flying so high, soaring so

majestic on the currents

in the sky


The eyes of a she wolf

staring cross the plain

A sheen on her coat

glistening from the rain


A twelve point stag

king of a herd

sniffing in the air before moving,

giving the word


Denizens of nature

regal and proud

all and more so of

beauty of the wild


Den Betts