Wind Spirit 2019-014

When something happens, at times we might just accept and not question. So many things have occurred in my life, that make me think, wow!!!! Not to give thought, but just to know, we are NOT alone, His Presence is always there.


Wind Spirit     2019-014


A spirit in the wind

caresses my cheek softly,

Then whispers in my ear

Shivers travel up my spine

Then down my arms: I close up.


My eyes travel up – then over,

narrowing, trying to ascertain

the feeling, wanting reality.

Primeval fears escape once more,

the unknown factors of life have

arrived; I quake then swallow


What is this: something there

near me, surrounding me, touching?

My mind rebels, nothing!  Imagination

rules, I am convinced – I think!


What unknown forces, unseen ones,

past life personifications are there

incarnating the aura of my being?

Gone.  My mind playing tricks on itself

I agree; figments of self-fears coming

to the forefront – foolishness felt.


A look in the mirror to refresh, mouth

open as I stare at the form of a kiss on

cheek, made with dust, borne by the wind.



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Wind’s Fury 2018-71

I don’t know if this is about a tornado, or just a windstorm of somewhat epic proportions that occurred. I have NEVER been in or near a tornado, but was in two hurricanes that sounded like what I have written below. Or, it was in my mind, only which is par for the course.


Wind’s Fury 2018-71


The soft whisper of wind picked up

Slyly increasing in its tempo

A rustle here and whirlwind there

A foretaste of gloom and woe.


A hint of things to come very soon

With branches falling like bullets

Raining down to the ground with might

Impaling themselves with such a fright


A sudden hailstorm arriving with vengeance

Peppering the earth with half white substance

Collecting in the cracks and crevices below

Lying on the ground in a mound like snow.


A banshee sound, racing round tree trunks

An eerie voice of future doom

The whistling tone in the background air

Casting a spell inside the room


A crack then a crash came the limbs and trunks

Crushing down toward house and home

Destroying all amongst their midst

Turning “whole” into pieces and hunks


Passing by it continued cross the land

Wrecking havoc in a path of despair

Letting all know that it was there

A traveler of terror so grand


Then a quiet ensued in its wake

A calm, a gentle rain from above

The smell of bark and ozone left

A remembrance of a winds fury unloved.


Den Betts

Great to be Alive 2015-17

Great to be Alive      2015-17

Sometimes it is perhaps best to just appreciate life as you live it and go on from there. Too many times we, or I, do not do so, but instead get wrapped up in everyday things that take up our time, but do not contribute to a peaceful and meaningful one. So, leave you with this poem that I wrote awhile back and hopefully you will see what I mean.

To see a rainbow cross the sky

on a slow sultry day

And smell the newly cut grass,

or golden mown hay,

Love to feel the wind

blow across my face,

and trace with my fingertips

the edge of pretty lace,

To hear far off distant sounds

of a whistling rumbling train,

and listen to the pitter patter,

of a soft spring rain.

To taste a sparkling fizzy Coke,

on a warm summer’s night

or the malty flavor, at times,

of a cool Bud Light.


But most of all, the joy of life

is of letting my mind roam,

And being able to write

a simple little poem……….

Den Betts

Blast of Cold 2015-07

BRRRRrrrrrr!  To read this poem makes me shiver and wish I lived in Florida! Not a long poem, but one that lets you know what weather is like in winter. “Icy breath” and “blue blasts” makes one feel the coldness of winter and wants the season of Spring to hurry up and get here. There is MUCH to look forward to winter, but the storms, the heavy snowfalls and raging winds are the downside to the pretty and all so charming aspects of the season…….. I posted this on the coldest day of 2015, so far.

Blast of Cold      2015-07

A winter wind whispering in my ear,

Forewarning of days with icy breath.

Hark, hark, the autumn’s done

This one, never to return.

Promise of Spring so far away,

Distant as swirls fly about,

Bundle up against the cold,

The blue blasts of blowing wind,

Another season has arrived,

To take its turn with life.

Den Betts