Natures Beauty 2015-52

Thoughts of nature in minor ways, but giving an idea of what is out there to consider, appreciate and wonder about as we exist in this land of nature. It is so easy to ignore what goes on around us every day and not appreciate those things that abound.  What do we miss by not looking, not seeing, and letting our everyday lives just meander by without knowing the beauty of God’s glory.

Natures Beauty    2015-52     

The wings of an eagle

flying so high, soaring so

majestic on the currents

in the sky


The eyes of a she wolf

staring cross the plain

A sheen on her coat

glistening from the rain


A twelve point stag

king of a herd

sniffing in the air before moving,

giving the word


Denizens of nature

regal and proud

all and more so of

beauty of the wild


Den Betts


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