God’s Glory Shown 2017-30

God’s Glory Shown 2017-30
So, I was outside, with ISO glasses, looking up at the Sun and Moon. Of course, the Moon was showing its dominance by blotting out the Sun, or at least partially, here in the Cleveland area.

I will share them with you, on what I was thinking.

God’s Glory was evident to me, totally and not partially. He was there for me, showing me His power and might. As Moses asked, “Please show me your glory”, so God did so with millions of people today, as he does always each day in different ways.

When I pray, I tell God, “Thank you, for your Glory, God!” That is one part of my prayer to God, when I pray to the only God of the Universe; my God, your God, our God.

I also, pray other things each time also, but firstly, the thanking of God for his Glory is foremost. He shows His Glory in ways that we experience with, besides sight, by hearing Him, touching Him, tasting things, He creates, smelling the goodness of His creations, and other ways such as feelings of closeness that He shares with us. All part of the senses of life that we enjoy daily.
God is alive, He is active, He is aware, He is Present with us always. We only have to take the time to realize His Glory is given to us for us to appreciate, to love, to give thanks for to Him.

God is good, God is great, Thanks be to God.

Den Betts

The Moon 2015-15

The Moon           2015-15

The moon, hanging quietly in the darkened sky,

Eerie and scary as it looks down at all.

Peeking in and out of gray wispy clouds,

Sending its faint cool light to those that see.

Shadows, causing strange shapes to appear,

Making them look like things that are not there.

Mighty forces, causing rising tides up and then down,

Changing the depth of the shore line, once more.

Silhouettes of animals howling in the wind,

Telling the world of their existence; stand clear.

Lovers holding hands, cheek to cheek,

Thinking of ways the future will bring.

The moon, majestic, big and so bold,

Affecting us all with its power to behold.

Den Betts