Winter Weather 2019-16

As I sat inside my house, on a VERY COLD day on Jan  31,2019, I looked out my window, and even though it is -5 degrees, the sun is shining. I still remember just yesterday or so, how it was dreary, and cloudy and cold still, and wished for Spring to arrive and take me away from this winter weather……………


Grey Winter Skies  2019-16

Above, reflections of my mind

at times of sadness

Clouds boiling in turmoil

creating images in my mind

Dreary grayness, copying

the feelings I have at times

Dampness hanging over all,

my heart pumping in rhythm

Silhouettes of trees in relief

blackness as the thoughts inside

Ahh, for the freshness of spring

of rebirth, of hopes eternal light

Gray be gone, fly away, return some

other day, respite from despair.


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Blast of Cold 2015-07

BRRRRrrrrrr!  To read this poem makes me shiver and wish I lived in Florida! Not a long poem, but one that lets you know what weather is like in winter. “Icy breath” and “blue blasts” makes one feel the coldness of winter and wants the season of Spring to hurry up and get here. There is MUCH to look forward to winter, but the storms, the heavy snowfalls and raging winds are the downside to the pretty and all so charming aspects of the season…….. I posted this on the coldest day of 2015, so far.

Blast of Cold      2015-07

A winter wind whispering in my ear,

Forewarning of days with icy breath.

Hark, hark, the autumn’s done

This one, never to return.

Promise of Spring so far away,

Distant as swirls fly about,

Bundle up against the cold,

The blue blasts of blowing wind,

Another season has arrived,

To take its turn with life.

Den Betts