Spring 2018-30

Oh, how I look forward to Spring!  A change in temps, seeing things in a different light, a promise of newness of living, so many things to experience anew.  Cold gone, and white changed to green.  Winter has it’s positives (somewhere I guess), but Spring is eternal as far as I am concerned……

Spring  2018-30

A rebirth of the dormant world

With its rekindling of growth

Smells once forgotten, now back.

Creatures gone before, now returned.


Puffy and white now replacing

Grey and foreboding, welcomed

Amidst the gentle rains feeding

Plants awakened, stretching upward.


Lively steps in tired old men

Walking up the street with a bounce.

Children playing in puddles and mud

Grins, with sparkles in the eye.


Spring, a time of joy, a time of

Hope, a period of the rebirth

Once again of the world, the

Promise of continued life unfolds.


Den Betts    bettsden@gmail.com


Cauldron 2015-47

This poem is sort of different!  In rhyme for each line, but really not typical of all the poems I write.   Sort of tells a story of how a storm would suddenly appear.  Maybe I was lazy the day that I wrote it and made short sentences for that reason, don’t know.

Cauldron    2015-47

Darkness flies

Light goes by

Pinpricks lost in sky


Clouds in mass

Dewdrops on grass

Water turns to gas


Lightning hits the ground

Thunder makes sound

A veil drops down


A witch’s brew

As the mixture grew

The weather flew


Den Betts

The Moon 2015-15

The Moon           2015-15

The moon, hanging quietly in the darkened sky,

Eerie and scary as it looks down at all.

Peeking in and out of gray wispy clouds,

Sending its faint cool light to those that see.

Shadows, causing strange shapes to appear,

Making them look like things that are not there.

Mighty forces, causing rising tides up and then down,

Changing the depth of the shore line, once more.

Silhouettes of animals howling in the wind,

Telling the world of their existence; stand clear.

Lovers holding hands, cheek to cheek,

Thinking of ways the future will bring.

The moon, majestic, big and so bold,

Affecting us all with its power to behold.

Den Betts