Cauldron 2015-47

This poem is sort of different!  In rhyme for each line, but really not typical of all the poems I write.   Sort of tells a story of how a storm would suddenly appear.  Maybe I was lazy the day that I wrote it and made short sentences for that reason, don’t know.

Cauldron    2015-47

Darkness flies

Light goes by

Pinpricks lost in sky


Clouds in mass

Dewdrops on grass

Water turns to gas


Lightning hits the ground

Thunder makes sound

A veil drops down


A witch’s brew

As the mixture grew

The weather flew


Den Betts

Chaos of Life 2015-45

          A well-known theory of weather mixed with one of the reality of life with each other. A mixture of the two to give a simile that makes one wonder. 

                Chaos of Life   2015-45

A butterfly – on a flower in a field in Beijing

Lifts up its dainty gossamer wings to fly in the Spring

Creating eddies and swirls of current in the air

affecting wind patters to places so afar

changing multitudes of a here and there Isobar.


Chaos reigns from a small simple act

making weather prediction not a foregone fact.


What changes in life are made every day

from a simple whisper in an ear

of what we might say

Far reaching changes that touch one or another

due to an action made with man’s sister or brother.

Who can not say that what we do

may forever affect whoever who…..

Den Betts