Crows 2015-80

In the country we have crows, hawks, and buzzards living together with those of nature, but in the city, crows rule in the sky, or so it seems, along with other creatures of wildlife, of course. It was, well, somewhat unique to observe the crows when we lived in the urban jungle of the city, but again, somewhat common place here in the country……

Crows     2015-80

A “caw” then another “caw”

from above somewhere, not placed.

Peering above, I look for the source,

of the sound known from childhood.

Remembered now on a regular basis


A fleeting shadow on the ground,

signals the presence of the crow

flapping wings so laboriously

towards the tree in back of house.


The glance above in pin oak splendor

shows a sight not seen before.

A “crows nest” high in boughs

built different than the squirrels;

home for more of the black winged

ones, to continue its species.


A mate’s call further away, high in

sky, flying, dipping, trying to get

away from wrens attacking with swoops,

protecting their own kind.


The nature of things in an urban setting

so different than a cornfield far away,

A name, Charley, the crow for him and

perhaps Celeste for her,  why not, maybe so.

“C and C” easy to remember, but not tell apart.


Den Betts

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