Two Robins 2015-53

Hope springs eternal as Alexander Pope said in an “Essay on Man”, in 1732!!! I DO hope Spring itself, will be here soon and the advent of birds will show that the hope is not a foolish thought. The geese that are looking for open water are finding it scarce; just frozen tundra as their welcoming mat.  This WILL change and life will go on as it is decreed by nature. Or at least one hopes………………     

                   Two Robins  2015-53

Hooray, hooray, two robins

Sighted this very day ( lost??)

The first time this year

In the March blowing cold


A sign of Spring, so sure,

So sure; the beginning

Restart, of growth once again

About time I say, I say


Using past experiences in a

Remembrance of thought

No more grey skies and white

blanketed ground, instead


Blue skies and green

Carpeted lawn; Ah Spring

May it last forever, and may

Robins arrive each and every dawn

Den Betts

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