Quotes of Will Rodgers 2018-44

Will Rodgers quotes     2018-44


Thought these would be interesting, based on current Washington, D.C. actions or in actions, that prevail in this quagmire we have in this dysfunctional environment of political leadership.


Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Will Rogers

I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts. Will Rogers

If Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out? Will Rogers

Even though you are on the right track – you will get run over it, if you just sit there. Will Rogers

Den Betts     bettsden@gmail.com

Right – Wrong 2018-23

So many groups that have different agendas and thinking!  We are not all right or wrong, just have different opinions of the way things should be in the world.  I think that communication with real empathy toward the other is a way of finding out our differences and, maybe with that, we can arrive at a compromise of thought………


Right – Wrong 2018-23

Who is wrong in this world, who is right?

Is it the Jew, the Gentile, the Black or White

Could it be the Muslim,  the Hindu or maybe Shitte,

The Redman, the Yellow or is the one with might?

We all have our differences, but do we have to fight,

With the energy spent to argue it’s all gone for spite.

Isn’t there someone, today, with wisdom like a guiding light,

To lead us to peace from the morn to the night?

So much discord, distain, and dilemma,

That takes away from the peace of the world,

Too many things that color the mind,

Casting shadows on daily mind time.

Den Betts              bettsden@gmail.com

Politicians 2016-63

I wrote this before at one of the past elections and it STILL applies. Politicians are necessary to run various governments, but they do have their issues. This year of 2016 has its own unimaginable events with Da Trump and Mrs. Clinton running for POTUS. I have refrained from commenting on this blog what I think but may share my thoughts in the future.

Politicians 2016-63

A politician, at times, is a crafty old soul,

So it was written or maybe I was told.

It seems he or she is elected for life.

With elections being little more than mile strife.

They have to spend money to stay in office,

And then spend OUR dollars in ways that are offensive.

They can also be bought by a P.A.C. member,

And feel free as a bird from Jan to December.

Why do we elect these Congressmen and Senators,

We must not mind being taken to the cleaners.

We deserve what we get, to good and the bad,

But really, when you think, it’s terribly sad.

With this nation so great, with so many problems,

We have to many poor leaders, many are robbers.

If I sound down, on our esteemed leadership,

Its due to the feeling we’re sinking like a ship.

So, if I can end this with a thought kept in mind,

Do what you can, but watch your behind…..

Dennis Betts

Hypocrites in Life 2016-36

                                                Hypocrites in Life 2016-36

I AM a hypocrite!!!! That being said, let me define what that means. Per my trusty friend Danny Webster, 1.A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.2.    A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

OK, maybe I am one, or maybe this is not so. This is up to others to decide.

The thing is, it is probably true that we ALL are hypocrites in some way or at some time in our lives. IF we are so, I doubt if we will acknowledge the fact, but instead, rationalize our thinking to prove our not being so. I would think this is normal and if we are ourselves normal, then we go on with our lives living a lie, to a degree.

Then I also ask, “What is normal.” I would think that means we are free from any mental disorders or in any manipulative ways of expression. We could be described as average in any psychological traits, such as intelligence, personalities or emotional involvements. We would probably conform to the standards of what everyone else (?) is like, not unusual, and definitely not abnormal, but instead regular or natural in our thinking.

So, in a way, being a hypocrite is somewhat normal, if my thoughts that most if not all people are in fact hypocrites or act like Pharisee’s. Ha!!!

I went to a tavern not long ago and involved myself in what was called “Pub Theology”, where we discussed various aspects of religious philosophy. Actually, we just kicked around some opinions of different things regarding our two religions. I really was interested in what was being said and learned about the other religion of those attending.

One of the subjects discussed was where a church says, “ALL are welcome!” Does “ALL” really mean all or something different. Or, do we mean, all are welcome if you fit the criteria that I have made in MY thinking about various things in life. It created some good dialogue anyhow and I believe I will go back for another session of discussion.

I think of other areas in my life where I do have my beliefs on a subject and what I state is maybe different than my internal beliefs. Sometimes, keeping to myself what I really believe is better in the long run than stating or blurting out something else. In a way, this is common sense and prudent, plus is compassionate at times.

Therefore, in a way, being a hypocrite, sometimes, could be looked at is a good thing. Well, sort of anyhow!!!

The main thing is, if we KNOW we are hypocrites, then we can do something about it; or can we? I would imagine that if we are self-righteous, or sanctimonious it would be difficult to change and not be so. Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY wants to admit certain things and being a hypocrite could be one of them.

I really enjoy looking at myself in a critical way at times and it is revealing to say the least. The guy in the mirror is not exactly like the guy looking in the mirror. IF we are honest with ourselves we will probably see things that could be changed.

This year, an election year, is a hypocritical one. The politicians are rife with hypocritical sayings on a regular basis. This is the nature of the beast and I really chuckle when a statement is made and something like “Fact Check” proves them as being outright liars or at least believing in the opposite of what they stated. It doesn’t appear to change the opinions of the people that believe in them though, which is sometimes a sad commentary of life.

IF you claim to be always truthful and NOT hypocritical, I really think looking into the mirror of life and examining oneself for what and how you might be in reality. If the look comes back and you are not, really NOT hypocritical in some way, God bless you.


Den Betts

Political Intrigue 2016-10

                                                                Political Intrigue 2016-10

I start this piece with a question. What kind of President do we want to have in January of 2017, when the new one takes over? (Well it is a matter of intrigue, in January of 2016). I ask this the day before the Iowa Caucasus.

I want a President that is knowledgeable of world events, aware of domestic problems and with the ability to lead the country with the help of Congress. Wow, what a chore I have thought of for this President to be able to do or at least he SHOULD be able to do.

Our Congress is in political turmoil right now. The members are divided by party lines to the degree that compromise is an antiquated word and not used in the halls of Congress. We need a leader that will bring together the two factions and have them decide to work toward the common goal of the betterment of the country and not their own agendas.

If the health care law in effect now, Obamacare, is not a good law, then I want a President and members of Congress to not shelve it, but improve it and make it a better law. Politics is, or it should not be, a dirty word. This can be accomplished if those in power, including the President, can decide to do something good for the country and not take sides and help destroy it.

We have had a tax system that is beyond belief. It has to be fixed and changed and made to work for the common man and not the rich and well do in the land. This can be accomplished, if the ruling parties can work together. It is time for all the politicians to put aside their differences and work out a plan of action to make this archaic system work. Yeh, right!!!!!

Of the millions of Muslims in America, between 5-12 Million, they have a voice and the politicians need to listen to their voices too. We should not, as a country, stop Muslims from entering our shores, and to do so is not the American way. I cringe at the statements being made by people that state we should do so. It only takes the opening of a history book to remember seeing the Japanese being held in USA internment camps during WWII and the pictures of the Jews in Germany in killing camps,  to realize that history SHOULD NOT repeat itself today.  Immigration laws on the books should be reviewed and changed, if need be, and new laws made to insure a just resettlement of those that want to live in the best country on Earth.

I started this post with a question of what kind of President do we want to elect in 2016? I ask again this question and wonder what your answer will be to yourself. I want one that will, above all else, want the best things to happen for ALL the people of the United States. Big order, but, it is a big job. Not realistic thoughts, but ones I would like to happen………….

Den Betts

Differences of Opinion 2015-61

How many times have I had to concede a point that I did not want to concede, and in doing that action, had peace with the other person? Why can’t people, in general, state what they believe and go on from there? Compromise is always a great finish to any discussion. BUT, the need to be correct, in the mind, is universal. I think of politics and the people that ply that trade and do it so poorly today, in my opinion……..

Differences of Opinion 2015-61

I say I am right, or so I think,

You say you are right, without a blink.

A difference of opinion you say,

On the thought at hand this day.

Discuss religion – I think not – stay away,

It’s a matter of faith anyway.

Life after death, you wonder aloud,

The proof is at the end – head bowed.

Politics as a subject to talk about,

Ends with a thousand ideas, no doubt.


Little and big – exciting and dull,

To you and me, important to all.

Will you concede one point I ask,

If I do so first – it’s not a large task.

Nothing should be all black and white,

Grey shades of opinion would be more right.

If we start with one point, then go to two,

Could a compromise result, if we see it through?

If we can do that, why not the rest,

It would be great if put to the test.

Instead of all the fighting and turmoil,

Sitting down and talking would be just royal.

Maybe it will never happen, the futures hard to see,

But, it’s better than now, you have to agree.

Den Betts