Responsibility of Life 2016-34

The subject of abortion came up with a  politician saying the woman should be punished for having an abortion; then retracted the statement, knowing that was not politically correct. It made me think of the woman who makes the decision of life of another life.

It is NOT an easy decision, but one that has to or should be weighed with much thought. Religion comes up regarding this, at times, and judgements are made, but I feel let God make his own judgements, if any, and humans should leave women alone….

Responsibility of Life 2016-34

A right to life with

responsibility of its living.

Decisions by the one with

the living inside.

To bear and to have born life or

make a choice to end forevermore

Right or wrong – no true issue,

instead, consciousness of responsibility

Either the end or taking care of in future times

– but always, living with the conclusion.

Tis easy for a man to say what a woman should

or should not do, he is the third party

But it is NOT easy for the woman

who has to decide on the life within her

There are many options to consider

But so, so many, feelings that are involved

Den Betts