To Believe 2018-97

To Believe  2018-97

I could lie now and say this post is about believing in God and all that it entails. Maybe, I will!!!

To believe in God involves feelings which are hard to describe or prove. There are many that do NOT believe in God, and this is somewhat understandable.  It is easier to believe the sun is surely rising from the East and going to sleep on a westward track.

To believe in God involves an added requirement that is unmeasurable, but probably the most exact thing to actually need and maybe the only thing.    “Faith”

OK, this is old news and has been said over and over again.  BUT, what I really mean by believing is something different.

Another thought! How many people, who may or may not believe in God, do NOT believe in the one thing they should or could, but don’t?

They go through life struggling, reaching out, testing, failing, even succeeding in something at times. But, and a big BUT, the one thing they could believe in if they tried, the one thing that would help them daily, the one thing that could be classified as necessary in life is:  

                                                Believing in themselves!!!

Yes, a simple (?) thing, but one which many if not most, at times, is not having “Faith” in themselves, to believe more than what they are today.

I believe in God, and in that belief, it only takes faith and I am a success in my endeavors. I also believe in myself and I give credit to my belief in God to guide me in that belief of myself, also.   It is TOO easy not to try or do any work to believe in God and also yourself.

Try both and see what happens.


Den Betts 

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Hope? 2016-31

I think of this question as a child asking “Why?”, where there is NO answer at times when the word is asked. I am aware of how life happens and what we CAN hope for, yet fully understand that, at times,  the reality will probably not occur. I understand this, but “I still hope!…….

                    Hope?   2016-31

Is there hope – that the world will wake up

To a common goal of the survival of mankind?

That future generations will be able to breath,

To eat, to drink of natures plentiful bounty?


Is there hope- that the inhabitants of the world

Will lean to live in peace with one another?

Co-existing with mutual respect of each other

Realizing each has rights to separate individuality?


Is there hope- that the hunger, the health, the overall

Needs of those of the world will be acknowledged?

To have action instead of promises, to have results

Instead of delays, to give hope instead of despair?


Hope is just a word, for some to just think,

But it is a feeling of something to hold on to,

To give us some peace in our mindset of life,

And make us believe in other than strife……..

Den Betts