Who Am I and Who Are You? 2016-33

The following is a question, I ask of me, but perhaps thee should also ask of thyself. Once more, who am I, but also who are you in reality? We think we know ourselves as being who and what we are as we exist, once more, as we are, but I continue to ask……………………


          Who Am I and Who Are You?  2016-33

A question asked with an answer hopefully given, but sometimes NOT!!!

I look into a mirror and what or who do I see? The person looking back is me, or is it another person other than I, the real me?

Am I the person I think I am or another person other than what I think? I want me to be me, the way I am or what I want to be, but am I?

My ego kicks in and states to me, I really am who I think I am, but then, my alter ego comes out and contradicts my Self, and says NOT SO, NOT SO!!!!!!

Are we all deceived and in reality just going through life in a melancholy way? Or can we, be honest with ourselves and admit we are not so sure?

Questions upon questions get in the way of coming to terms with life’s fact check of who and how we actually are to each other, and to our own selves!

Dang!!! I wish I did not ask the question! Now, I have to contemplate my existence in living with myself in a different way. What about you, too?

Den Betts