Infernal Internal 2016-35

I wrote this when thinking of the mind and how it works and sometimes does not work correctly. Re-reading it, I can see where some would not be able, perhaps, to understand just what I was thinking when the words flowed out and were put on paper, even though I still do comprehend the meaning today…………………

Infernal Internal 2016-35

Likened to a line of super Cray’s

in parallel for a mile

A microprocessor of renown

with extraordinary know how


The capability of doing much

in unknown ways and time

Its limits of intellect

not found; stay sublime


What key, what shibboleth

is required, for the one outside

to release the master of within

and show itself with pride


To give full gifted power

and management of life,

and dominate the existence

of man’s everyday strife?


The mind, part of the creation of God’s

exquisite form of being; the human,

the hierarchy of the animal kingdom,

Long may it rule, last and continue!

Den Betts

Fight Within the Mind 2015-137

The mind is something, many people take for granted through the course of their lives. Only, and often, only when something happens to it, do we sometimes become aware of its unique features, attributes, and certain characteristics. Then, we are brought forward into facing reality of what it is, how it is and its complexity of existence. When, after an accident, I spent months in the hospital and rehab, I came, finally, to terms with it, myself overall, and eventually others around me.

Fight Within the Mind 2015-137

The hardest battles to win,

are those fought within

The Mind

that gives not an inch

in fighting with itself.

Infernal strife with confusing thoughts

that pitch and close the reality of

The Mind

Grasping for an answer

long in coming.

Perhaps acceptance;

release from conflicts of

The Mind

seeking solitude and peace

from self taught struggles.

Den Betts