Hypocrites in Life 2016-36

                                                Hypocrites in Life 2016-36

I AM a hypocrite!!!! That being said, let me define what that means. Per my trusty friend Danny Webster, 1.A person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.2.    A person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, esp. one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.

OK, maybe I am one, or maybe this is not so. This is up to others to decide.

The thing is, it is probably true that we ALL are hypocrites in some way or at some time in our lives. IF we are so, I doubt if we will acknowledge the fact, but instead, rationalize our thinking to prove our not being so. I would think this is normal and if we are ourselves normal, then we go on with our lives living a lie, to a degree.

Then I also ask, “What is normal.” I would think that means we are free from any mental disorders or in any manipulative ways of expression. We could be described as average in any psychological traits, such as intelligence, personalities or emotional involvements. We would probably conform to the standards of what everyone else (?) is like, not unusual, and definitely not abnormal, but instead regular or natural in our thinking.

So, in a way, being a hypocrite is somewhat normal, if my thoughts that most if not all people are in fact hypocrites or act like Pharisee’s. Ha!!!

I went to a tavern not long ago and involved myself in what was called “Pub Theology”, where we discussed various aspects of religious philosophy. Actually, we just kicked around some opinions of different things regarding our two religions. I really was interested in what was being said and learned about the other religion of those attending.

One of the subjects discussed was where a church says, “ALL are welcome!” Does “ALL” really mean all or something different. Or, do we mean, all are welcome if you fit the criteria that I have made in MY thinking about various things in life. It created some good dialogue anyhow and I believe I will go back for another session of discussion.

I think of other areas in my life where I do have my beliefs on a subject and what I state is maybe different than my internal beliefs. Sometimes, keeping to myself what I really believe is better in the long run than stating or blurting out something else. In a way, this is common sense and prudent, plus is compassionate at times.

Therefore, in a way, being a hypocrite, sometimes, could be looked at is a good thing. Well, sort of anyhow!!!

The main thing is, if we KNOW we are hypocrites, then we can do something about it; or can we? I would imagine that if we are self-righteous, or sanctimonious it would be difficult to change and not be so. Nobody, and I repeat, NOBODY wants to admit certain things and being a hypocrite could be one of them.

I really enjoy looking at myself in a critical way at times and it is revealing to say the least. The guy in the mirror is not exactly like the guy looking in the mirror. IF we are honest with ourselves we will probably see things that could be changed.

This year, an election year, is a hypocritical one. The politicians are rife with hypocritical sayings on a regular basis. This is the nature of the beast and I really chuckle when a statement is made and something like “Fact Check” proves them as being outright liars or at least believing in the opposite of what they stated. It doesn’t appear to change the opinions of the people that believe in them though, which is sometimes a sad commentary of life.

IF you claim to be always truthful and NOT hypocritical, I really think looking into the mirror of life and examining oneself for what and how you might be in reality. If the look comes back and you are not, really NOT hypocritical in some way, God bless you.


Den Betts

Spiritual But Not Religious 2015-16

Spiritual But Not Religious    2015-16

I found out that the title is sometimes abbreviated with SBNR, so will use it here. There has been so much written about this subject that I do not feel the need to expound on it too much. I have stated before that I believe I am both religious and spiritual, and maintain that thought.

To those that feel that they are just spiritual and not religious, they would have to explain what they mean as it pertains to them personally. I have heard some of those that are religious in nature; say the spiritual only crowd is just too lazy to go to church. I do NOT feel that way, due to the fact that they, the religious ones, do not KNOW how the spiritual only people really feel.  In many cases, that is one of the problems with some of the religion oriented ones and how they think.

I am reading a book by the Barna Group about the unchurched that I will mention in the future, because it may address the SBNR topic. It is FULL of percentages and numbers that will boggle the mind, and I will not do that, but instead, use some to make a point only. The first chapter is interesting and I am getting much out of it, in the reading.  Back to SBNR!


In the book “Churchless” by the authors from Barna, an interesting bit of info, is the fact that many of the unchurched adults have considerable past experience with Christianity and Christian churches. Many of them, in fact, the majority, were raised with significant periods of church attendance and were engaged with churches sometime during their adult lives.

Most of the Spiritual only group that is comprised of the unchurched adults, say they pray to God during a typical week, in a one way conversation, and most think that God does not speak to them, with only 1/6 thinking He does.

I am not unchurched and go to church on a regular basis. I do so for many reasons and am comfortable with going.  Our church is welcoming to all, or at least I think that is the case. I say that because I was asked if this was so and was questioned with, “Are we welcoming to ALL”, and the conversation went from there as to what ALL meant.  I do recall a “bag lady” coming to our church and there was talk about her and I thought “So what” if she came; she might have had a need that we or the church could fulfill.


I would think, that thought would lead into the word “Judgment” to a degree and what it means to some. It can also be thought that one of the biggest objections about church going people by the Spiritual or unchurched ones, is the fact that they think the church going ones are so danged full of hypocrisy. Church people say one thing and do another it is said or things like that. I remember hearing from someone that stated that, and I told that person, there are many hypocrites out there in the world including unchurched ones. It IS a difficult subject and has many parts to it to contemplate.

So, in my mind that is not a good defense of not going to church, and stating they are spiritual in nature and don’t go to church for only that reason. Hypocrites are everywhere including church and prejudiced people are also everywhere that have different thoughts.

Nuff for now. I could go on, but think I will save some thoughts for later under a different subject. Your comments are welcome at any time.

Den Betts